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Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress is yet one more mattress Sealy has designed and manufactured in hopes of seeing their vision of helping the world sleep more soundly come true.

Sealy has done research by talking to families everywhere about how they use their beds and how their lifestyles require uninterrupted sleep if they're going to function well each and every day.

Sealy recognizes that beds aren't just for sleeping and intimacy anymore. A lot of people use their beds to watch movies or television, play with their children, read a favorite novel or the Sunday newspaper, and much more.

Any mattress that is going to serve all of these purposes has to be designed and built for durability, support, and comfort.

Features of a Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

What is so terrific about this Sealy mattress? The company says it is a mattress built to support whatever it is you do in your bed.

Both styles of the Posturepedic mattress are customized to support the center part of your body better than any other mattress because Sealy recognizes that this is the most used part of the mattress.

Sealy's unique titanium dual support innersprings are a single-coil design that gives you comfortable, plush sleeping surface and incredible support that is from the bottom of the mattress to the top.

Titanium is stronger even than steel, giving this mattress an edge over other innerspring mattresses, especially in the areas of support and durability.

What Does Every Posturepedic Mattress by Sealy Have?

  • CoreSupport Center - the center third of your mattress takes the brunt of whatever you use your mattress for and supports the heaviest part of the body, so this patented design gives you extra support where you need it most.

  • Adjustable Lifestyle Base - Sealy recognizes that every person is unique and should have the option of raising or lowering their bed base as needed, if they so desire. The Adjustable Lifestyle Base enables you to raise or lower the mattress for your own comfort level with a wireless remote control.

  • Sit Right Edge System - how many times have you sat on the edge of your mattress and slid off? Sealy builds in a sturdy mattress edge that will allow you to sit on the edge of your bed and not slide off.

  • StayTight Foundation - sheets are held in place nicely with a mattress foundation cover that is rubberized. The mattress doesn't slide around as much either, making your life easier and more comfortable.

Posturepedic Titanium SS

The SS features the single-stage coil titanium innerspring design. Some models have Sealy's bar handle design so that you can easily pick up or move the mattress without straining yourself. You won't have to worry any longer about getting a grip on the mattress when you want to move it, rotate it, or change the sheets.

This model has a beginning price point of $599.

Posturepedic Titanium DSx

The DSx mattress features the dual-stage titanium coil design to support your lifestyle in style. Sealy's Surround Handles give you easy-to-find and grip handles to use whenever you need them. No more searching for those tiny rope handles!

The DSx has a beginning price point of $899.

It's important to note that these price points are for the basic model of each of these Sealy Posturepedic mattress styles. Several factors, including geographic location and retailers, will determine the final price of your mattress.

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress - Additional Information

Sealy knows that every person has a preference when it comes to the firmness or softness of his or her mattress. In response to these preferences, Sealy gives you a choice of plush and firm cushion surfaces.

This mattress comes in the following sizes: twin, twin extra long, full extra long, full, queen, split queen, king, and California king. The split queen is two separate box springs measuring 30" x 80".

Ask the salesperson about the box spring that comes with the bed. Most Sealy mattresses come with a standard height box spring that measures 9-inches high.

You do have the choice however of choosing a box spring measuring only 5-inches high if you like, but you have to ask for it specifically.

Your Sealy Posturepedic mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Keep Your Sealy Looking and Smelling Great

It's not difficult to care for your Sealy mattress if you follow a few easy steps.

Every new product has that new-to-you smell, so allow the mattress to air out for a bit once you remove the plastic packaging. Once it's aired out, it's okay to add the mattress pad and sheets.

Sealy does recommend using a mattress pad which can help to protect the mattress from oils in the skin, liquids, and other substances which could damage or stain the mattress. Of course, they do carry mattress pads that fit their mattresses perfectly.

If you do incur stains on your mattress, use a small amount of soap and water on a clean white cloth to remove it.

Vacuum your mattress every few months to remove dead skin cells and other particulates.

Invest in a solid bed frame to properly support your mattress.

Rotate your mattress now and then for optimal comfort and support. This step also keeps body impressions from forming.

What Do Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Owners Say?

  • Affordable - great quality and value

  • Comfortable

  • Perfect blend of plushness and support

  • Enjoying long, uninterrupted sleep

  • No more backaches!

  • Love the handles on the side

  • So easy to change my sheets - but would recommend deep pocket sheets if you have pillow top

Sealy puts their mattresses through 30 different tests to make sure they are built properly and will withstand the test of time and use. Their mattresses are a common household name after 130 years in the business of creating mattresses that help people sleep better and more soundly through the night.

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