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King Size Mattress Dimensions

Clearing Up the Confusion About
King Size Bedding

King size mattress dimensions can be confusing if you're not sure about the differences between the two sizes of king beds available, and the four different names they are known by!

Yes, you hear right, the fact that king size mattresses come in two sizes and are referred to by not just two names, but four different names, that can be cause for confusion also!

We're going to clear all that up for you with some helpful information and tips. We'll discuss the sizes of king mattresses here and overseas, sheet sizes for the king mattresses, and some general helpful tips on whether or not a king mattress is the right size for you. Hopefully you'll have more confidence when you go shopping once you have this information in hand.

Dimensions of a King Size Mattress

The tricky thing about mattress sizes is that they're not all standard from country to country. For example, a king size mattress in the United States is not the same size as a king size mattress in Asia.

This becomes important when shopping for the right size home or apartment to put your king bed into, as well as knowing what size sheets and comforter you will need to cover your bed.

  • United States King - 76x80 inches

  • United States California King - 72x84 inches

  • Continental Europe - 70.9x78.7 inches

  • United Kingdom - 60x78 inches

  • Thailand or Asia - 72x78 inches

Mattresses in Europe and Asia are labeled with metric measurements, so it may be helpful to have an idea how inches translate into metric, or centimeters.

1 inch = 2.54 cm

1 foot = 30.48 cm

1 meter = 39.37 inches

King Size Mattress Dimensions - Different
Names for the Same Size!

There are two types of king size mattresses: the standard king and the California king. Now, to make things a bit more interesting, the standard king is also referred to as an Eastern king. The California king, understandably, is also referred to as a Western king.

Bedding Sizes to Fit King Size
Mattress Dimensions

There are differences in the fitted sheet size for king size mattresses.

King fitted sheet - 76 x 80 inches

California king fitted sheet - 72 x 84 inches

King and California king flat sheet - 108 x 102 inches

King and California king comforter - 100 x 90 inches

King Size Mattress Dimensions - Is a
King Size Bed Right for You?

How do you know if a king size bed is for you? One of the biggest benefits of a king size bed is that spouses each have ample personal sleeping space without the worry of disturbing the other. This is a nice size for families too - especially if you allow your children or your pets on the bed with you.

One of the biggest drawbacks of a king size bed is, ironically, the size. A bed this size demands a larger bedroom space to accommodate it properly. Many people find that moving a king size mattress is very difficult and some apartments and homes don't have doorways large enough to allow one through. It can be problematic moving them through tight stairwells too.

Having a king bed is essentially the same size as if you had pushed two extra long twin size beds together, so if you're concerned about fitting your bed into your bedroom, perhaps consider two XL twin mattresses as an option instead of a king mattress.

Always measure your space, your doorways, and stairwells before purchasing a king size mattress!

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