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Organic Crib Mattress

Why Choose an Organic Baby Mattress?

Discover why an organic crib mattress may be the best choice for your new baby's long term health and comfort, and your own!

More new parents are considering carefully the options available in the crib mattress industry, which now includes organic baby mattresses instead of the mattresses produced from synthetic materials. Why is it important to look at mattresses manufactured from organic fibers and materials?

Most new furniture and mattresses are manufactured by using chemicals during the production process. You know how these things smell, right? They have that new car smell that makes us think everything is right with the world because the product is new, but in actuality, that smell is the result of off-gassing.

Off gassing simply means that the product is giving off chemical odors as it releases them into the air. The off gassing can go on for months and in some cases, years. Sadly, the chemicals used to make the product smell that way can be harmful to infants and children, as well as adults who may have compromised immune systems, allergies or chemical sensitivities.

The chemicals you smell might include flame-retardant chemicals, polyurethane, and others used to make the plastic that covers some crib mattresses. Vinyl also contains chemicals that could be harmful to children.

Choosing a crib mattress made from organic materials is a wise choice when you consider the potential long-term effects that a synthetically produced crib mattress could cause for your child.

Research indicates that vinyl and foam in most crib mattresses contain chemicals that could cause long-term health issues for infants. Infants are born with detoxification and immune systems that aren't fully developed, so they are much more susceptible to the harmful affects of the chemicals in the air or in their sleeping environment.

Consider the fact that infants spend most of their time sleeping - nearly 70% of the time in the early months and years of growth! It's vital that their sleeping environment be as healthy and safe as possible.

Benefits of Organic Crib Mattresses

  • No harmful off-gassing of chemicals into baby's breathing air

  • Healthy environment for sleeping

  • Manufactured from 100% organic materials that are non-toxic and safe

  • Comfortable and safe for your child

  • Superior air flow through the mattress - helps baby breathe better

  • No allergens contained in the mattress materials - less chance of allergic reaction

  • Buying organic cotton mattresses helps the environment - no pesticides used in the growing of the cotton

Types of Organic Mattresses for Infants and Children

Keep in mind that a crib mattress is labeled organic when the materials used to make the mattress are organic. Nothing about the mattress itself is organic - the term is used to describe the materials and the manufacturing process.

Organic Cotton Crib Mattresses

Mattresses manufactured from 100% organically grown cotton are one of the top choices for parents looking for a crib mattress. Many times, organic cotton materials are combined with organic wool to produce a crib mattress that is naturally resistant to fire and mildew.

This combination also produces a mattress that allows excellent air circulation, which means your baby will enjoy a more consistent body temperature throughout the night and during naps.

Organic Latex Crib Mattress

Another option for parents interested in an organic crib mattress is an organic latex mattress. The rubber used to manufacture latex mattresses is harvested from the rubber tree and then processed by way of the Dunlop method or the Talalay method. Ask the retailer if the crib mattress in which you're interested was produced chemical-free.

This is important given the fact that some manufacturers will add a few chemicals at the end of the Talalay process, but others claim they complete the entire process without any chemicals whatsoever. Natural latex is hypoallergenic and resists the infestation of mold and dust mites.

Organic Crib Mattress Buying Tips

  • Make sure that only the purest fibers have been used to make the crib mattress - confirm that only 100% organic rubber, wool, or cotton have been used

  • The organic padding on the mattress should be quilted so it prevents slipping

  • Ask about the coils - they should not be treated with harmful chemicals or oils during production

  • Confirm that no flame-retardant chemicals have been used on the mattress

  • Ask about the materials used to fill the mattress - these should be 100% organic too

  • Seamless binding is an excellent feature for a crib mattress - cleanup is a breeze

  • The fit should be snug once the mattress is inside the crib - look for square corners on the mattress for the best fit

  • Ask about the waterproof surface - has it been treated with chemicals or is it made from nontoxic materials? Crib surfaces treated with 100% polyethylene are considered safe.

  • Where is the mattress manufactured? Purchasing a crib mattress within the local area means it hasn't come across the country or continent (they're sometimes treated with chemicals in order to prevent mold, etc during transport)

  • Be aware that labels like green or eco-friendly are not the same as organic - these products could still contain chemicals

  • Always read the fine print - make sure that the ingredient list for each component of the mattress is available to you. Polyurethane should not be listed!

How Can You Know You're Getting a Truly Organic Crib Mattress?

You will want to confirm that the product you're considering has been certified under the GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standard. There are certifiers throughout the United States who are under the umbrella of the GOTS, so be sure to ask about this important factor before making a final decision.

The standard specified by GOTS says that all the fibers and fabrics utilized in the manufacturing of products labeled organic must be processed without the use of chemicals or toxic ingredients. You can find out more about this standard by visiting their Global Organic Textile Standards website.

Why Is An Organic Product So Important For Your Baby?

Have you ever pressed down on a non-organic crib mattress to check the level of firmness? Do you remember smelling a toxic smell when you did that? It probably smelled like a mixture of plastic and chemicals, right? That smell is a mixture of fire retardant chemicals and vinyl. One of the most popular fire retardant chemicals used in non-organic crib mattresses is antimony. Did you know that antimony has been linked to SIDS? It has! Vinyl has long been hailed as one of the best covers for a crib mattress because it's easily cleaned, but did you know that vinyl doesn't breathe? It doesn't promotoe or allow air flow.

Now can you see why buying an organic mattress for your baby is so important? No parent wants their child to breathe harmful, and possibly lethal, chemicals into their body and no parent wants their child's skin to be prevented from breathing properly and having healthy air flow.

These two reasons alone should make every new parent want to spend a little extra money on an organic crib mattress for their child! Please, please do the research and see if you don't come to the same conclusion we have - organic bedding is the right and healthy choice for your baby or child.

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