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How to Clean a Mattress

Maintaining and caring for your mattress properly includes knowing how to clean a mattress. How can you clean a mattress effectively so you can consistently enjoy a good night's sleep?

The knowledge that you are sleeping on a clean surface is worth every minute it takes to care for your mattress!

Tips for Cleaning a Traditional Innerspring Mattress

  • Vacuum the mattress using your vacuum cleaner hose attachment - make sure to go over the entire surface of the mattress and use the smaller tools to get into the surface edges of the mattress as well.

    Vacuum every few months if you have allergies or every six months otherwise.

  • Clean stains or accidents with a mild detergent or upholstery shampoo - now and then accidents happen and a mattress could develop a stain or soiled area.

    Use a sponge dipped in water and a mild detergent to wipe the soiled area until the stain appears to come out. Allow the area to air dry and then repeat the process again if there is any residual stain left behind.

  • Protect your mattress from further stains by encasing it in a mattress cover or protector. A washable cover is an ideal choice for children's mattresses.

  • Flip your mattress twice a year if possible. This can be done at the same time as vacuuming to save time and effort.

Tips for Cleaning a Latex Foam Mattress

  • Remove the cover from the mattress.

  • Mix a few drops of mild detergent with about a cup of warm water

  • Swish the water/detergent mix.

  • Dip a white cotton cloth or washcloth into the soapy water and use it to spot clean the soiled area on the latex mattress.

  • Using a second cotton cloth that is wet only, go over the spot again to remove the soapy residue.

  • Go over it a third time with a clean white cloth and allow to air dry completely.

  • Don't replace the cover on the latex mattress until the entire area that was cleaned is dry to the touch.

Tips for Cleaning a Futon Mattress

  • Remove the futon cover if there is one covering the futon mattress - wash and dry it.

  • Vacuum the futon mattress several times a year - at least three to four if it's used regularly.

  • Stains on a futon mattress can be removed with warm water, a mild detergent, and a clean white cloth.

    Use just enough water to dampen the area without soaking it and then blot dry with another clean white cloth.

  • Another way to get a futon really clean is to steam clean it a few times a year, especially if it is used on a regular basis.

  • Allow any damp surface areas to dry completely before replacing the futon cover over the mattress.

  • Airing out a futon mattress during nice weather is ideal too - it will freshen it and make it smell like the outdoors.

People with chemical sensitivities or allergies to chemical cleaners should opt for an organic cleaner.

Cleaning Feather Pillows

Once in a while it is helpful to clean your pillows as well. Many types of pillows can be washed in a front-loading washer, however cleaning feather pillows is a bit more challenging.

We recommend that you use a pillow protector with feather pillows, which prevents feathers from poking through the pillowcase, and which also keeps the pillow fresher.

If you fluff and air out your feather pillows regularly, you won't need to wash them as often!

When you put a feather pillow in the washer, the feathers will become damp and have an unpleasant smell. Here are some tips to wash your pillow gently and dry it thoroughly so that the feathers fluff and retain their softness.

  • Wash two pillows at a time

  • Make sure your washer is balanced

  • Wash on delicate cycle

  • Front loading washers are preferable as they will agitate less and prolong the life of the pillow

  • Use a very small amount of gentle laundry detergent

  • Don't use harsh bleaches or chemicals

  • Dry the pillows on medium or delicate cycle

  • Place some tennis balls or running shoes in with the pillows to fluff them

  • Keep checking until the pillows are completely dry

  • If the weather is sunny, hang your feather pillows outside for extra freshening!

Benefits of Cleaning Your Mattress and Pillows

Learning how to clean a mattress and care for your mattress and pillows properly is beneficial for several reasons.

Every mattress and pillow will gather dust, and others will gather dust mites, dust mite feces, allergens, small particulates, and bacteria if not maintained carefully.

Removal of these things will ensure a cleaner sleeping environment and will help keep allergic reactions to a minimum.

You'll extend the life of your mattress with the proper care too and that's really important when you consider the amount of money you spend on a mattress. You want it to last a long time!

The time it takes to clean your mattress and pillows a few times a year is really nothing compared to the time it would take to shop for a new mattress.

The cost of cleaning the mattress is nominal compared to the cost of buying a new mattress altogether.

Include the steps for how to clean a mattress and pillows on your regular housecleaning schedule and you will be sure to include it as part of your normal routine.

Don't think of it as an additional task, but rather one that fits into your schedule like fan cleaning, dusting, and cleaning your windows!

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