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Adjustable Sleep Number Bed

Are Select Comfort Beds Worth the High Price?

The adjustable Sleep Number Bed, which is also known as a Select Comfort bed, has some unique benefits and also some drawbacks that you may not realize. These tips will help you decide if this is the right mattress for you, and our buying guide will show you how to find the best price, which is important as these beds generally carry a higher price tag.

The adjustable Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort(tm) are designed to alleviate pain, provide more sound sleep, and supportive comfort. This brand of air mattress features what is called a Sleep Number setting. This is the number that determines your personal level of firmness. It's based on your weight, height, firmness preference, and your favorite sleeping position.

The number is somewhere between zero and one hundred. That number represents a customized firmness and support just for you on your side of the bed. Essentially, you can remove or add air to your side of the mattress in order to achieve your ideal sleeping surface and firmness.

Select Comfort offers 8 different styles of beds within 3 series: Classic, Performance, and Innovation. All sizes are available within each series.

Benefits of an Adjustable Sleep Number Bed

  • Relief from pain - in the neck, back, shoulder, and overall joint pain

  • Determine your own firmness and support

  • Toss and turn less - you and your spouse enjoy more sound sleep

  • Air chamber design - allows mattress to conform to your body and provide excellent support

  • Each side of the bed is adjusted independently

  • Parts that break or need replaced cost less to replace than purchasing an entirely new mattress

  • Lightweight design - easy to move the bed and much easier to lift the mattress to change the sheets

  • Isolation motion is good - movements aren't felt as much in this airbed as other types of beds

  • Pregnant women appreciate the flexibility of the mattress - they can adjust the firmness and support to meet their needs as the due date draws closer

  • 30-day in-home trial

  • Mattress cover is removable and washable - Belgian Damask fabric

  • 20-year limited warranty

Drawbacks of an Adjustable Sleep Number Bed

  • Foam strip in between the air chambers is hard and uncomfortable to sleep on - especially if the two of you want to sleep in the middle of the bed

  • A hole or trench tends to form in between the two air chambers if spouses' Sleep Numbers are significantly different - this makes intimate activity a challenge

  • Air mattresses, over time, tend to sag toward the middle causing the sleeper to roll uncomfortably to that side

  • Air chambers tend to leak for no apparent reason

  • Pumps break down and it is loud - causes some people to awaken during night

  • Bed loses air either quickly or slowly

  • Some consumers report increased pain rather than decreased pain levels

  • Price is expensive - $900 to $3,500 for a queen size - kings can be as much as $4,300

  • Temperature fluctuations can affect the firmness of the mattress

  • 20-year limited warranty

  • Sleeps hot - the mattress seems to respond to body heat, creating an uncomfortable environment for sleeping, at least for some people

  • Mold - some consumers who have purchased the bed say they discovered mold growing between the air chambers and the foam layer

Buying Tips - Adjustable Sleep Number Bed

Always compare prices! This buying tip cannot be stressed enough. The popularity of this bed means it is available not only in retail stores, but from online retailers as well. Check and compare prices to make sure you get the best possible price. Generally, online prices are less expensive.

Holidays are a great time to shop for mattresses, including an adjustable Sleep Number bed. Retailers will advertise sale prices in honor of the holiday, so that could be a good time to purchase the Adjustable Air Bed Mattress you desire. Another great time to look for deals is at the end of a season.

Shipping the mattress to your home could add a significant amount to your total price, so if you have the vehicle and manpower to haul your mattress to your home, your efforts might save you a good chunk of change.

Assemble the bed yourself at home. You'll save on shipping time and you'll save the cost of someone else coming into your home to assemble the bed.

It's a good idea to ask whether side rails are included on your bed. Side rails help you stay in the bed!

A corded remote is a better idea than a wireless remote. Wireless remotes tend to get lost and then you're frustrated and unable to adjust your sleep number to the setting you desire. Corded remotes won't get lost as easily.

Read over the return policy carefully. It's a known fact within the mattress industry that airbed manufacturers don't always support the retailers who sell their products when it comes to returns. What does that mean for you as the consumer? You could end up with a bed that you don't like and be out the money you spent for it to boot. Ask the retailer from whom you are purchasing your adjustable Sleep Number bed for a detailed, written return policy so you know exactly where you as the consumer stand if you need to return the bed.

The warranty for an adjustable Sleep Number bed is not the most consumer friendly warranty available in the mattress industry. During the first two years of ownership, the consumer is not charged anything for repairs. Once the mattress is 2 years old, the consumer is required to pay 20% of the total repair cost plus an additional 4% for each year the consumer has owned the bed. The Select Comfort Company will pick up any remaining cost associated with a repair during the 2-20 year time frame.

How Does a Sleep Number Bed Rate with Consumers?

Reading customer reviews of this bed reveals one thing for certain: either they absolutely love their Sleep Number bed or they absolutely hate it. There doesn't seem to be much of any in between feeling about this bed. It's either comfortable or it isn't. It's supportive or it's not, etc.

The company offers a 30-day trial, so take full advantage of that if you're interested in one of these airbeds. That way, you will know for yourself whether you are going to love it ... or ...not!

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