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Adjustable Bed Sealy Mattresses

Have you considered the adjustable bed Sealy manufactures? They actually offer several types, but the most popular are the Sealy latex adjustable mattress and the memory foam adjustable mattresses.

Both mattresses are designed to help people who struggle with joint pain, backaches, headaches, and a myriad of other pain or sleep issues.

Sealy Posturepedic True Form Memory Foam Adjustable Bed

Sealy offers this memory foam mattress in an Ultra Plush model to fit an adjustable hospital bed frame. It features Sealy's own True Form memory foam, or visco elastic polyurethane, while offering the support you remember from a traditional innerspring mattress.

You can adjust the height of the mattress as well as adjusting the foot of the bed and head of the bed to your own comfort level. You'll experience excellent allover support for your body as the True Form memory foam conforms to and cradles your entire body.

Benefits of the True Form Sealy Adjustable Bed

  • Excellent motion isolation – won't feel your spouse moving about

  • Wonderful support and comfort

  • Spherical memory foam cells allow air flow and cradle your body

  • Non-toxic

  • No spring contained in mattress

  • Relieves your achy joints and relieves pain by removing pressure points

  • Washable, zip-off mattress cover

  • Mattress features include: 3 inches of True Form memory foam at 5.25 pound density plus 6 inches of high density foam with a 2 pound density

Sizes of this bed include Twin XL, Full XL, Queen, and King. The king size is actually two twins pushed together so you and your spouse can each adjust your own mattress to your liking.

The drawbacks of this mattress: heavy and expensive.

Price range: $2600 for Twin XL to $5,000 for King

Sealy Latex Foam Adjustable Beds - Reflexion

Customers have 4 models from which to choose in the Sealy adjustable latex foam mattress product line: Huntington Beach Firm, Laguna Beach Pillow Top, Venice Beach Ultra Plush, and Newport Beach Plush. Each mattress comes in Twin XL, Full XL, Queen, or King size.

**Sealy Reflexion Mattress models Huntington Beach and Waikiki Beach have been discontinued.

Each of these mattresses is constructed from natural latex foam. The thickness of the latex core depends on the model you choose, but you can choose from 7.5-inch, 8.4-inch, or 9.3-inch latex core. The king size for the latex foam mattresses is also two twin mattresses pushed together so you can adjust your own mattress.

Price range: $2,200 for Twin XL to $5,200 for King

Benefits of the Reflexion Latex Foam Sealy Adjustable Beds

  • Allows air to circulate

  • Excellent bounce-back quality

  • No springs in the mattress

  • Pressure points are relieved

  • Naturally resistant to bacteria, allergens, and mildew

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Motion isolation

  • Quilting on top of mattress varies in thickness – you can choose your comfort level

Adjustable Bed Sealy – Bed Frame

The adjustable bed frame is what makes these mattresses really work for you! Sealy has manufactured an adjustable hospital quality bed frame that will fit all models of their True Form and Reflexion mattresses.

Features of Adjustable Bed Sealy Bed Frames

  • Hugs the wall so you can still reach your favorite book on the nightstand

  • Castors – move the bed around easily

  • Heavy duty power lift system – AC

  • Two motors

  • Adjustable base fits most existing bed frames or choose self-supporting frame

  • Wireless remote to adjust your comfort level with one touch

  • Built-in massage for head and neck or feet and legs

    The drawbacks of the Reflexion mattresses: they're expensive, may be heavy to move, and standard sheets don't always fit over the mattress.

Does the Sealy Adjustable Bed Really Relieve Pain and Help You Sleep Better?

Let's take a look at comments that people made after buying the latex foam or true form adjustable mattresses.

Positive Sealy Adjustable Bed Reviews

  • True Form mattress – wonderfully comfortable and supportive

  • Husband had no pain when he woke up – first time in years

  • Molds beautifully to your body

  • True Form mattress best I've slept on for my back pain

  • Feels soft and plush, but supports me

  • Love our Reflexion Laguna Beach – no more numbness in my hips

  • Reflexion Newport Beach – absolutely wonderful support, comfort, and plush layers

Dissatisfied Sealy Adjustable Bed Reviews

  • Reflexion Venice Beach – nightmare – sags horribly

  • Latex mattresses by Sealy are a rip off and not quality

  • Reflexion Huntington Beach mattress – mattress sagged, had a funny smell, poor customer service

  • Latex mattress by Sealy sagged in just a short time and the customer service would not replace

  • True Form mattress was hard as a brick – absolutely awful

A Quick Note About Embody by Sealy

The Embody Latex Foam mattress and the Embody Memory Foam mattress by Sealy come with the option of adjustability. You simply need to ask your retailer about it when you're shopping for one of these mattresses.

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