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Buying A Discount Mattress Online

Are Online Mattress Discounters Worth the Risk?

Shopping for and buying a discount mattress online is so much easier than you might think, but is it worth the risk? What are the benefits of purchasing from online mattress discounters?

Consider this aspect: you won't have to deal with a salesperson trying to steer you in the direction of a higher priced mattress sporting a price tag that's out of your budget. That fact alone should encourage you to shop for a mattress online!

What are the benefits and drawbacks of buying a mattress from an online retailer? We're going to talk about those very aspects of this type of purchase along with some shopping and buying tips to help you get through the process as painlessly as possible. At the end of it all, hopefully you will have found and purchased the very mattress you need and want for your home.

Benefits of Buying a Discount Mattress Online

We mentioned the first benefit already, which is no high pressure salespeople trying to sell you a mattress that doesn't fit into your budget. Some people cave when they're in a store and faced with telling someone no, thank you. There are other benefits you can enjoy as well!

  • Shop at your own pace online - take all the time you need to read about the different styles and brands of mattresses. Read customer reviews to see what they say about the mattress they chose. Gather as much information as possible before making any decisions.

  • You can compare mattress features and prices online - this is especially nice because you can really see what mattress might offer you the best comfort within your price range.

  • Negotiable prices - online retailers are much more willing to negotiate a price with you. Retail stores with salespeople making commission don't really have that extra wiggle room.

  • You'll save money - you will save money because an online mattress retailer doesn't have to worry about paying commissions to salespeople and they don't have to pay the rent on a fancy retail store. As a result, they can pass along their savings to the customer.

  • Sales tax - if you purchase a mattress from an online retailer who is located somewhere other than your state, you won't be charged sales tax. In-state customers do pay sales tax.

  • Brand names - all the top brand name mattresses are available from online retailers. You have just as much selection online than what you would in a store - perhaps a better selection. Just because you want to buy a discount mattress online, doesn't mean you can't get top quality.

  • Shop in a store before ordering online - you can do your research online, go to a brick-n-mortar store to try out the mattresses in which you're interested, and then return home to purchase a mattress from an online retailer for much less than what the store would charge.

  • Return policies - the return policies an online retailer offers are much more generous than actual stores given the nature of the purchase - sight unseen.

Drawbacks of Buying a Discount Mattress Online

There are a few drawbacks of shopping and purchasing a mattress in this manner, but it's possible you may determine they're not enough to prevent you from shopping and buying online.

  • You're not able to see the actual product until it's purchased and it arrives at your home

  • Delivery may take a little longer, depending on the location of the online retailer

  • Returns can become a hassle - the customer is expected to properly wrap the mattress and package it for return shipping. There is a risk of the mattress being damaged or soiled during the return process, which means you may not receive a full refund.

  • Old mattress disposal - you will be responsible for disposing of your old mattress.

Buying a Discount Mattress Online

Decide first what size mattress you want to purchase. Then, you'll want to determine the comfort level you desire.

Take advantage of mattress size charts which are available here on our site, and on the websites of popular mattress brands. These comparisons will show you what's available within a brand name product line of mattresses.

For example, you can compare Sealy's firm, plush, BoxTop, EuroTop, and PillowTop mattresses side-by-side to see which one would be the best fit for you. That's an advantage of shopping online as opposed to an actual store.

Stick with brand names you know. For example, the top three mattress manufacturers in the United States are Sealy, Simmons, and Serta. These brand name manufacturers offer several styles of mattresses within their product lines.

Online retailers will tell you to stick with a brand you know so that you're not disappointed. Off-brand mattresses can be much less expensive, but in the end, the old mantra may prove true: you get what you pay for.

What type of mattress should you consider? Innerspring coil mattresses are usually consumers' first choice because it's the one with which they're most familiar. The innerspring coil mattresses are typically the most comfortable and the least expensive when compared to memory foam, latex foam, or airbeds. However, many consumers love their memory foam and latex foam beds, so don't be afraid to check out all of the choices available to you.

Go to an actual store with research in hand in order to try out the mattresses you think you like. Although these tests are not a guarantee that the mattress you buy will be the perfect choice, it's a good idea to rule out those that definitely wouldn't work for you. Lie down on the mattress for fifteen minutes - five minutes on your back and five minutes on each of your sides. If you're a stomach sleeper, lie that way for five minutes instead of on your back.

Where Can You Find a Discount Mattress Online?

These online retailers are ones that customers seem to like when it comes to buying comfortable mattresses online. They're some of the largest online mattress retailers as well.

  • Sam's Club

  • Amazon

  • Overstock.com

  • Sleepmasters

  • Dirtcheapmattress.com

  • Yahoo shopping

  • Dormia

  • Sleepys

  • U.S. Mattress

  • Mattress.com

  • Mattress Discounters

  • Angel Beds - memory and latex foam mattresses

  • Your Sleep Store

  • CSN Mattresses

Buying a discount mattress online can be a rewarding experience if you know what you're looking for and know how to navigate the online purchasing experience. Take your time and get the mattress that you want without spending a fortune!

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