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Sealy Mattress Reviews

How Do Consumers Rate the Sealy Posturepedic Mattress?

Sealy mattress reviews can help you decide if these mattresses are a good fit for your lifestyle and budget.

Sealy History

Sealy has been in business creating comfortable, high-quality, durable, and budget-conscious mattresses for the last 125 years. Their mission is simple: they want to help people enjoy more sound sleep.

sealy mattress reviews

It all began back in 1881 when a cotton gin builder by the name of Daniel Haynes designed a mattress filled with soft cotton. The people in the town of Sealy, Texas began placing orders one after another for his comfortable mattresses. Demand became such that he designed and produced a machine that compressed the cotton to go inside the mattress.

By the 1920s, Sealy mattresses were well known and respected in the industry. Today, anyone looking for a well-built quality mattress can't help but to come across Sealy mattress reviews as part of their research.

Sealy claims to be the consumer's #1 choice for the last 30 years when it comes to choosing mattresses that fit their lifestyle, their health, their bodies, and their budget. They now have 25 plants throughout the United States to serve their customers.

What Makes Sealy Mattresses So Special?

This mattress company claims to lead the industry in what they spend on research and development of excellent quality mattresses that feature quality design and durability.

Sealy promises budget-friendly mattresses without sacrificing quality. That's definitely a standard that stands out in this industry.

Are they able to deliver on their promises? We researched Sealy mattress reviews to find out what consumers say about Sealy mattresses.

Sealy Mattress Reviews - Types of Sealy Mattresses

Sealy offers 9 different mattresses each geared toward varying levels of comfort, support, and health.

Sealy Brand Traditional Innerspring

Sealy brand mattresses are very affordable, and often used as guest mattresses or as temporary mattresses. They offer a 5 year prorated warranty which indicates that they don't expect it to last very long!

These mattresses are not padded and customer reviews indicate about an average level of satisfaction with them.

Sealy Brand Innerspring mattresses have some of the problems that most lower priced innerspring mattresses have. The harbor dust mites, can be somewhat noisy, and do not isolate motion well, so sleeping with a partner is more challenging as their movements will likely wake you.

  • No frills

  • Easy on the budget

  • Offered with 3 different toppers - woven quilt, stretch knit, or a stretch knit layered over wool and silk

  • Memory foam - optional

  • Two choices of innersprings

  • Two choices of edge systems

  • Box springs

The price range for this brand is $399 - $699.

Sealy Brand Memory Foam

Customer reviews of the Sealy memory foam mattress seemed happy with the pain relief, motion isolation, and lower price tag of this mattress compared to more expensive memory foam brands like Tempurpedic.

Customer complaints about the Sealy memory foam mattress were about the chemical smell and outgassing of the mattress, that it slept too hot, and was difficult to move on.

  • Conforms to the body

  • Alleviates pressure points for maximum support and comfort

  • Entry level memory foam mattress

This is an especially affordable option starting at $699.

Sealy Brand Latex Foam

We weren't able to find a lot of reviews of this model. This is not an all natural latex mattress, but may be comfortable if you don't need a completely chemical free latex.

  • Unique combination of innerspring coil design and latex foam

  • Latex foam - breathable and comfortable

  • Uniform support

This Sealy latex mattress begins at $999.

Sealy Posturepedic Traditional Innerspring

The Sealy Posturepedic innerspring mattresses are affordable and somewhat better liked than other brands of Innerspring mattresses. Consumer reviews of the mattress are just average, with customer complaints about premature sagging, noise and ineffective motion isolation.

  • Features Pressure Relief Inlays - foam inlays positioned at the shoulders, hips, and knees to encourage proper circulation and eliminate tossing and turning

  • Posture Channels - extra support for the lower back and behind the knees built into the mattress

  • Patented innerspring design - responds to your weight and delivers just the right amount of support for you

  • 2 options of edge systems

  • Shock Abzzorber LTD Box Spring - unique design accommodates body weight and responds with additional support

This Sealy mattress price range is $599 - $1,199. More details are at our Sealy Posturepedic Mattress page.

Embody by Sealy Memory Foam

The Embody is a newer line of Sealy mattress and so there is not yet a lot of information on how customers like these beds. They make both a memory foam and a latex version.

So far customers seem happy with both types of Embody mattresses, more so than with the Sealy innerspring mattresses. Comfort and pain relief, a quiet mattress, and good motion isolation were the main benefits.

Complaints for the Embody mattress were the same for other types memory foam mattresses, that they gave off a chemical smell, slept hot, were very heavy and difficult to move on.

These are available in medium and soft firmness. If you are looking for a firmer mattress, try the Embody Latex model.

  • Claims to offer a healthier alternative for those suffering from allergies or back pain

  • Combination of latex and memory foam conform to and cradle your body

  • Breatheable materials allow for air flow through the mattress

  • Special fabrics make this mattress allow air movement and temperature regulation

  • Resistant to allergens, dust-mites, and particulate in the air

  • No CFCs or other chemicals dangerous to the ozone

The Embody Memory Foam by Sealy begins at $1,999 for the smallest mattress and goes up with size.

Embody by Sealy Latex Foam

Customers of the Sealy Embody Latex mattress were more satisfied with it than with other brands of Sealy mattress, and reported good pain relief and support, a quiet bed, no disturbance from a slelep partner, a good 20 year warranty and no outgassing.

The main complaints were that the mattress sleeps hot, and that it is not available in less firm models. It is also more expensive than some other brands of latex mattress.

  • Also brand new by Sealy - another healthy alternative in a mattress

  • Different from memory foam, latex foam responds to body weight by providing instant support to every area of the body

  • Materials used allow air flow throughout the mattress

  • Healthier mattress because it is designed to be resistant to dust-mites, allergens and microbes

  • No CFCs or other chemicals dangerous to the ozone

This version of Embody by Sealy also starts at $1,999 and goes up depending on size.

Sealy Mattress Reviews - Stearns & Foster Traditional

Stearns and Foster brand mattresses are a high end luxury mattress, however they overall have below average customer satisfaction with reports of premature sagging and back pain from all models, both the less expensive and more expensive models.

Even though these are expensive mattresses, they come with only a 10 year warranty.

  • Features Intellicoil - a coil within a coil - only Stearns & Foster has it

  • Tailored and more sophisticated appearance

  • Choose from micro-suede and cashmere or silk-infused fabrics

  • Features VRT - Variable Response Technology - claims to provides fabulous support and comfort

  • 2 choices of box springs - one with additional color fabric

These mattresses begin at $1,199 and up.

Stearns & Foster Limited-Edition Silver Dream

  • Luxurious in every way - looks, fabrics, and appearance

  • Intellicoil design

  • Features New Zealand Joma wool, fabrics infused with cashmere, natural latex, and hand tufting

Prices begin at $2,999 for this mattress style.

Stearns & Foster Limited-Edition Golden Elegance

  • One step up from the Silver Dream

  • Intellicoil design

  • Fabrics - New Zealand Joma wool, white cashmere, silk, white wool, merino wool

  • Horsehair fibers within the mattress help wick away moisture while you sleep

Prices begin at $3,999 for this top-of-the-line mattress.

You can find more information on our Stearns and Foster page.

Sealy Mattress Reviews - What Sizes Are Available?

Sealy offers 8 different size mattresses in all - 5 traditional size mattresses and 3 non-traditional sizes for taller people or those who prefer more sleeping space.

King - 76"x 80"

California King - 72"x84"

Queen - 60"x 80"

Full - 53"x 75"

Full X-Long - 53"x80"

Twin - 38"x 75"

Twin X-Long - 38"x80"

Crib: 28" x 52"

What Types of Firmness Can Sealy Offer?

Sealy offers the following firmness options: firm, cushion firm, plush, and ultra plush.

Where Can I Buy One?

Retailers across the USA and online offer Sealy mattresses.

Sealy Mattress Reviews - Warranty

Sealy claims to offer one of the most comprehensive warranties of any mattress company in the market today. They provide contact information with every purchase in the event you're not able to contact the retailer from whom you purchased the mattress. You can see the details of the Sealy warranty at http://www.mattressbuy.com/mattress_buy_htm/warranty/sealy.htm. They guarantee most of their mattresses for 10 years.

Recommended Maintenance

Allow the mattress to air out before adding a mattress pad and sheets. Never flip a Sealy, simply rotate it occasionally. A solid bed frame with a center support is vital to the life of your mattress. Vacuum your mattress occasionally to keep it as clean as possible. Small stains can be removed with a bit of cold water and mild soap.

Sealy Mattress Reviews - Best Rated Sealy Mattresses

There are many brands of Sealy mattresses, and these are the most popular models among Sealy customers.

  • Sealy Pillow Top

  • Sealy Posturepedic

  • Sealy California King

Sealy Mattress Reviews - Positive Consumer Ratings

The reviews we found from a variety of sources for Sealy mattresses were mixed. There were many glowing five star reviews, many unhappy one star reviews.

Sealy mattress reviews by satisfied customers say that it's the best mattress they've ever slept on, that their back pain is gone, and that when it comes time to purchase a new mattress, they'll purchase another Sealy.

Sealy Mattress Reviews - Negative Consumer Ratings of Sealy Mattresses

Some consumers who wrote Sealy mattress reviews mentioned that they felt they spent too much for the level of quality they received.

Other issues mentioned: mattress had sagged after only 5 years, the edging was coming apart, poor workmanship, and poor customer service when it came to dealing with the warranty.

Remember that the no one but you knows what is the best and most comfortable mattress for you! Sealy mattress reviews can help you get an idea of what other customers liked and disliked, but ultimately you need to listen to your own body.

Allergies or Sensitivities?

We recommend natural or organic mattresses whenever possible for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities, however this is not always possible.

If you don't need a 100% natural mattress, the Latex Embody by Sealy may be a good option for you, as it is free of CFC's and other chemical irritants, and is designed to be resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

Sealy Mattress Reviews

Do you have a Sealy Mattress? How do you like it? Would you recommend it to others? Please share!

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