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Metro Mattress

Metro Mattress is the largest retailer of national brand name mattresses in Upstate New York with 41 showrooms throughout the state where you can take the time to compare mattresses and shop at your own pace.

They've been in business for over 35 years helping people to figure out which mattress is the right choice for them.

The company says that their salespeople and associates are some of the best in the industry. They're knowledgeable about each of the mattress brands they carry in the store, so they're able to help potential buyers make the right decision and feel good about it.

What Brands of Mattresses Does Metro Carry?

  • Serta - Serta Trump Home, Sertapedic, Serta Perfect Sleeper, and Serta Perfect Elements

  • Therapedic - Therapedic Backsense

  • Simmons - Simmons Beautyrest, Beautyrest Black, Beautyrest World Class, and Beautyrest Anniversary

  • Tempur - Pedic

  • Spring Air - Spring Air Back Supporter Four Seasons, Spring Air Back Supporter

  • Sealy

Why Shop Metro Mattress?

Metro has been in business for 36 years, so they have a proven track record with their customers.

Many of the salespeople and associates of Metro have worked for the company up to 20 years and during that time have taken part in ongoing training sessions so they keep their skills sharp and knowledge of the mattress industry up to date.

They claim that they will beat any competitor price you bring them by at least 10% or you will take home your mattress for free.

You can try out any and every mattress you want to without pressure to make a quick decision. What better way to decide on a mattress than trying it out in person?

They market their company as a mattress superstore serving the Upstate New York area. As a result of their size and presence in the state of NY, they can negotiate better prices from their vendors, which means they can pass along those savings to you the customer.

Metro promises next-day delivery within a 3-hour window of time and will also set up your new bed in your bedroom if you ask them to do so.

For those interested in a payment plan, Metro offers financing on all their mattresses.

Don't like the mattress after you get it home and try it out? Metro's Comfort Guarantee states that you can make a comfort exchange once to make sure you get the mattress you want.

Finally, Metro says they always put the customer first, no matter what. Their goal is to please each and every person who walks through the door and purchases a mattress from them.

Warranty information for this company can be found at http://www.metromattress.com/warranty-information/.

A Few Miscellaneous Thoughts

Metro Mattress is called a mattress superstore in New York and the company website claims that they carry just about every national brand on the market.

In reality, they carry 6 brand names and roughly 13 different styles of mattresses total within those brand names according to the list on their site.

They also mention on their site that they offer hundreds of mattresses, but list only a few brand names.

The website has a small blurb that says they will soon be offering online sales, so people outside of New York can buy from Metro too.

What Do Metro Customers Say?

At the time of our research, reviews of this company that we found online were quite mixed and the majority of the reviews were not favorable especially in the area of pricing, customer service, following through on the warranty, return policy, and more.

Keeping in mind that online reviews are individual opinions and should always be considered secondary to your own good sense and personal experience, however when a company receives many negative comments we consider this to be an alert that you need to do additional research when shopping there.

Some of the varied comments included:

  • Higher prices than other retailers

  • Inconsistent pricing

  • Charges for returns

  • Won't stand behind their sales

  • Misleading salespeople

  • Warranty and return policy not honored

  • Excellent customer service and salespeople

  • Honored our return request and now we have a mattress we love

  • Worst customer service ever received

Shopping for a new mattress in the New York area? You might want to do your own research, and read all the fine print in your mattress warranty to be sure that you understand exactly what the company return policies are before making a decision to purchase.

Metro Company Response to Mixed Reviews

We received a letter from the Director of Customer Service at Metro Mattress who let us know that their company has an A+ Better business rating and that they are committed to addressing each and every customer complaint.

As we have noted elsewhere on our site, it is always important to do your own research and to understand that all online consumer reviews are simply opinions.

To the credit of Metro Mattress, they provided useful information and a contact number for any customer who may have a problem. Please read what they shared, which includes additional benefits that their store offers such as the ability for customers to custom design their beds using products from different sources here at Metro Mattress Reviews.

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