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Spring Air Mattress Reviews

Tips for Choosing Spring Air Mattresses

Spring Air mattress reviews are an excellent tool for finding out everything you can about this company's mattresses, especially if you're looking to find a mattress that will finally support your aching back. Discover why reviews of this mattress are evenly divided between positive and negative customer experiences, and which are the most popular Spring Air mattresses!

Spring Air offers six different lines of mattresses to meet the needs of consumers who are having difficulty sleeping, are in pain every morning, and are looking for an affordable mattress set.

About Spring Air Mattress

Francis Karr established spring Air in 1926. His visionary design for a mattress was called free-end offset coil design. This patented coil design adjusts to an individual's weight, providing the most comfortable and proper sleeping position possible. As with any quality product, other mattress companies now copy his original design in their own mattress designs.

What else is Spring Air known for?

  • Quilted mattress surfaces

  • Button-free mattresses

  • Supportive materials for bedding

  • Healthier options for mattresses appeared in 1953 featuring zones for problem areas of the body

  • They're credited with the invention of the Pillow Top mattress - 1973

  • Center zone design - base of every mattress

What Can Spring Air Mattresses Offer You?

They claim they have a mattress that will support anyone's back comfortably. Spring Air mattress designs focus on proper weight distribution, which means your spinal column is properly supported and that pressure points are properly supported as well.

They offer five different lines of mattress designs. Consumers can have their choice of four different Sleep Sense(tm) topper options for optimal support for any mattress they choose: gel, memory foam, latex, or SMT, also known as Surface Modified Technology.

The Surface Modified Technology creates grooves in the memory foam which makes it less hot to sleep on, which is the number one customer complaint about memory foam.

The core of their mattresses is produced from plant-based, eco-friendly materials. They also produce their mattress bases from sustainable wood products, making the foundation eco-friendly as well.

Spring Air uses a patented fabric called Silverness(r) fabric in all their mattresses. It is a special fabric that contains silver fibers, which helps to prevent dust mites and potentially harmful bacteria enter the bedding. It's the perfect choice of fabric for a better and healthier nights' sleep.

Spring Air proudly promises excellent craftsmanship and innovative design in each of their products.

Spring Air Mattress Brands

They offer four selections within their Back Supporter series. Within this series, there are four mattress types available: firm, Euro-top, Plush-top, and Pillow-top.

Value Collection

  • Features 400+ coils

  • Quality fabrics

  • Eco-friendly mattress base

Price point: beginning at $399 for a twin size

Perfect Balance(tm)

  • 500+ coils

  • Eco-friendly mattress base

  • Damask fabrics

  • High quality fabrics used in quilting - wool and silk

  • 3-way comfort choices

  • Lumbar memory foam

  • Mattress foam core is encased

Price point: $499 - $849 twin size to King

Four Seasons

  • Features 9" individual contour coils

  • Cashmere quilting

  • Luxurious materials and fabrics

  • Euro-Top comfort choice

  • Encased design

  • Patented memory latex foam

  • Eco-friendly mattress base

Price point: $829 - $1,549 twin size to King

Chattham & Wells

  • Features the finest quality materials and design

  • 6-turn coil design

  • Anti-bacterial cashmere filling

  • Top-notch Old World craftsmanship by hand

  • Metal corner guards

  • 8-way hand tied box springs

  • Brass vents

Price point: $2,000-$4,000 full to King

Healthy Options From Spring Air

Spring Air mattress reviews wouldn't be complete without mentioning Nature's Rest by Spring Air. This mattress is constructed in a way that ensures a better night's sleep due to top quality anti-microbial materials and fabrics used in the manufacturing of this particular line of mattresses.

Nature's Rest

  • Luxurious mattress quality with a budget-friendly price

  • Dust-mite, bacteria, and fungi resistant materials

  • Referred to as the world's best latex foam mattress

  • Price point: $2,250 Queen and $2,650 King

Positive Spring Air Mattress Reviews

It's important to understand that the experience of sleeping on a particular mattress is very individual to each person. For example, some people find a firm surface to be quite comfortable, others will find that this causes them back pain. In fact, consumer reports does not rate mattresses for this reason, because the choice is so subjective.

The Spring Air Mattress reviews were mostly evenly divided between positive and negative, which means that you should take your time and do some research before purchasing one.

Here are some positive comments from consumers about Spring Air mattresses.

  • Excellent craftsmanship

  • Great quality fabrics

  • My Chattham & Wells mattress is fabulous - first time I've awakened without back pain in a very long time!

  • Luxurious feel to the mattresses

  • The springs conform to my body beautifully

  • State-of-the-art corners and finishing of the edges

  • Just the right combination of plush and firmness

  • Enjoyed the best night sleep ever!

  • Excellent bed for the price

  • Love our Spring Air more than Tempur-Pedic!

  • We love the adjustable feature and the massage feature

  • So comfortable!

  • Excellent customer service

  • Better than expected

  • Love my Spring Air!

  • It's like sleeping on cloud 9

  • The ultimate in comfort

Negative Spring Air Mattress Reviews

Consumers need to know both sides of any issue in order to make an educated decision, so here are Spring Air mattress reviews that aren't so positive.

The biggest complaint was that the mattresses by Spring Air sagged after a few months, a year, or two years. The second biggest complaint was that when the consumer tried to claim the warranty, the representative would deny the claim for a "dime-size spot" or a thread loose or the like.

  • Poor durability and quality overall

  • Comfortable only for the first few years, not the 20 years+ we were promised

  • Sagging on one side before the other

  • Feels like sleeping in a valley now that the mattress has sagged significantly and won't return to the original form

  • Warranty not worth anything - company representatives very particular

  • Extremely heavy - difficult to move and turn

  • Very expensive option for most consumers

  • Difficult to find sheets to cover the mattress and topper properly

  • Buying a Spring Air mattress is like throwing money away

  • Told warranty was void even though I followed maintenance instructions to the letter

  • After a few months, my back pain is actually worse

  • More sleepless nights than ever

  • Within one year, feels like I'm sleeping in a trench, not on a high quality mattress

  • Warranty is never honored - the representative will find a way to void it

  • Extremely disappointing mattress set

  • Customer service is poor

Where Can You Find Spring Air Mattresses?

Spring Air Mattresses are available both from online retailers and brick-and-mortar retail stores as well.

Spring Air Warranty Information

Spring Air offers a 20-year non-prorated warranty for all products. Because of the frequency of complaints about the mattress sagging after just a few years, be sure to get all the "fine print" details on the Spring Air mattress warranty.

Which Bed Was Mentioned Most in Spring Air Mattress Reviews?

The Four Seasons Back Supporter line seems to get the best customer reviews for both comfort and support.

I hope these Spring Air mattress reviews are helpful for you in researching and making this important decision about which kind of mattress will give you the best night's sleep!!

Potential Dangers of Memory Foam

We would be remiss if we didn't mention that there are potential health dangers associated with sleeping on memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers. Latex foam mattresses are a much safer option if you're really interested in a foam style mattress. Please, check out what we mean by the potential dangers of memory foam here.

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