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Organic Mattress Pads

The Benefits of an Organic Mattress Cover

Organic mattress pads provide the comfort and support you want on top of your mattress with the added benefit of clean, breathable air in your sleeping environment. These are some of the different styles of organic mattress topper and their benefits.

Mattress pads that are manufactured from organic materials and fibers are much healthier for babies, children, and adults of all ages for many reasons. You're not sacrificing anything by organic - in fact you're giving your health and your sleeping surface a boost in a positive direction!

Benefits of Organic Mattress Pads

  • No chemicals used in the production of the materials used to create the mattress pad

  • Cleaner, healthier environment in which to sleep

  • Safer for anyone with allergies to dust mites, allergens, and smaller particulates

  • Organic materials like cotton and wool are naturally resistant to infestation of dust mites, allergens, mold, and bacteria

  • Mattress pads, organic and synthetic, provide an extra layer of protection for your mattress - longer life for your mattress

  • Organic mattress toppers on top of the mattress, some consumers say, provide an even cushier and more luxurious sleeping surface while providing necessary support for all pressure points

  • Naturally hypoallergenic

  • Purchasing organic bedding, including organic mattress covers, supports the farmers who produce the cotton and wool for those products - supports an environmentally friendly farming industry

  • Don't sleep hot - less night sweats and frustration with trying to regulate body temperature throughout the night

  • Less interrupted sleep because you're not breathing harmful chemicals that would otherwise off gas from a synthetically created mattress pad

  • Organic wool is naturally flame retardant

Think of it this way: We spend nearly 1/3 of our lifetime sleeping, so shouldn't we opt for a sleeping surface that is the healthiest it can be?

Synthetic bedding like sheets, comforters, mattresses, and mattress pads are created using chemicals in conjunction with natural fibers and materials. When we use these products, we are ultimately breathing those chemicals into our bodies, which can't be good over the long term.

Adequate research has not been conducted over several years to know how the chemicals in our bedding could affect our health, so why not opt for the safer organic bedding now?

Choosing organic bedding is just one way to stay healthier and sleep more soundly while supporting the environment!

What Materials Are Used in Organic Mattress Pads?

There are at least three general materials from which organic pads are produced: organic cotton, organic wool, and organic latex. Some of the manufacturers use 100% organic cotton exclusively for both the filling and the outer shell of the pad. Others utilize both organic cotton and organic wool within the same pad.

Still others will opt to use organic latex materials in conjunction with just cotton or wool and cotton combined. There are a few products you'll find in this category of bedding that also utilize fleece in their mattress pads. It's good that there are so many choices given that each person has their own preferences!

Styles of Organic Mattress Pads

The styles of organic mattress toppers available vary across the board. Styles available include:

  1. Pads with elastic corner straps - these are designed so that the elastic straps, whether thin or thick, fit comfortably around each corner of the mattress so it doesn't slide around.

  2. Flat pads - these are placed directly on top of the mattress and are hidden beneath the fitted sheet. Some consumers say they stay in place fine whereas others say they slide around a bit.

  3. Fitted pocket pads - this style is designed to go completely over the sides of the mattress much like a fitted sheet, for a good fit. Additionally, the edges have elastic so that the pad hugs the mattress more securely to keep it from sliding around with movement.

Some mattress covers are quilted and some are very plain, but all in all, most pads are white or cream in color so they blend in under nearly any color of bed sheets.

Puddle Pads - Organic Mattress Pads for Babies

Puddle pads are specially designed pads used primarily for babies. Puddle pads are made with organic wool because the wool is naturally resistant to water and can help keep both baby and the surface on which the baby is lying, dry and free of a potential mess.

The organic puddle pads feature mostly organic wool but can also have organic cotton in them as well. These pads are used in cribs, bassinets, strollers, changing tables, and even on carpet during diaper changes. Some moms have even utilized them as spit up rags because they're so absorbent.

Another use for puddle pads is for elderly adults who may have difficulty with mobility and need a bit of physical assistance.

Helpful Tips for Shopping for Organic Mattress Pads

Check the label to see if it's machine washable or if it requires hand washing. Manufacturers are providing both options on today's market.

Organic latex mattress pads are encased in organic wool or organic cotton - make sure that the latex in the pad was processed via the Dunlop or the Talalay method and contains no synthetic components.

Buy the best organic mattress cover you can afford. The higher the quality of the item, the longer it will last you and the longer your mattress might last because it's protected by a good pad.

Opt for a higher thread count in your mattress pad. Just like bed sheets with higher thread counts, the pad will feel softer and nicer to the touch.

Always read consumer reviews! Consumers are some of the most honest people on the planet! They've spent the money and used the product, so they're very willing to share the good, bad, and ugly with other consumers in an effort to either promote a certain product or to warn others against spending their hard-earned money.

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