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Nautilus Air Bed

The Nautilus air bed is no longer manufactured, but many people still own this brand of air bed. The same company who currently commands great respect in the market of fitness equipment used to dabble in mattress manufacturing. As of August 1, 2006, they returned to doing what they do best.

What Styles Were Available?

When Nautilus was still making air beds, these were the names of the series available:

  • Basic Series - the most affordable of the Nautilus line of mattresses and easiest to change from firm to soft

  • Premier Series - dual interlocking air chambers with a removable pillow top layer

  • Ultimate Series - visco foam + air chambers + 3-inch pillow top = cushier comfort

  • Signature Series - preferred series with consumers of all Nautilus beds; dual adjustment system and pillow top layer that was removable

  • Air Mattress + Memory Foam Mattress - memory foam and air chamber combination created a cushy but supportive bed

  • FITRest Platinum Series - marketed specifically to athletes and those dedicated to fitness; featured foam supported air chambers with an additional layer of foam on top as well

What Was So Special About the Nautilus Sleep System?

The foundation of the bed had a built-in control unit that allowed the user to adjust the firmness of the mattress while holding a remote comfortably in the hand. The mattress was also made up of air chambers, supportive layers of foam, ticking in the center of the mattress, and a removable pillow top layer for added comfort.

Two remote controls, railings for both ends of the bed, reinforced edges, and an internal foam support system finished off this bed in style.

This brand of air bed was marketed primarily to fitness minded athletes who needed a solid night of sleep after a grueling day of running, bicycling, swimming, jumping, or other rigorous activity.

Regardless of how it was marketed, every day people who perhaps didn't have a fitness mindset whatsoever also purchased and enjoyed this brand of air bed.

Comparable Air Beds

Perhaps you're thinking of switching out your Nautilus bed for a comparable brand of airbed that's currently on the market. The following companies manufacture comparable quality airbeds that are available through retail stores, outlet stores, and online retailers.

What Did Nautilus Owners Think of the Air Beds?

The comments made by actual owners of these beds were across the board. Some said they absolutely loved their Nautilus bed and it was the most comfortable bed they had ever experienced. Praise was given for the support and comfort and the fact that back pain seemed to disappear after sleeping on the air bed.

On the other side of the spectrum were those Nautilus bed owners who said that after a few years, trenches or mountains were forming in the bed and they found it extremely uncomfortable. Some even said that they experienced more pain after sleeping on this brand of air bed than they experienced sleeping on an innerspring mattress.

Either way, when the company went out of business, it was frustrating for all Nautilus bed owners, especially for those who wanted to replace the parts that may have gone bad with use. For those of you to whom that situation applies, the following information may be of help to you!

Nautilus Air Bed Replacement Parts

Every air bed, regardless of brand name, has parts that eventually need replaced. Now that Nautilus isn't manufacturing beds anymore, what happens when parts of these beds require replacement?

American National Manufacturing, Inc. purchased all of the assets belonging to the Nautilus air bed as of August 1, 2006. Owners can find and order replacement parts for Nautilus beds by calling them at 1-800-854-6295.

The American National Manufacturing, Inc. company is also honoring Nautilus' warranties to the best of their ability. Just give them a call and let them know what you need!

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