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My Aireloom Mattress Review - Another Body in Bed

by Shoobdoo
(Los Angeles, CA)

After just 3 weeks of having a $9000 Kluft mattress, we are returning it. We bought a firm California King. If you sleep alone, it would probably be the best investment made. However, with two people, the mattress started to settle where each of us lays down and consequently a hump developed in the middle of the bed, it's like sleeping with another body in the center. Consumer service says it's normal. Well...my Chiropractic Brand mattress I had for over 20 years finally developed the lump a year ago. Too bad they don't make that mattress. The quality of the Kluft foam/latex mattress makes this bed extremely comfortable and cool. When you get in and out of the bed, there isn't the shaking that you would get on other mattresses. It's not like a temperapedic, but it's also doesn't get warm or hard with cold weather conditions. Purchasing a mattress is very specific to an individual. Friends love the temperapedic, or sleep by number beds. I slept on both for over a week of which neither of them I liked. I don't think they make the mattresses like they used to. Before purchasing a mattress, do your homework, try alot of beds because it's a huge investment.

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