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Cheap Twin Mattress

How to Find a Good Quality
Discount Twin Mattress!

Shopping for a good quality cheap twin mattress doesn't have to be difficult if you've done your research and you have some basic guidelines in mind. It is possible to find a comfortable, durable twin-size mattress that won't break the bank!

Discount Mattress Buying Tips

These are some tips that will help you find the right twin mattress, and to help you get the best prices. Please also visit our Consumer Reports Best Ratewd Mattress page.

How Will You Use the Mattress?

First, are you shopping for a twin mattress that will be used for your child full time or are you looking for a guest bed that will only be used occasionally? This factor will determine to some degree which mattress you choose and the price range that will seem acceptable to you.

Be Comfy!

Comfort is key when it comes to deciding on any size mattress. Comfort is essentially a personal preference however, so make sure to take the time to lie down on each mattress to make sure it feels comfortable. It should support your body so that your spine and neck are properly aligned and the pressure points of the body are supported.

What Size Twin Mattress?

Twin-size mattresses come in two sizes: Twin and Twin Extra Long. The twin is 39 inches wide and 79 inches long whereas the twin extra long is 39 inches wide and 80 inches long. These dimensions will be important when it comes to choosing a box spring, bed frame, and bedding.

Be Aware of Extra Costs or Savings

When you're looking at the price ranges for twin mattresses, keep in mind that many times that price does not include the box spring.

Some retailers will include the box spring for the advertised price, but be sure to ask about this very important detail whether you're shopping online or in a retail store.

The price could go up, shipping costs could increase, or you could discover that you'll have to shop for a box spring to fit your choice of mattress, which means more time invested for you.

Tips for Buying a Discount Mattress Online

cheap twin mattress

Shopping online from a discount mattress online store is a viable option for consumers looking for a cheap twin mattress, but keep in mind that it's very important to try out a mattress before making any final decisions.

Consider visiting a retail store in your area to try out some mattresses and see which ones you like. You can then return home with the knowledge of which one you want to purchase.

Online retailers who also have brick and mortar stores occasionally offer free shipping to the store so ask about this option. You may also discover that the online prices for the same mattress you saw in the store are significantly lower.

Image:Michelle Meiklejohn

Take the Time

The best advice we can offer you is to conduct the research. Read customer reviews of the mattress brands in which you're interested. Consumers who have had a great experience want to share that with others, but the opposite is also true. Both the positive and the negative reviews can be helpful when making a decision about a cheap twin mattress set.

Ask about removal of your old mattress - some companies will do this for free, but others will charge a nominal fee for the convenience.

Most often, the sweet spot for a cheap twin mattress is somewhere in between the lowest priced and the highest priced twin mattresses.

The typical warranty for a cheap twin mattress is around 10 years.

What to Look For in a Discount Twin Mattress

  • A design that provides support for the pressure points of the body - even distribution of weight across the mattress

  • Spinal alignment - a supportive mattress will ensure that your spine and neck are aligned properly for full support of the entire body

  • Perimeter edge support - ensures you will be able to sleep on the entire mattress and that the edges won't sag

  • Size - generally a twin size mattress is appropriate for a child elementary age up through the early teen years. An extra long twin may be a better choice for teenagers and adults given the additional length.

  • Check the depth of the mattress to see if traditional bedding will fit - extra deep mattresses will require a more costly investment into sheets and comforters that will fit the bed properly

What is the Best Rated Cheap Twin Mattress?

This list includes some of the top consumer rated twin mattresses within very reasonable price ranges. It's by no means a comprehensive list of viable options available on today's market, but it's a good starting point if you're looking for a good quality twin mattress that won't break the bank.

Corsicana Acclaim Twin Mattress - $119 - $389

Reversible 7.5 inch Foam Twin XL Mattress - $208 - $211

Posture Premier 8-inch Twin-size Mattress - $180 - $185

Wolf Super Sleep Innerspring Smooth Top Mattress - $98 - $138

Wolf Orthopedic Back Aid Mattress - $169 - $178

Serta Sertapedic Oriana Plush Mattress - $119 - $239

Simmons BeautyRest Classic Firm Baran Mattress - $628 - $809

Comfort Dreams 11-inch Select-A-Firmness Memory Foam - $269 - $300

Biopedic 10-inch Twin-Size Memory Foam - $289 - $305

Alanson Twin Mattress Set with Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Set - $429

Natural or Organic Twin Mattress Options

Consumers with health concerns or allergies often look for mattresses constructed from organic or natural materials. The advantages of these types of mattresses include no chemical off gassing, no odors, and no allergic reactions. However, the one drawback is that you should be prepared for the higher price tag on these mattresses given that they are constructed from healthier materials.

These three natural or organic mattress brands were rated high by consumers. Natural or organic mattress choices are not as inexpensive as mattresses constructed from traditional fabrics, but many consumers feel it's worth the investment to get a mattress that is more eco-friendly, and less likely to cause allergic or chemical reactions.

Boyd Specialty Sleep 910 Natural Flex Natural Latex Mattress - $269 - $439

Naturepedic 2 in 1 Organic Mattress Combo Twin - $699

Posture Select Organic Cotton-Natural Talalay Latex Green Mattress - $1,149

A Quick Word About Second Hand Mattresses

Be cautious about buying second hand mattresses, even if they might seem to be a great option for finding a cheap twin mattress. Some local or statewide government regulations require used mattresses to undergo a disinfecting and sanitizing process whereas others don't have any standards in place. Check your country's and your state's rules before buying a used mattress.

Buying a used mattress from a garage sale or thrift shop could present problems in the way of bringing parasites or unknown germs into the home. Returns are not possible either in the case of buying from an individual or second hand shop.

Buying a cheap twin mattress doesn't mean you have to settle for an uncomfortable mattress. Do your homework and you'll find a great mattress at an affordable price!

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