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Organic Pajamas

Can't Afford an Organic Mattress?
Start with Organic Sleepwear!

Why should you consider purchasing organic pajamas instead of the pajamas manufactured from synthetic fibers? Discover twelve good reasons to make the choice for sleepwear and clothing produced from natural organic fibers.

There are many reasons to make the choice for sleepwear and clothing produced from natural organic fibers, but one of the most important reasons is because it's a choice that will help protect you and your children from harmful chemicals.

How Are Pajamas Manufactured?

Pajamas manufactured from synthetic fibers must undergo processes that involve the use of chemicals - namely fertilizers and insecticides - to produce pajamas. Some of the chemicals used act as flame-retardants, meaning that the pajamas are less likely to catch fire. What about those chemicals getting onto the skin? Research indicates that the flame retardant chemicals remain in the pajamas even after 50 washes and could, very possibly, negatively affect a child long term.

Organic sleepwear is manufactured without the use of any chemicals, which means there are no chemicals in the clothing that could possibly cause damage. Organic fabric manufactured from natural fabrics pose no health threat to humans or to the environment, so it makes more sense to purchase these products rather than the synthetic version.

Flame retardant chemicals are also used in the manufacturing of mattresses, so in order to truly protect your children and yourself, it's a good idea to opt for mattresses manufactured from organic fibers like organic cotton, wool, or latex.

Benefits of Choosing Organic Sleepwear

  1. Protects the skin

  2. Helps prevent allergic reactions in children and infants

  3. No harmful chemicals are used in manufacturing of organic pajamas

  4. No artificial dyes used to color the clothing

  5. Buying organic clothing and sleepwear reduces the pesticides used in manufacturing

  6. Saves money - organic clothing tends to last longer

  7. Durable product

  8. Helps protect the water supply due to no pesticides used in making the pajamas

  9. Fewer harmful chemical emissions into the air

  10. Buying organic helps support a healthy economy

  11. Environmentally friendly choice

  12. Extremely comfortable pajamas - feel fantastic next to the skin

Organic Pajamas Are Available for Everyone

Clothing manufacturers are offering organic sleepwear options for the entire family in response to the concerns of consumers in regards to the chemicals found in synthetically produced pajamas. There are now comfortable and stylish pajamas available for every member of the family from both online retailers and brick-n-mortar stores.

Look for sleepwear labeled with the terms: organic cotton, organic terrycloth, organic flannel or organic fleece. There are tops and lounge pants available for men. Women can find robes, chemises, gowns, pants, and tops made from organic materials. Shopping for children's pajamas isn't difficult either - just be sure to look for pajamas that are labeled: not flame resistant. Children's sleepwear should always fit snugly yet comfortably.

There is more good news! Synthetically produced cotton pajamas will look great for about 12 to 20 washes, but then begin to break down and appear worn and may even lose their original shape and fit. Pajamas manufactured from 100% organic fibers will look and fit great for up to 100 washes! Now do you see how you can save money buying this way? Granted, the initial investment is a bit higher, but you will enjoy organically produced pajamas for a lot longer than the synthetic ones.

Where Can I Find Organic Pajamas?

It's easiest to find pajamas manufactured from 100% organic materials from online retailers, but a few brick-n-mortar stores will also offer a product line or two as well. Hopefully, as consumers continue to educate manufacturers about what they want in safe sleepwear, more stores will offer organic sleepwear for the entire family.

Online Retailers

  • Green Shops - www.greenshops.com

  • New Jammies - www.newjammies.com

  • Gaiam - www.Gaiam.com

  • Alternative Apparel - www.AlternativeApparel.com

  • Garnet Hill - www.garnethill.com

  • Eden Home - www.edenhome.com

  • Pristine Planet - www.pristineplanet.com

  • Kid Bean - www.kidbean.com

  • Lotus Organics - www.lotusorganics.com

  • Eco Choices - www.ecobodywear.com

  • Cottonfield USA - www.cottonfieldusa.com

  • The Oko Box - www.theokobox.com

  • Amazon.com

Brick-n-Mortar Stores

  • Target

  • Land's End - remember that Sears carries the Land's End clothing lines too

  • Wal-Mart

The key is to buy organic sleepwear that is comfortable and fits well - this is for the entire family, but especially for infants and children.

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