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Nautilus Sleep System

Reviews of the Nautilus Air Bed

The Nautilus Sleep System is an airbed manufactured with variable chamber construction, dual remote controls for adjusting individual firmness, and a removable pillow top.

As far as we can tell, these beds are no longer being manufactured by Nautilus, although some previous models may still be available from online retailers.

According to our research, on August 1, 2006 this brand was purchased by the Amercan National Manufacturing company which is administering all warranty claims for this product.

Even though this airbed is no longer being manufactured, many people are still searching for information on this bed, and may be looking to purchase the remaining beds, or to purchase one secondhand. We've included what we can on this brand name for you.

About Nautilus Sleep System Airbed

The Nautilus Sleep system was marketed to athletes who were looking for maximum recovery time The construction was as follows:

  • Foundation - Comfort Control Unit built-in

  • Variable support chamber

  • Airbed mattress

  • Comfort layer

  • Center ticking

  • Top layer - removable pillow top

The bed also featured a foam rail internal support system, head and foot railings, reinforced mattress edges, and two remote controls.

Consumers had the ability to control the firmness of their side of the mattress with a touch of a button. Some models contained a combination of air support and memory foam.

Construction seemed relatively simple, but unless you purchased a frame separately, you had to build one to fit your airbed.

Consumer Feedback on the Nautilus Sleep System Airbed

The general consensus on the Nautilus airbed was that the price of $1,800 to $2,000 was much too high for the quality of the bed received. The models reviewed were the higher end Nautilus air beds, although Nautilus may have made a less expensive model that was not reviewed.

Many people said it was quite comfortable, whereas others complained of deep trenches forming in the middle of the bed after some time, which made the bed very uncomfortable.

Some people said they were relieved to find a bed that provided the support and comfort they needed for aching backs and necks. Others found the bed cheap and non-supportive.

Consumers appreciated that the air pump was quiet, and built right into the bed so it couldn't get lost. Some appreciated that you couldn't feel your partner move during the night, so they slept better.

During the time that the company was still in business, they were responsive to customer's needs and replaced parts whenever it was requested. The concern now would be finding replacement parts for a Nautilus bed.

We were able to find a Nautilus Sleep System owner's manual which does have a contact number which lists the contact information that will direct you to the new company which is now providing warranty service and repairs.

Alternative Airbed Brand Names Currently Available

There are some excellent quality airbeds on the market today manufactured by reputable companies who are standing behind their product. You're also able to readily find and order replacement parts for these brand name airbeds if you ever need to do so.

Here are the names of three airbed manufacturing companies who come highly recommended by consumers:

  1. Sleep Number Bed, also called the Adjustable Sleep Number Bed, or Select Comfort

  2. Habitat Airbeds

  3. Spring Air Mattress

  4. Comfortaire

  5. SAT - Self-Adjusting Technology by Nature Form

Why Buy an Airbed?

Airbeds are beneficial for many reasons, not the least of which is the level of comfort they provide.

You can customize your level of firmness on your side of the bed using your own remote control. Some controls utilize the latest in wireless technology, so you don't have to worry about wires.

These types of beds are lightweight and easy to move around the room if you so desire and changing the sheets is a breeze.

Should you need to replace a part on your airbed, parts are readily available from your local retailer or an online retailer who will ship the part directly to your door.

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