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Aireloom Mattress

The Aireloom mattress has been the choice of Hollywood stars and U.S. Presidents for more than 40 years. It's no wonder President Ronald Reagan had these hand crafted mattresses put into every bedroom of the White House when he was elected.

Aireloom is the last mattress company that produces high quality mattresses manufactured on a machine that has only 10 working parts. Talented and trained people sew several parts of the mattress together by hand!

These mattresses are the last luxury mattresses on the market that are both hand crafted and manufactured and have a United States patent for their designs. Aireloom's mattresses are different from all the other mainstream mattress designs for many reasons.

A Brief History

The Aireloom mattress first entered the market in the 1940s and was actually sought after by Hollywood stars, presidents, and the wealthy because of the high quality materials and craftsmanship that went into the mattress.

During the first several years, Aireloom products could only be purchased through top-end department and furniture stores.

The gentleman who started the company was King Karpen, but when he passed away, Earl S. Kluft became the proud owner of Aireloom.

Earl S. Kluft is not only the owner of the company, but also a talented mattress designer. He represents three generations of mattress designers and creators! He designs mattresses that offer the absolute best in support, pressure point relief, comfort, and luxury.

What Sets an Aireloom Mattress Apart From the Competition?

Aireloom is truly in a class all by itself when it comes to mattress manufacturers. They pride themselves on quality products and because of it, they've always been able to attract and keep clientele who can afford to spend a pretty penny on a mattress.

What makes this company and their products so different from other top mattress manufacturing companies?

  1. The best and finest raw materials are used to create each mattress. Aireloom has strict standards they adhere to when purchasing their raw materials in order to guarantee that they use only the best available.

  2. Mr. Kluft and his associates uniquely design each mattress. They take their jobs very seriously and inspect each and every mattress to make sure it meets strict criteria for durability, support, comfort, and pressure point relief.

  3. The men and women who work for Aireloom have years of experience.

  4. Attention is given to the details of each mattress including a patented border stitching design, handles that are sewn on three separate times to ensure durability, machine side stitches, and handcrafted touches at the end of the process to finish each mattress off in style.

  5. Excellent reputation for over 40 years with discriminating clientele.

  6. Aireloom has an exclusive U.S. patent for their mattress design and technology.

What's So Great About These Mattresses?

An Aireloom mattress is created from natural raw materials as well as synthetic materials, but their designs are far more comfortable and supportive than any other top-selling mattress on the market. Why?

These mattresses feature:

  • 8-way hand-tied foundations

  • Upholstery-filled design

  • English tufting on the outer edges

  • Top-quality coils and springs

  • Side walls that are hand-stitched

  • All natural foam materials

  • Top-end fabrics and materials such as Joma wool from New Zealand, Belgian fabrics, Talalay latex foam, and pure cotton.

The foundations for Aireloom mattresses are built using sustainable, biodegradable wood, a supportive layer created from all natural latex, and a covering for the entire foundation that is made from natural wool materials.

Aireloom mattresses boast the Adapt and React technology, which means the mattress naturally adapts to the contours of your body and reacts by providing the proper support and comfort needed for relief of pressure points and a good night's sleep.

Benefits of an Aireloom

  • Motion isolation - excellent

  • Pressure relief

  • Upholstery filled design - no drum construction

  • Allows body to truly relax

  • Durable

  • Luxurious

Drawbacks of an Aireloom

  • Price prohibitive for average person - beginning at $2,997 and ranging up to $25,000 for top of the line mattresses

  • Consumers report sagging and humps in mattress over a period of time

Aireloom Company Mattress Reviews

What do Aireloom owners like about their mattress?

  • Firm and yet it's comfortable

  • Quality materials - feels luxurious

  • Great sleep on this mattress

  • No initial odor

  • Fabulous for my back

  • Worth every penny - comfortable and supportive

  • Supports my entire body - no pain in the morning now

What complaints do Aireloom owners have?

  • Sags or develops humps in the middle - can't get company to stand behind warranty

  • Any stains whatsoever will void the warranty

  • Warranty isn't the best in the mattress industry

  • Some say the customer service is not good

  • Memory foam built into bed breaks down too quickly

  • Value doesn't equal high price tag

  • Some people say they have more back pain than ever before

Allergy Sufferers - Can You Sleep on an Aireloom?

Aireloom uses primarily natural and organic raw materials to make their mattresses and they utilize memory foam processed via the Talalay method, which some people feel is a healthier method of processing natural latex.

It's very possible that allergy sufferers would benefit from sleeping this mattress that uses natural bamboo fabrics, environmentally friendly upholstery, bio-based foam, Talalay latex, and biodegradable lumber.

Models of Aireloom Mattresses

The models available from Aireloom include:

  • Aireloom Natural Cotton

  • Aireloom Synchronized Support

  • Aireloom Natural Hybrid

  • Aireloom Handcrafted

  • Aireloom Natural Bamboo Hybrid

  • Aireloom A Latex, the Kluft Mattress

  • Halstead

  • Streamline

  • Natural Lux Top

  • Aireloom Luxury Latex

Aireloom Mattress Reviews

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