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Sealy Posturpedic Mattress Coils

by Dave
(Charlotte, NC)

I just wanted to point out some inaccurate information I found here. https://www.best-mattress-reviews.com/best-rated-mattresses.html

It states "Sealy Posturepedic uses an hourglass coil" Actually sealy uses the open offset coil design in the posturepedic. Some of their lower end beds use the Bonnell coil (which is the hourglass shaped coil system)

Many companies use the Bonnell coil in their low end mattresses and they have a few levels of coil counts. The most popular being the 312 coil unit and the 364 coil unit(based on full size coil count).

Our reply

Hi Dave, thanks so much for your message! I appreciate you letting us know that the Sealy Posturpedic mattress does not use an hourglass coil.

The Sealy website at
http://www.sealy.com/Mattress-Brands/Sealy-Posturepedic/Traditional-Innerspring.aspx indicates that they use a single coil innerspring, and we've updated our page to reflect this. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know this!

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