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Air Mattress Queen Size

Queen Air Mattress Reviews

Have you begun shopping for an air mattress queen size for home use or travel? These are some reviews of the top four queen sized air mattresses and tips for choosing the most durable and comfortable queen sized air mattresses.

It used to be that you might find a few different sizes and brand names, but now the choices for consumers have expanded significantly.

Our society is more transient than ever and people are constantly on the move, so a queen size air mattress could come in very handy if you're traveling to see family, going on a trip, or you regularly have friends and family stop by to stay for a spell.

Benefits of a Queen Size Air Mattress

  • Dimensions of this size air mattress naturally provide more comfortable sleeping space for one or two people

  • Space requirements - less than a king size, so pretty easy to use anywhere

  • Inflatable at a moment's notice for guests - no need to keep it up all the time

  • Affordable

  • Easy to find sheets to fit

  • Easy to inflate, deflate and store away

Drawbacks of an Air Mattress Queen Size

  • Queen size air mattresses tend to sag in the middle if two people are sleeping on it regularly

  • Air mattresses with a separate pump - easy to lose pump and can take longer to inflate

  • Quality can vary from brand to brand - beware of poor quality products

  • Not quite as durable as an actual mattress - must keep away from sharp objects and furniture

  • Must pump up every few days if using regularly

Features and Options Available

The options available in air mattresses today offer some of the creature comforts of your bed at home without the extra cost and space required by a permanent bed. Different models and brand names offer varying features in their queen size air mattresses, but here are a few features to Drawbacksider when you're shopping for one.

  • Built-in air pump - this is a convenient feature that allows you to inflate the air mattress quickly with the touch of a button or dial. No more time spent searching for a separate air pump.

  • Raised or elevated mattresses - air mattress queen size come in heights now from 14", 18", and even 22" from the ground so you can get into and out of the bed easily instead of trying to launch yourself up in the morning.

  • Pillow support - built in pillows are a plus for anyone who enjoys sleeping with extra support but doesn't enjoy dragging along all the extra pillows on a trip. The built-in pillow inflates right along with the mattress.

  • Built-in flashlight - your air mattress could include a built-in flashlight that provides light for reading or getting dressed if desired

  • Pillow top - an extra layer of pillow top style padding on the mattress that provides additional comfort and support

  • Remote control - a few brands of air mattress queen size offer a remote control that gives you the option of adjusting the firmness of the mattress for optimal comfort.

Comparison of Air Mattress Queen Size by Brand

This is a comparison of customer reviews of the following air mattress queen size brands: Coleman, Smart Air, Intex, and Aerobed.

Price: $20 - $30

Benefits of Coleman air mattress

  • Inexpensive

  • Inflates quickly

  • Provides a firm sleeping surface that does not sag

  • Suede/flocked top comfortable and prevents sleeping bags and sheets from sliding around

  • Easily packaged and stored

  • Comfortable for two adults or up to four children

  • Returns are easy - company works with the customer

  • Some people found them durable and long lasting

Drawbacks of Coleman air mattress

  • Can lose air in the middle of the night, leaving you or guests sleeping on the hard floor

  • Separate pump seems underpowered for a queen size mattress

  • Prone to punctures - not very durable

  • Some say it is not the best choice for consistent use

Smart Air Beds

Price: $89 - $115

Benefits of Smart Air Beds

  • Raised or elevated versions make you feel like you're sleeping in a real bed

  • Extremely comfortable

  • Built-in pump is perfect for inflating quickly

  • Additional air ring around the edge prevents you from falling off

  • Valve and pump easy to use

Drawbacks of Smart Air Beds

  • Instructions difficult to understand - not an easy read

  • Pump included with mattress is very loud

  • Pump must be recharged regularly

Intex Air Mattresses

Price: $24 - $150

Benefits of Intex

  • Larger people can sleep on it comfortably without worrying about the air going out during the night

  • Durable and resists punctures

  • Convenient that the plug and the pump are built-in to the mattress

  • Opens and folds up easily

  • Very comfortable

  • Great combination of firm and soft

  • Standard sheets with deep pockets fit great

Drawbacks of Intex

  • Dual chambers separated from each other after about a month - made the mattress worthless

  • Vinyl makes me sweat - even with a buffer of a topper and sheet in between

  • Built-in pillow burst and caused the entire mattress to be crooked

  • Scalloped/uneven surface is uncomfortable - requires separate purchase of mattress topper

  • Must have access to electrical outlet for pump if camping

  • Tends to create a bowl in the middle when it loses air - couples roll to middle

Aerobed Air Mattresses

Price: $60 - $325

Benefits of Aerobed

  • More comfortable than any other air mattress

  • Inflates within seconds and deflates within a few minutes

  • Storage is compact and easy

  • Standard size bedding fits

  • Adjustable pressure and firmness available on some

  • Durable - resists punctures

  • Push button for adjusting firmness is convenient

  • High quality product

Drawbacks of Aerobed

  • Price - very expensive compared to other brands of air mattresses

  • Needs to air out for at least a week - strong odor when new

  • Customer service is the absolute worst - this company will do everything possible to keep from giving you your money back

  • Leaked after only 6 months of use

  • Poor design - internal air pockets tear and burst, which makes the mattress uncomfortable and not supportive in spots

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