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Original Mattress Factory Reviews

These Original Mattress Factory reviews are meant to give you side-by-side viewpoints about their mattresses, salespeople, and overall customer service.

Every company and every product has pros and cons. Experiences that consumers have with any product can be from one end of the spectrum to the other. That's why we like to present both viewpoints so that you can make an educated decision when shopping for a mattress.

About Original Mattress Factory or OMF

The Original Mattress Factory was established in 1992 out of Cleveland, Ohio. The company markets their mattresses as original and handmade right in the factory. When customers buy from this company, they buy first-hand mattresses.

In other words, there is no middleman or retailer handling the sale of the mattress. Eliminating the middleman means that the Original Mattress Factory can offer mattresses at more affordable prices than their competitors.

All mattresses are manufactured in company owned factories and then sold directly to the consumer through company owned stores. There are over 100 stores in 9 different states with trained salespeople to help guide you through the 18+ different models of mattresses available.

Original Mattress Factory Reviews - Types
and Beds Available

Original Mattress Factory offers a full line of handmade mattresses in the following sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. They'll also fill custom orders for mattresses for RVs, boats, campers, replacement mattresses for waterbeds, or mattresses to fit antique beds.

Consumers can choose from a traditional innerspring type of mattress, a plush orthopedic mattress, an adjustable mattress, or latex style mattress. Frames, pillows, bedding, headboards, and mattress pads or protectors are also available at the stores so you can outfit your new bed in style.

Box springs from OMF are Amish built from quality wood and the cover is hand-tailored as well. The box springs also feature a fabric cover that resists skidding, which means your mattress is less likely to move around.

One of the Old Mattress Factory reviews mentioned that you could opt for a reminder e-mail sent to your inbox when it's time to flip your mattress. People are so busy these days - this is a nice perk that OMF offers to their consumers.

Positive Original Mattress Factory Reviews

  • Consistent pricing - you don't have to dicker on the price and they don't try to get you with gimmicks and underhanded sales tactics

  • Two-sided feature is great - can flip the mattress and still get the same quality and comfort on both sides

  • Original Mattress Factory provides the specifications for each of their mattresses on their site - nice for the customer who is educated and wants to know exactly what they're buying

  • High quality mattresses at a very reasonable price

  • Bought an OMF mattress over the phone - excellent salespeople were patient with me and guided me toward a specific mattress once they knew what I needed and wanted. I have back issues, so I need a plush but supportive mattress. I love my OMF Orthopedic Ultra Plush!

  • Good customer service - helpful and friendly people

  • Company resolved our box spring issue immediately with no hassle and no additional charge to us

  • Offer 10 and 12-year warranties

  • Informed, helpful, and kind salespeople

  • Handmade mattresses - not an assembly line product

  • Mattress is soft and cushy, but supportive enough to help me sleep better than ever as a very pregnant woman!

  • Can see the quality construction of their mattresses - especially if you can visit a store and see them first-hand

  • Best mattresses on the market!

  • For $1,000, we got a great mattress!

  • Love that these mattresses are made right here in the USA!

  • Would recommend these mattresses to friends and family

  • Get a lot of bed for the money

  • No pressure from salespeople - they knowledgeable, but don't try to push you into a decision

  • Speedy delivery following purchase

  • We love these mattresses! We bought two twin-size mattresses for our girls and they've been sleeping comfortably on them for nearly 8 years. Even friends and family who come to visit and sleep on them say they're really comfortable!

Negative Original Mattress Factory Reviews

  • Too expensive for the quality

  • Salesperson had no idea about the products

  • Can feel the coils through the mattress

  • Company won't back their product - difficult working with customer service because they won't admit to anything and will do nothing to help you unless you pay more money on top of what you have already paid for the mattress

  • Body impressions - this was mentioned by many customers as a very disappointing aspect of these mattresses. Described as hills, valleys and mountains in the mattress after only a short time of sleeping on them.

  • Rude, insensitive delivery people

  • Horrible sagging in the middle of our California king mattress after only 3 years

  • One small stain on mattress and they said they wouldn't switch it for me even though I was practically falling out of the bed due to poor support in mattress

  • Orthopedic mattress felt like I was sleeping on an old cot after only three days

  • Took a few months to break in the mattress

  • Wouldn't recommend these mattresses to anyone

  • Extra charges for things like box spring, frame, delivery and removal of old bed

  • Rude salesperson - all he could talk about was how horrible their competitors' products were in comparison to OMF and he didn't want to hear our concerns or questions (Raleigh, NC location)

  • We purchased a mattress from outside Ohio and when we tried to return it, we were told Ohio didn't accept mattress returns - no help with our return and we're out our money.

  • Horrible smell came from mattress once it was unwrapped

  • When I moved, my spouse was disturbed and vice-versa

The Orthopedic Ultra Plush was the mattress style most often mentioned in Original Mattress Factory reviews from customers. This is by far the most favorite mattress for people with back problems.

Consumers in Original Mattress Factory reviews also mentioned the Classic innerspring mattress, but the reference to it was that this style of mattress wasn't very comfortable after a short time. It was the least favorite type of mattress with owners of this model.

We hope these Original Mattress Factory reviews have been helpful to you and that you will use this information as a springboard for finding the best mattresses for you and your family.

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