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Discount Mattress Sets

Can Mattress Discounters Help You Find a Good Price?

Are discount mattress sets truly a good bargain or are you going to be sorry you didn't spend a little extra money on your mattress? Learn how shopping with mattress discounters can benefit your budget while still delivering you the comfort you desire for a good night's sleep.

Should I Find a Discount Mattress Online or at a Store?

There are both online and offline stores from which you can purchase discounted sets in every size - from twin all the way up to a California king.

Discount Mattress Sets

Different types of mattresses are also available on discount - innerspring, memory foam,and so forth, however, many experts will recommend that you never, ever purchase a mattress without trying it out and seeing it first hand.

Choosing a quality mattress isn't a quick process, so how can you be sure to get the best mattress possible without spending a fortune? There are advantages and disadvantages to shopping online and offline, but first let's look at some helpful tips for deciding on which mattress is right for you.

Mattress Buying Tips

  • Time for a new mattress? It could be if you're feeling more tired and achy when you wake up than when you went to sleep. Or, if your mattress feels uneven, lumpy, or has a tendency to dip in the middle, then it's time to shop for a new mattress.

  • What size? You should know what size you want before you begin shopping because the difference between even a queen size and a king size bed could be significant enough to blow your budget, even if you're shopping discount mattress sets.

  • Know your budget limit! Don't allow yourself to go beyond what you want to spend. There is a mattress for you within your price range most likely; it's simply a matter of doing a bit of research to find it.

  • Innerspring mattresses are popular - consider trying out an innerspring mattress first to see how it feels. They seem to be the most satisfactory for many consumers.

  • Wear comfortable loose clothing when you visit a mattress store so you can take the time to lie down on each one to see how it feels to you.

  • 15-minute test - lie on each mattress in which you're interested for at least 15 minutes in your favorite sleeping positions.

Popular Online Stores for Discount Mattress Sets

There are several online stores who offer mattresses at price points hundreds of dollars less than what you would pay in an actual store. These are some of the top consumer choices. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but will give you an idea of where to get started.

  • Sam's Club

  • Costco

  • eBay

  • Dirt Cheap Mattresses

  • Amazon

  • Wal-Mart

  • Ikea

  • Kohl's

  • Sears

  • US-Mattresses

  • Meijer

  • www.mattress.com

  • IVG Stores

  • Mattressfirm.com

Advantages of Buying Discount Mattress Sets Online

One great advantage of buying online is convenience. You can conduct research right from home and then with a few clicks of a mouse, you can have a new mattress within a few days.

There are no pushy salespeople and you know exactly what you're going to pay for your new set.

Mattress discounters usually reduce their prices significantly, which means you can stay within your budget and still sleep on a comfortable mattress!

Online mattress discounters offer generous return policies because they're aware that customers can't try out the mattress prior to purchasing it. The return policy often includes an offer to replace the mattress if you like or they will return your full purchase price in some cases. The cost to ship it back to the retailer could be free or a minimal charge compared to what it cost to have it shipped to you in the first place.

Disadvantages of Buying a Discount Mattress Online

Consumers often feel uneasy about making such a significant purchase without seeing and trying out the actual product.

Return policies are very generous, but keep in mind that you will have to package your mattress for return shipping and arrange for UPS or another shipping company to pick it up for return.

You'll have to dispose of your old mattress somehow - online retailers don't pick those up and take them away for you.

Some customers have expressed frustration with online stores such as Sam's Club and Costco, claiming that the customer service following the purchase was less than satisfactory. However, others said they were thrilled with their purchase and had no problems.

Offline Stores for Discount Mattress Sets

These are some of the popular offline mattress discounters you may find in your local area.

  • Mattress Discounters

  • Sleepys

  • Discount Furniture and Mattress

  • The Sleep Center - formerly Discount Mattress

  • Sit 'N Sleep Mattress Store

I Have Allergies - Can I Get a Discounted Mattress?

There are companies who offer discount mattress sets specifically for consumers who suffer from allergies to dust mites, down, or pet dander. These still are likely to be more expensive than regular mattresses, but are specially made for people with allergies.

They offer bedding that features fabric woven more tightly than others, which means dust mites have a more difficult time penetrating your mattress and causing allergic reactions.

Experts will tell you that everyone should cover their mattress with a protective allergen-protective cover before putting the sheets onto the bed. Many mattresses spend time in a warehouse with dust and perhaps small critters, so you may want to vacuum your mattress first and then place a quality allergen protector around your mattress.

One way you can save money even if you have allergies is to do your own research to determine what kinds of materials you are sensitive to. Then you can look for a discount hypoallergenic mattress that meets your specific needs.

A Few More Mattress Buying Ideas...

One advantage to shopping an offline store is that you can try out the mattresses first hand to see which one you like the most. Some consumers will visit a mattress store, decide on which one they want, and then return home to see how much less they can get it for by shopping online. Many online stores will offer specials on discount mattress sets that are identical to the ones you just saw in the store.

The opposite is also true. You could look online for mattresses that are your desired size and in your desired price range and then visit an actual store to try out the brands you're interested in purchasing. This way you know if the one you saw online is actually comfortable.

If you know of any current great offers on mattress sets, please use the form below to let our web visitors know!

Tips on Finding Discount Mattress Sets

Do you have a tip to share about how to find good quality discount mattress sets?

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