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Organic Mattress Covers

Why Choosing Organic Can Benefit Your Health

If you are seeking a healthy sleeping environment, organic mattress covers may make a lot of sense for you. Choosing organic bedding means you will sleep in a chemically free environment; one without harmful synthetic and chemically-derived dyes and urethanes. Organic bedding equates to a healthy sleep surface and a better night's sleep.

Using Your Bedding to Conquer Allergies

One good reason to use mattress covers is if you have allergies. A bed can be home to 1-10 million dust mites. Mattress covers that are organic are typically made from high quality cotton that is tightly woven.

No matter whether you have chemical sensitivities or allergies, the dust mite can bother you. These mites can harm your health and the quality of your sleep, but if you have the proper bedding, this problem can be eliminated.

As the name suggests, a mattress cover is designed to cover your mattress. It even can be zipped around it for added protection. You can also buy matching covers for your pillows and duvets.

Other Benefits Offered by Mattress Covers That Are Organic

Because organic mattress covers are made without the use of chemicals, they are a healthy choice for the environment. Organic products are free of chemicals and dyes that would bother people with sensitive skin. Plus, they tend to be softer and more durable than other types of cotton.

Another benefit to a mattress cover is that it can protect the mattress from stains and spills. Additionally, they can protect your mattress from other issues like urine and perspiration.

Once mattresses are dirty, they can be impossible to clean. Often people end up throwing away mattresses prematurely just because they can't clean them.

Types of Mattress Covers

If you are shopping for a mattress cover, there are various things to keep in mind. First of all, you must get the right size to match your mattress, so keep in mind if your bed is twin, double, queen or king.

Types of covers that you can buy include flat, fitted, encased and elastic straps. You can also purchase organic futon mattress covers that are made especially for futons. The best style for you will vary based on how you plan to use your mattress cover.

Flat mattress covers will fit the bed in the same way a flat sheet would fit. As a result, they are easier to put on. These types of mattress covers might be a particularly good option for protecting you from a dirty mattress if you travel and stay in lots of hotels.

A fitted mattress cover works much the same way as a fitted sheet. It is designed to cover the top, sides and some of the bottom of the mattress.

To fully protect against allergens and organisms, the mattress must have no openings at all. Zipped, encased mattress covers work best for this purpose. Many people go with this option if they are worried about bed bugs.

When you use an encased mattress cover, bed bugs cannot get to your mattress. If they are on the inside, they will eventually die. Also people tend to find that it is easier to spot bed bugs in the first place if they have a mattress cover.

Some organic mattress covers come with elastic straps to keep them in place. People with feather beds frequently choose this option. The mattress cover with elastic straps will attach to all sides of the mattress, and keep the bed from getting bunched up or out of place.

Which Organic Mattress Cover Performs Best?

Organic Wool Mattress Covers

Some organic materials are naturally resistant to mold and dust mites, such as wool, which provides a cozy mattress pad that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Although this works well for some people, others are allergic to wool. Another challenge is that it may be difficult to find 100% organic wool, which is more expensive and not machine washable.

There are natural wool mattress covers that are washable that may work well for some people. I found a natural wool mattress cover was an excellent choice for my latex mattress. In all my searching, I never did find a zippered wool mattress cover that would provide full protection for those with very severe allergies.

Organic Cotton Mattress Covers

Organic cotton mattress covers can be a good choice if you suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivities. The key is to find a specially made organic cottton that will keep out dust mites and other allergens, without the use of chemicals and synthetics that are used on other types of hypoallergenic mattress covers.

One high quality organic mattress cover comes from Allergy Armor Organics. This company specializes in an organic dust mite barrier fabric that is helpful for allergy sufferers.

You may have never heard of your fabrics having a "pore size." This term refers to the microscopic gaps that exist in between the fabric's threads.

The Allergy Armor Organics mattress cover also uses a special process that heat-presses to reduce the pore size. As a result, the pore count is around 6 microns.

In addition to being non-toxic, this product is also biodegradable. It also has a 440 thread count.

Consumers who reviewed this mattress cover generally found that this product was easy to put on the bed, and they also considered it to be a high quality option. Reviewers also commented that there was no "crunchy feeling."

This type of organic allergy mattress cover is more expensive, but will be hepful to those who need a completely chemical free mattress cover.

Whether you are looking to protect your mattress, or prevent against allergens and organisms in your sleeping environment, an organic mattress cover can really make a lot of sense. Since they are generally not too expensive, they can be a highly useful addition to any bedroom.

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