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1 800 Mattress

The company known for years as 1 800 Mattress is now owned by Sleepys, The Mattress Professionals. Napoleon Barragan founded the company originally in 1976 with a company name of Dial-a-Mattress. Several years later, it was purchased by Sleepys and now operates under the Sleepys mattress company name.

Their manufacturing facility is located in New York, with distribution centers all over the United States including Florida, New Jersey, Northern California, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Stores can also be found throughout the U.S. if you prefer to try out the mattress first before purchase.

What Does the Company Offer?

The 1-800-Mattress company offers four ways to shop: you can call, go online, chat with a customer representative, or visit one of their brick-n-mortar store locations. They offer name-brand mattresses at reasonable prices along with box springs, mattress covers, and bedding. They’ll even build a custom-size box spring upon request.

Name brand mattresses like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Simmons, King Koil, and Serta are just a few from which you can choose from 1 800 mattress stores.

Prompt, courteous, and efficient delivery is promised as well. Their customer service department has received rewards for serving customers with professionalism and courtesy.

What Do Owners Like About These Mattresses?

  • Same day delivery

  • Polite customer representative

  • Great that they give you the option of buying over the phone or online – convenient

  • Painless experience from the time I walked in the door to the time I purchased a mattress

  • Best service ever at the San Francisco store

What Do Customers Dislike?

  • It's been 10 days and I'm still waiting for my mattress to arrive

  • Customer service is a nightmare

  • Company can't find my order, but my credit card was charged!

  • Mattress caved in the middle after only a year

  • Bought replacement mattress from this company - caved in just like the first one after less than a year

  • Company says they will remove your old mattress, but contracts that work out - the contracted company is horrible to work with and refused to take my old mattress because it had stains on it

  • They will not remove old mattress - lied straight to my face and then when I called to ask them about it, they passed it off as the contracted company's problem, not theirs

  • Sales people use bait and switch tactics to sell mattresses and then lie about it when confronted

  • Didn't show up within 3-hour time frame and ended up being 4 ½ hours late - no apology, nothing, so I canceled my order

  • Getting your money back from this company is horribly difficult - they give you a royal runaround

  • Prices are right, but quality is sub-par

  • No call backs - very difficult to contact the company, especially management

  • Dishonest company - won't stand behind anything they tell you initially

  • Company won't honor warranty due to one tiny stain the size of a dime

  • Pure Latex Bliss mattress a piece of junk

  • Delivery guys rude and brought wrong mattress and box springs - said I had to work it out with the company; in meantime, nothing to sleep on

  • I think the last S that is left off stands for Suckers - don't buy from this company because they will not take a return unless you pay for a mattress cover and additional shipping charges; even then they will offer to only pay back 50% of what you paid originally

Based on the reviews of this company, people who purchased mattresses from 1 800 Mattress have been very unhappy overall. They feel they were lied to, duped, and treated unfairly. The overwhelming feeling about the company is that they are shady and manipulative.

Keep in mind however that anyone can write a review about a product – even people who have never purchased a mattress from this company! It’s important when shopping for a mattress that you take the time to try out the mattress you want to buy rather than trying to figure it out over the phone or by looking at photographs online.

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