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King Koil Mattress Review

Have you been looking for a King Koil mattress review to help you make a decision on your next mattress? Learn what people most like and dislike about the King Koil mattress, and whether this brand will be a good fit for your sleeping needs!

We hope you will find the information we have compiled for you to be useful and informative. There are so many mattress choices available today, and the mattress industry can be confusing since there many different names for the same brand!

Who is King Koil?

King Koil mattresses were first designed and manufactured by a man named Samuel Bronstein in the year 1898. He started out with a mere six employees in a small St. Paul, Minnesota factory. Together this small group of people designed and bench-crafted what is now known as the King Koil mattress.

It's no surprise that these handcrafted mattresses gained popularity very quickly not only in the United States, but also around the world. They were recognized as a leader in the mattress industry. King Koil was renamed Comfort Solutions in 2004. Comfort Solutions still manufactures the original King Koil mattresses that can be found in nearly 70 countries across the globe, but has expanded their product lines to include four other brands as well.

King Koil mattresses were built with ultimate comfort in mind. Comfort Solutions has continued to embrace this philosophy and as a result, offers comfortable mattresses at reasonable prices. Comfort Solutions has received endorsements for their mattress construction and support from organizations such as the FCER or Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research and the ICA or International Chiropractic Association.

About King Koil Mattresses

What does King Koil claim about their products?

  • Excellent support

  • Proper spine alignment

  • Premium upholstery materials

  • Long life, durable

  • Zoned support

  • Built-in foam edge

  • Designed especially for plus-sized people

  • Double-layered coil systems

  • Supportive latex foam

  • Excellent value for your money

King Koil Mattress Review - Construction

King Koil mattresses have five layers:

  1. Posture Support(r) Coil System - foundation of this mattress is a specially designed innerspring coil system that ensures each individual is properly supported while reducing the instances of motion disturbance. Designed to prevent your movements from disturbing your spouse and to avoid rolling into each other in the middle of the bed.

  2. Ultra Soft Perfect Contour(r) Foam - this layer resembles an egg crate mattress pad but is enclosed inside the layers of the mattress. Manufactured with top quality conforming foam that is very soft.

  3. Visco Plus - a layer that ensures you and your spine are properly supported, which means less pain from pressure points and a more restful nights' sleep.

  4. Enhanced Ultra Soft Perfect Contour(r) Foam - this layer, which is just beneath the top layer of the mattress, features 5 individual zones of convoluted foam to ensure excellent support without feeling too firm.

  5. Super Soft Perfect Contour(r) Foam - this is the top quilted layer of the mattress and is similar to the layer right underneath it - it too has 5 individual zones of convoluted foam for excellent support.

King Koil mattresses are available in the following sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King. They offer variable levels of firmness as well including pillow top, plush, firm, and Euro box top.

Comfort Solutions utilizes the finest materials to make their mattresses, including imported ticking, virgin latex, variable density coils, and visco elastic memory foam. They pride themselves on offering top quality products at a price that will fit into most any budget.

Mattresses within the King Koil product line include the King Koil Spine Support Shelton Euro Top mattress, the Comfort Solutions Extended Life, XL, 100 mattress, and the King Koil Perfect Contour Oakwood Pillow Top, to name a few.

Prices for the King Koil mattress lines range from $600 for a twin size mattress to $2,500 for a California king size mattress. King Koil mattress reviews from consumers indicate that lower prices can be found at local dealers.


Where can you find King Koil mattresses? Look for local mattress dealers or furniture stores, or at online stores such as Sleepys, 1800mattress.com, or JcPenney.

King Koil Mattress Review - Warranty Information

The 10-year non-prorated warranty is not transferable, which is much like many other mattress warranties. You must provide the proof of purchase with the date, the actual purchase price, and the company from whom you purchased it in order to receive proper service.

You can always contact Comfort Solutions regarding a King Koil mattress by calling the toll free number 1-800-525-8331 or e-mailing the company at contact@kingkoil.com. It's also possible to contact a plant that makes King Koil mattresses to receive service.

King Koil Mattress Review - Positive
Consumer Comments

  • Relieved my back pain within the first two weeks

  • Never enjoyed sleeping more!

  • Very reasonable price for the quality of mattress

  • Very comfortable

  • Most amazing bed I've ever owned!

  • Like sleeping on a cloud

  • Spent hundreds less than on other comparable brands

  • Excellent choice for anyone with back problems

  • Didn't heat up during the night

  • I no longer feel stiff when I wake in the morning

  • More comfortable than my Serta mattress

The most common positive reviews for this mattress are that it is extremely comfortable and had a reasonable price tag.

King Koil Mattress Review - Negative
Consumer Comments

  • Springs poked through mattress top after about 5 years

  • Not very durable

  • Lumps and dips appeared after a few short years

  • Premature sagging and trench in the middle

  • Warranty void due to one small water stain - not great customer service

  • Horrible mattress - not comfortable and the worst one I've ever owned

  • Sleeping in trenches now after only a few short months

  • Absolutely horrible customer service - like jumping through hoops to get satisfaction

  • Experiencing more back pain now after sleeping on a King Koil

The most common negative reviews for the King Koil mattress are that it develops dips, lumps, and trenches after a few short months or years and that the customer service is horrible.

Reading through more than one King Koil mattress review is a good idea before purchasing one of their mattresses. No matter what brand of mattress you research, there will be pros and cons to it, but reading reviews is an important tool for consumers to know what others have experienced with a particular product. The bottom line? Consumer reviews are worth their weight in gold when it comes to purchase decisions!

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