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Craftmatic Beds

Craftmatic beds entered the mattress market just over 40 years ago with the intention of providing an adjustable bed that would solve many health issues and comfort issues for people struggling to get a good night's sleep.

Adjustable beds were, at that time, only available to hospitals and other medical facilities, but Craftmatic saw an opportunity to provide the same technology to individual consumers and for many years seemed to meet that need quite well.

Are Craftmatic beds still available on today's market?

History of Craftmatic Company and Beds

Admittedly, the information available on the Craftmatic Company is scarce, but what we do know is that Contour Beds purchased Craftmatic in the year 2007. At the time of the change in ownership, any and all distributors became dealers under the Contour company name.

In other countries like Australia and the United Kingdom, Craftmatic is still the company name associated with this particular style of adjustable bed.

Oddly enough, depending on which 800-number you find on the Internet, you still might get an independent dealer who answers the phone "Craftmatic Beds, how may I help you?" even in the United States.

There are still websites with the Craftmatic name and there is a Contour website as well. Some dealers still prefer to market their wares this way because the Craftmatic name is still so well known.

Unfortunately, their reputation is not as good as it once was, especially since Contour purchased the company and made changes in the design of the bed, manufacturing the beds with less support and comfort than Craftmatic did.

Many people who owned Craftmatic beds before Contour took over say that when they wanted to replace their bed for one reason or another, the replacement was less than satisfactory.

What Did Craftmatic Beds Offer?

What were these adjustable beds supposed to deliver?

  • Heat and massage - optional feature with several settings

  • Relief from several medical conditions including arthritis, edema in the lower extremities, back pain, gastric reflux,tension, body aches, and poor blood circulation in the lower extremities

  • 1001 adjustable mattress positions - excellent for relieving pain and for increased flexibility during intimacy

  • Help you to stop snoring

  • 30-day trial - risk free

  • Remote control

  • Complete support of the body

Craftmatic Models vs. Contour Models

The websites with the Craftmatic name offer two adjustable bed models: Craftmatic Monaco and the Craftmatic Model I.

The Contour website offers 4 different adjustable bed models: Platinum, Classic, Premiere, and Model III.

Both name brands offer optional heat and massage, wireless remotes, and many of the features that the original Craftmatic Company offered in the 1960s.

Some say they never received any communication from the company once their complaint was lodged.

There was quite a bit of news surrounding the Craftmatic company name and product back in 2008 when elderly people began to report the associates of the company for unethical business practices.

Information regarding follow up to these complaints is either not published or very difficult to find.

The price range of the beds seems to be a sticking point with many customers as well. Strangely enough, the price seems to vary greatly from customer to customer if you're dealing with an independent distributor. Online retail stores have more consistent pricing, but you can't try out the bed before purchasing it that way.

Craftmatic - Positive Customer Comments

  • Love it - very comfortable!

  • Back pain is gone - excellent mattress

Craftmatic - Negative Customer Comments

  • Biggest rip-off ever

  • Paid way too much for poor quality

  • Can't get anyone from the company to call me or e-mail me back

  • No real filler in the mattress - flimsy and uncomfortable

  • After they changed their name, they won't stick by their original warranties, which means I am out of luck

  • Bed squeaks when we move - wakes us up a lot

  • Bait and switch scam - entered a sweepstakes to win a free bed and ended up sitting through a long drawn out presentation in my home - waste of time!

  • Rude, inconsiderate, and pushy salespeople - borders on harrassment

  • Base board, which is a support board, keeps breaking

  • Company representatives prey on the elderly and badger them until they make a purchase


The fact that there has been a lot of negative press, lawsuits, and unhappy Craftmatic beds owners over the last few years, it would be our recommendation to research this brand and the Contour brand of adjustable beds very carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Although the companies both offer a 30-day trial and promise that you will receive all your money back, some consumers who tried it and wanted to return it found that the company wouldn't take the bed back without significant shipping charges or in some cases, refused to take the bed back at all.

Given the controversy over the Craftmatic or Contour Company, it might be a good idea to look at other models of adjustable beds on the market as well for a healthy comparison.

Other Adjustable Beds - Brand Names

There are several other manufacturing companies who offer adjustable beds and seem to be a bit more reputable.

  • Simply Rest Adjustable Beds

  • Back Be Nimble - Adjustable Beds by Electro-pedic

  • Astrabeds

  • Amerisleep Adjustable Beds

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