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About Best Mattress Reviews

Hi, and thanks so much for visiting!  I created this website with a small, dedicated team of consumers who are researching people's experiences with different mattress brands.  

Between us we have many years of sleeping experience! :-)

We have personally tested and slept (or not slept on) many different kinds of mattresses in many corners of the globe, some of which were probably difficult to describe as a mattress!

I do my best to research the mattress brands that you are looking for, and to find the best possible sleep solutions for all different needs.

I have some good reasons for being interested in mattresses. I spent many years trying to get a good nights sleep!

I have lived in many different places, from cities to rural environments, and have slept on almost every imagineable kind of sleep surface.

In addition to conventional mattresses, bunk beds and the obligatory futon (popular when I was in college), I've also slept on air mattresses, airbeds, camping mats (most are terribly uncomfortable but a few brands are quite nice!) and even hammocks.

Actually the right kind of hammock can be quite delightful to sleep in! When I was in the amazon rainforest I absolutely adored the 100% cotton double hammocks which allow you to lie with your back straight and be lulled to sleep with the gentle rocking motion of the hammock.

In recent years I've developed back problems, allergies and chemical sensitivities. In the process of trying to get a good night's sleep, I've received quite an education about the effects of chemicals in mattresses.

The most recent new mattress I bought from Serta began outgassing a chemical smell that irritated my lungs and throat, which led me on quite a journey to find something to sleep on that wouldn't make me sick!

I spent several months researching organic bedding and mattresses, and made friends with my local organic mattress store. I am now a devoted fan of natural latex mattresses AND latex pillows!

That's my story, what about you? I'd like to hear about your experience with your mattress! Which mattress do you like the best?

My hope is that our website can help you to sleep a little better by making the best mattress choice for your needs.

I also hope that we can help you make a great choice without spending an arm and a leg on your mattress. There are a lot of ways that you can save money on your mattress purchase!

The right mattress can literally change your life. I can't describe the amazement I felt the first morning that I woke up after sleeping in my first latex mattress. That's a good choice for someone like me with back trouble and allergies. I felt fantastic!!

My back and neck were much straighter and more comfortable. I had less nerve pain and when I stood up, I felt like I had a whole new body!

That's what the right mattress can do for you! And that's why we're here, to help you find the perfect mattress for your needs!

Together with you, our website visitors it is our goal to help uncomfortable sleepers everywhere discover the luxury of a good nights rest in the simple gift of a suitable mattress.

You too can join our team by adding your own mattress review!

Best wishes,

best mattress reviews

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