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Comfortaire Mattress

Is It the Best Adjustable Air Bed?

The Comfortaire mattress is one of the first companies on the market today to offer adjustable airbed mattresses.. Comfort Air began creating unique designs when the company first started and are still redesigning their mattresses for increased comfort.

History of Comfortaire

Comfortaire mattress has been around since 1981. They were the first to create an air mattress with a unique design of cotton air chambers topped and edged with foam for added comfort. They were given patents on their Box Top air mattress design, along with their Edge-to-Edge design.

Comfortaire was also the first to create digital controls with a hundred settings.

Unique Features

You can adjust the settings of the mattress with a simple hand control. When you want to make up the bed, you can put it to its maximum firmness. Then, at night, adjust it to the setting that is right for you for sleeping.

With 100 different settings, you might think it would be difficult to remember the exact one you prefer. With the Comfortaire mattress, you can program that setting to the remote's memory so you don’t have to guess.

Unlike plastic air mattresses that you inflate for temporary use, Comfortaire will hold its air for an extended period of time. It has a valve that uses your body weight to seal in the air.

The original design required the air pockets to be deep inside the mattress, whereas today the air is at the top to conform to your body’s position. The support pads lie beneath the air chambers. Another change is that the air chambers now extend all of the way to the edge of the mattress.

Some of the models of the Comfortaire mattress contain memory foam that will provide added comfort. They adjust either to the heat of your body or the pressure. This layer is in addition to the air mattress for increased support.

There are three different series of mattresses: DreamAire, GS, and CFC. Within these series are several models, each with their own unique features. The DreamAire series offers five models ranging from nine inches to fourteen inches in height.

The GS series also has five models and they all feature the Whisper Flo technology. This series gives you 100 different settings instead of ranges of five like many other brands.

There are three models in the CFC series and they all feature visco-elastic memory foam. This allows the mattress to conform to your body every night so you don’t have to constantly adjust the settings.

Comfortaire has a warranty that will cover one hundred percent of the cost for two years with DreamAire and four years with GS and CFC. You are covered for partial replacement for twenty years after purchase.

How Comfortaire Compares

The Comfortaire mattress has been rivals with Sleep Comfort Sleep Number bed for many years. Many people wonder how it compares to one of the most well known brands in mattresses.

Both mattress companies boast a high level of customer satisfaction with their product offerings. Those who purchase the more expensive models are generally happier with their choice. Comfortaire has a small lead over Sleep Comfort for satisfied customers.

There is a slightly wider price range with a Comfortaire mattress than a sleep number bed. You can find budget models in the queen size for around $700 or choose the more expensive queen size mattress at $4,500.

Sleep Number beds start at one thousand dollars and go up to four thousand. Comfortaire does offer less expensive choices, but really, their beginning price point is within a few hundred dollars of the lowest price point that Sleep Number offers.

In comparing the durability of the two mattress companies, Sleep Number beds have a slightly fewer occurrences of breakdowns or maintenance issues. This can include leaking chambers, sagging, initial offgassing with memory foam models, or deteriorating foam. The good thing about any of these problems is that they are repairable.

To adjust the firmness of the mattress, you can do it with the push of a button with Sleep Number beds. Comfortaire requires you to manually change the level of firmness with the pump.

Between the brands of airbeds, 17% of Comfortaire owners said their bed is well made whereas only 4% of Sleep Number bed owners said they felt their bed was of decent quality for the price.

Customer Reviews


Customers appreciate the level of customer support that they receive when buying a Comfortaire mattress. It is almost universally agreed that the company responds quickly with replacements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Another one of the positives is the ease of setup. The affordable price of some of the models is another benefit to buying a Comfortaire.

Most consumers say that the mattresses are comfortable for sleeping and they feel rested the next day. There are no reported problems with sagging.


One of the biggest complaints for customers who have bought Comfortaire mattresses is that the pump is noisy when you are inflating it. They also say that the pump is the first thing to need to be replaced. Fortunately, Comfortaire has a great warranty that it honors by replacing items at a reduced rate, depending on how long they have lasted.

There have been a few random complaints that the mattress will not hold air and needs re-inflating every few days. Occasionally, the seams leak and the mattress needs replaced. There have also been complaints that the zipper is not heavy duty.

The Conclusion?

The Comfortaire mattress has a lot to offer its customers. The key for enjoying the mattress is to know how to get the right settings for the best comfort. You may have to adjust it for several days to get it right for you.

Comfortaire may not be as well-known as Sleep Number or many other brands, but they rival the others for the quality of their mattresses. They are the oldest air mattress company and have been striving to improve the technology with their products to be the best in the business.

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