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Select Comfort Mattress

Complaints About Select Comfort Sleep Number Beds

The Select Comfort mattress, or Sleep Number Bed as it is also known, has been the object of both complaints and praises over the years. It’s interesting to hear what owners of these beds have to say about their experience.

What is a Sleep Number Bed?

It is essentially an airbed with some of the bells and whistles of a traditional mattress. It has air chambers inside the mattress that can be adjusted individually. The air chambers provide the support for the mattress in place of coils or springs. The air chambers are then encased in memory foam or other layers to make the bed attractive and comfortable.

The Sleep Number bed comes with individual remotes so both people can adjust their side of the bed to their desired level of firmness. This is a huge draw for a lot of people and one of the biggest reasons people buy the Select Comfort mattress.

Complaints About the Sleep Number Bed

Let’s take a look at some of the complaints about this brand of airbed. What is it that people decided they didn’t like about the mattress once they got it home and slept on it?

  • After experiencing asthma symptoms, we opened up the bed and discovered mold inside both the air chambers

  • The warranty doesn't seem to cover much - had to pay to have a new pump installed because old one was faulty.

  • Air chambers move around when we move

  • Deep valley developed in between the two air chambers

  • Replacement parts are expensive and seem to be needed regularly
  • I have experienced increased hip, neck, and back pain after sleeping on this bed - doesn't matter what setting I try

  • Deflates on its own overnight - very big change from 80 to 55 overnight

  • The odor the mattress had when it first arrived didn't go away for nearly a month - horrible smell

  • Customer service from this company is very poor - no return phone calls and no help with replacing parts that are supposed to be under warranty

  • Memory foam in the mattress has smelled for over a month even after airing it out in the sunlight for several days

  • The company making the Sleep Number bed is taking advantage of people - once they have the money in hand, the customer service is non-existent

  • Felt like I was tilting toward the middle of the bed

  • After only two years, the bed is sagging on both sides

  • Remote no longer has display, which renders it worthless after only a year

  • Mattress is so lightweight it doesn't stay in place

  • Adjustable controls have failed every four years - replaced them four times now!

  • Mold developed inside the chambers and on the memory foam layer as well

  • Mattress bladder became harder as I lowered my body weight onto the mattress - a lot of pressure point pain as a result

  • Foams used in the mattress hold body heat - couldn't get cool no matter what I did, so had to sleep sweaty until we returned the bed

  • Purchased the split king model, which is two twin beds pushed together - they slide apart, leaving at least a foot between them - small children or animals could fall down there!

  • Husband and I roll toward the middle trench in the mattress

  • Plastic rail system was very difficult to assemble

  • Sagging mattress and deep valley in between air chambers makes intimate relations with my spouse impossible

  • Sleeps like a rock - very hard and not forgiving

  • Two years of owning the bed and the bottom of the bed fell out

  • A glorified and expensive air mattress

  • Health hazard with mold developing in a short time

  • Refurbished parts - not new parts - are sent as replacement parts

  • High maintenance bed - hoses, fittings, couplings, air bladders, etc

  • Have to jump through a lot of hoops and take a lot of time to determine problem with bed and get the problem fixed or part replaced

Praises for the Select Comfort Sleep Number Beds

There are also praises for the Select Comfort mattress.Just like any other product on the market, there are people who love this mattress and people who don’t. These are some of the positive comments the owners of this mattress have shared.

  • Even with my arthritis, I can sleep comfortably only on a Sleep Number bed

  • I can dial a different number than my husband and sleep comfortably without feeling guilty

  • Helps me sleep more soundly when I'm pregnant

  • Had back pain before buying this bed - now I sleep comfortably and experience little to no back pain

  • Supportive and flexible by changing the number on the remote - slept comfortably even after hip surgery

  • Found my sleep number and haven't had to adjust it at all

  • Moving this bed is so easy because it's lightweight

  • 30-day in home trial is attractive - gave us time to decide whether or not we loved the bed

  • Durable air bladders and durable mattress materials overall

  • I wake up pain free now - it's wonderful!

  • We have slept on our Select Comfort mattress for over 10 years and still love it!

  • Easy to assemble

  • We really like the soft pillow top of the 7000 series - very comfortable and supportive

The Select Comfort mattress has been a good investment for some people, but for others it has been nothing but a series of difficulties coupled with frustration. Making the investment in a Sleep Number bed can cost up to $7,000, so it’s a wise idea to talk to as many Select Comfort owners as possible before buying one of your own.

Read customer reviews online too! That way you will have a real sense of whether or not you want to even look at a Sleep Number or Select Comfort mattress. You may find yourself traveling to the nearest store that offers traditional style mattresses!

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