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Adjustable Air Bed Mattress

Tips for Choosing an
Air Mattress Adjustable Bed

An adjustable air bed mattress evenly distributes the body's weight across the entire mattress rather than centralizing it in one single space on the mattress surface. The result is a more comfortable, and supportive sleep surface that is gentler on painful or sensitive areas of the body.

Nursing homes and hospitals choose adjustable air bed mattresses many times for their patients due to the fact that these beds can help alleviate pain and pressure for people recovering from surgery, which quickens recovery times and helps patients sleep through the night.

The airbed mattress is still used for commercial applications, but is now also very popular for every day home use as well. Consumers have discovered that an airbed can provide support and comfort for them right in their own home.

The adjustable feature of an airbed makes it especially attractive to consumers because they have the freedom to adjust the firmness of their side of the mattress without disturbing their spouse.

Adjustable Air Bed Mattress - By Brand Name

Select Comfort

Select Comfort(tm) designed an airbed with special air chambers that allow each person in the bed to adjust the firmness and support of their side of the bed to the point it's comfortable for them.

This adjustment is called your Sleep Number setting. This setting is calculated using information about your weight, height, and preferences for firmness and sleeping position.

Air Beds Unlimited

Air Beds Unlimited markets their beds as just as good or better quality than their competitors without the high price tag. They also say their construction is better due to what's called their exclusive dual sling rail mattress perimeter design, their multiple, dual-welded I-beams inside the mattress, and their vapor barrier that prevents mold from entering the mattress.

Airbeds Unlimited says their bed is more comfortable and more durable than their competitors and it's less expensive without sacrificing quality.


Comfortaire offers five different models of an adjustable air bed mattress - Cirrus, Celesta, Cerenity, Cerulean HP, and Celenia. Each of these models has the adjustable firmness control feature and 24-gauge, 5-inch thick air cores manufactured from a combination of cotton and latex.

Comfortaire airbeds feature seven layers of comfort-enhancing materials that come together to create what they say is the most comfortable airbed on the market today.

Natural Form - SAT Airbed

Natural Form has patented the SAT or Self-adjusting Technology that makes their airbed different from the others on the market. Their patented intake and release air valve system is unique in that it automatically adjusts to your body's weight and position when you move in the bed.

It's a specially designed air suspension system that reacts to movement and immediately adjusts to provide comfortable support. Natural Form also says their airbed helps increase blood circulation, helping people to be healthier.

Ultimate Sleep Air Beds

Ultimate Sleep airbeds offer every traditional size mattress, but they also offer mattresses for RVs. You can even order a custom size mattress if needed. You can choose from a single or dual air chamber mattress construction.

The air pumps are connected directly to the air chambers inside the mattress, eliminating the need to find another space for the air pumps. Each person has their own remote control to adjust the firmness of their side of the bed.


As far as we can tell, these are no longer manufactured but you may be able to find some online through retailers.

Nautilus airbeds offer a mattress with a built-in air pump, which makes moving the bed around much easier and more convenient. Nautilus air chambers are not separated by a foam insert in the middle of the bed like some of the other brands of airbeds.

This feature, according to consumers, is nice because it makes snuggling with your spouse easier and more comfortable in the middle of the bed. Nautilus also offers three different zippered casings for your airbed: wool, cashmere, and silk. More on the Nautilus Sleep System.

Benefits of an Adjustable Air Bed Mattress

  • More comfortable and supportive than innerspring mattresses

  • Less tossing and turning throughout the night

  • Customized firmness - adjustable using the remote control

  • Allows for proper spine alignment

  • Less pain in the morning - even distribution of weight alleviates pressure points on the body

Drawbacks of an Adjustable Air Bed Mattress

  • Price point - can be expensive

  • Airbeds usually require a mattress topper to be comfortable

  • A trench can develop in the middle of the mattress, especially when spouses have very different firmness settings

  • Some brands have experienced problems with mold developing inside the mattress

Similarities Between Brands of Airbeds

Airbed technology, regardless of the brand, is similar in the concept of distribution of weight across the entire mattress surface in an effort to alleviate painful pressure points that usually cause people to toss and turn through the night.

Another similarity is that air is used within the air chamber design of each brand of airbed so that you can adjust the firmness of your side of the bed. This is important to many couples given the fact that many times one likes a firm mattress and the other prefers a softer mattress.

Most airbed manufacturers will offer a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day at-home trial period.

Differences Between Airbeds

Some airbeds can be tested in retail stores around the country. Consumers would do well to try out any and all airbeds you can without bringing one into the home first. Nautilus airbeds can only be found online.

Digital remote controls are available on some airbed models, but not all of them come with digital remotes.

Truly, the biggest differences between airbed manufacturers are the construction of the mattress, the quality of materials used in the mattress, and the price point.

Consumers should pay close attention to the inner construction of the mattress, the air chamber construction, and the materials used for support and comfort on the inside and outside of the mattress.

The price you will pay for higher quality materials and design is going to be more expensive than what you would pay for average design and materials. Do the research and check out the consumer's reviews on adjustable air bed mattress brands before making a purchase decision.

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