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Discount Sleep Number Mattresses

Can You Find a Less Expensive Sleep by Number Mattress?

Discount Sleep Number mattresses are a popular choice for people who are looking for the benefits of an adjustable airbed without the hefty price tag and expensive shipping costs that come along with the Select Comfort brand.

The Sleep by Number beds have been around since the early 1980's, and are marketed as a great solution for couples who want to customize the firmness of their side of the bed, or who want to have a lightweight bed that can vary the firmness of their mattress.

Sleep Number beds are also called Select Comfort. Here are a few tips on how to get the best price, and some comparisons between the Sleep Number mattress and some other brands of adjustable air mattresses.

Pricing of the Sleep by Numbers Bed

Who wouldn't want to get a great bed for a great price? The prices of adjustable Sleep Number mattresses vary considerably depending on which company you purchase one from. It also depends on which style of Sleep Number bed you purchase. When looking for reviews of Select Comfort mattresses we came across many in which the consumer wasn't happy with their purchase. There were a host of complaints on many different aspects of purchasing discount Sleep Number mattresses.

Common Complaints About the Sleep by Number Bed

One of the major Sleep Number bed complaints was that the bed sloped toward the middle, causing the individuals to roll or slide toward the center of the bed. It's worth noting that this complaint was most often associated with two people sharing a bed who had significantly different Sleep Number settings.

Customer service was also a big area of criticism from consumers as well. Complaints on this issue included terrible response time to issues, delays in delivery, and uncooperative service representatives who couldn't give a straight answer.

Additional Sleep Number Bed Problems

There were several other issues that were common Sleep Number bed complaints. One is a common problem with air mattresses, which is that mold can develop on the inside of the mattress.

In some cases the mold problem can produce an odor, so it is very important to check with the company warranty to find out their policies, and also to take care of the bed as recommended in order to prevent this problem.

Another problem some people found is that the bed needs to be filled with air quite often. This can be challenging if you get into bed and then find that it needs to be filled, as the air pump makes a noise, and for some people is too loud to run at night.

Benefits of Using an Adjustable Sleep Number Bed

Even though there were many complains about the Sleep by Number beds, some consumers felt they had made a great investment in their discount Sleep Number mattresses.

One expectant mother commented that having the luxury of adjusting her side of the bed to different setting as she progressed along in her pregnancy was a huge plus. There was another consumer who had owned their bed for a dozen years without any issues with regard to their pump.

The reviews were mixed with regards to whether or not consumers found relief from their body aches and pains when using a Sleep Number bed. Some claimed no relief or even worsened pain while others claimed they'd gotten the best pain-free sleep of their lives with the Sleep Number bed.

It did appear that the cheaper the model of Sleep Number bed, the worse the reviews were. This would indicate that you may be taking your chances if you invest in one of these lower-grade Sleep Number mattresses.

Finding the Best Price for the Adjustable Sleep Number Bed

As far as finding the best price for your discount Sleep Number mattresses, it is helpful to shop around. How much you save really depends on which Sleep Number bed you purchase. They can range anywhere from $499.00 for a twin size bed all the way up to $5,000.00 for top-of-the-line Sleep Number mattress.

Some of the best places to look are on-line sites such as QVC.com, Shopzilla.com and Amazon.com. Another great place, though very often times overlooked, is right on the Sleep Number mattresses website, www.sleepnumber.com. Monitor the clearance section of the website and you can sometimes find really great discounts.

Other Brands of Adjustable Airbeds

One way to spend less if you are looking for discount Sleep Number mattresses is to take a look at some of the similar brands of adjustable airbeds. Although each brand claims to be better than or comparable to Select Comfort beds, you will need to do some research to see if these will meet your needs and provide savings.

One site that seems to offer airbed mattresses that are similar to Sleep Number beds for a considerable savings is www. Airbedsunlimited.com. Savings range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand. The site also shows a comparison of the quality and construction of the beds they have to offer with beds manufactured by Select Comfort.

Simplyrest.com is another site where you can see side-by-side comparisons of their air beds compared to Select Comfort beds.

One thing of particular notice was that many of these discount adjustable airbed companies paid for the cost of shipping and return shipping, unlike the Select Comfort and Sleep Number brand, in which the cost of shipping both ways is paid by the consumer.

There were not a lot of complaints about out gassing and sensitivity to the chemicals in the Sleep Number mattresses, but there were some. Anyone with an allergy to mold should avoid sleeping on airbeds, since these do develop moisture with continued use.

If you have allergies or sensitivities, an alternative to these discount Sleep Number mattresses might be to look into purchasing a natural, organic or hypoallergenic mattress.

There are many health benefits to natural bedding that are good not only for a person who has allergies or asthma, but for the relatively healthy individual as well.

Natural and organic mattresses are also good for the environment as they don't contain the harsh chemicals that traditional mattresses do. Although they can be more expensive, for some people the benefits of having less chemical stress on their body and improved health is worth the extra investment.

There are people whose chronic symptoms have disappeared after reducing chemical exposure, which has saved thousands of dollars in medical and health care expenses. If you have allergies, chronic health conditions or are chemically sensitive, it may be useful for you to investigate natural bedding and see if it may help you.

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