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Truck Bed Air Mattress

The truck bed air mattress has become a popular accessory with pick up truck owners over the last few years. These mattresses are designed to fit the shape of the bed of a pick up truck, even accommodating the wheel wells very nicely.

These handy mattresses can be used in conjunction with truck tents for camping out or you can use them simply to sleep under the stars on a clear night.

Types and Styles Available

Regardless of the type and size of truck you own, there is probably a truck bed air mattress to fit it perfectly. Designs and sizes include:

  • Full size with wheel well cut outs

  • Full size with over-the-tailgate extension

  • Size of full size mattress ranges from 5.5 feet to 8 feet long

  • Mid size mattress with wheel well cut outs - size around 6 feet or so

  • Compact mattress to fit 5 or 6-foot truck beds

  • Full size without wheel well cut outs

  • Queen size air mattress

  • Full size over-the-wheel-wells design

The difference between the mattresses that fit between the wheel wells and the ones that fit over the wheel wells is that the latter enables you to utilize the entire width of the truck bed for sleep.

Considering these air mattresses need to be as rough and tough as the truck, they're manufactured from durable materials like nylon backpack cloth or heavy-duty PVC vinyl. Seams are reinforced so they'll hold up to the rough-and-tumble environment.

Colors of truck bed air mattresses are typically blue or brown.

Challenges of Using a Truck Bed Air Mattress

  • Have to remove everything from the truck bed in order to use the mattress

  • Static electricity created from the material coming into contact with the metal truck bed - small shocks when moving around on it

  • Fender area could use some additional padding

Benefits of An Air Mattress in a Truck Bed

  • Inflate and deflate mattress in minutes

  • Can support several hundred pounds

  • Durable

  • Extremely comfortable and supportive

  • Saves money

How Can You Use an Air Mattress in a Truck?

The uses for this uniquely designed air mattress are many! You can camp out in the back of your truck if you decide the fish are just biting too well to leave your favorite fishing spot.

Tailgate parties or race days are another great time to use an air mattress in the back of the truck. Get there early to save your spot and still be able to sleep in style so you're ready for an exciting day of sports or car racing.

Truck tents make the use of a truck bed air mattress even more attractive because you can enjoy the privacy the tent gives you while enjoying the comfort and support of the air mattress.

Going hunting with your buddies? Take along the air mattress so you can stay overnight to rise early and hunt during the morning hours or stay up late night hunting and know you have a comfortable place to sleep when you're done for the night.

Traveling can be challenging when you can't find a campground when you're ready to rest for the night. Put up the air mattress and your truck tent and voila, you have sleeping quarters for the night. Even in a campground use the truck mattress in place of another tent or instead of getting another campsite - saves money and space.

What Are Customers Saying About Truck Bed Air Mattresses?

  • Very, very pleased and impressed with the quality of this product

  • So easy to inflate and deflate and it's quick too!

  • Price a bit high for an air mattress, but realized the price was well worth it after we slept on it a few times

  • Excellent addition to our truck for family camping

  • Love that it stays inflated throughout the night

Brands Available

The first truck bed air mattress patented was the AirBedz brand. Their air mattress has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be recharged via AC or DC power supplies. It will inflate and deflate within 3 minutes and is constructed from durable materials that can handle the great outdoors. Their design is the over-the-wheel-well design. They've created Wheel Well Inserts that will fit into those spaces so you can use the air mattress at home too. This company offers three different sizes to fit various truck bed dimensions. Prices are $164.00 to $199.00.

Truck Bedz is another company who offers air mattresses for truck beds. They have two types and over 18 styles available to fit your truck bed. Inflates and deflates within 1 minute. Truck Bedz construct their mattresses from heavy-duty durable nylon backpack material. Prices are $59 - $219.00.

Lakeland Gear offers several different sizes and styles of truck bed air mattresses. The top layer is a soft velour, which will help keep sheets or sleeping bags in place. The mattress inflates within 60 seconds. The 12-volt air pump can be recharged via the cigarette charger. This brand of air mattress features dual valves that ensure less risk of a leaky mattress. Prices range from $69.95 to $199.00.

Napier Sportz truck bed mattress is a lesser known brand name in this market because they only offer one style. It fits in between the wheel wells of the truck with dimensions of 75"x47"x5", which should fit most truck beds. The price is very reasonable at $49.00.


  • Never allow children to use it as a trampoline - it is bouncy, but could cause injury to a child if used in that manner

  • Make sure no children are in the truck bed when you're inflating the mattress

  • The in-between wheel wells styles don't cover the metal wheel wells - you could injure yourself if you hit one during the night, so you may want to cover the wheel wells with something soft

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