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Full Size Air Mattress

Could a full size air mattress be just what you've been looking for? Perhaps you want a bed on hand for family and friends when they come to visit or maybe you're in need of a temporary bed for yourself. Air mattresses have come a long way from the ones you may remember sleeping on in a tent as a child.

The air mattresses on the market today are designed to deliver excellent support and comfort for people of all ages. Features might include memory foam toppers, dual chamber construction, and even remote controls to make your mattress more firm or softer.

Let's take a look at the reasons you may want to consider the purchase of an air mattress for your home, cabin, tent, or guest room.

Benefits of Air Mattresses

What is there to like about air mattresses? One of the biggest advantages is that when you have guests coming over, you automatically have a bed available for them and you can place it anywhere in the house that will make your guests feel at home.

Air mattresses have come so far in the way of durability and comfort; some of them feel as nice as a traditional mattress! For that reason, they're useful in a situation where you may need a temporary bed for a time - moving into a new house or apartment, or simply staying overnight with a friend for a time.

It's nice to know also that you can deflate the air mattress or move it out of the way during the day so you have that space available for other activities. When guests return home, you can deflate the mattress and put it away again. You can't do that with any other mattress!

The air pumps that come with the air mattresses are so handy and save your lungs! You can have a bed that's ready to sleep in as little as 60 seconds, but no more than 3 minutes at the most. It's good to know that when you're tired, you're not facing the task of blowing up the bed before you can sleep on it.

Drawbacks of Air Mattresses

Air mattresses are manufactured from materials such as synthetic plastic, vinyl, durable fabric, or rubber. All of these materials can easily be punctured by something sharp, so it's important to keep kids' toys and other potentially sharp objects away from air mattresses.

The air mattresses constructed with dual chambers are great for a lot of reasons, but over time, some consumers have reported that a trench tends to form in the middle of the chambers, making it very difficult to stay on one side of the mattress. Single chamber air mattress construction may be a better fit for some couples.

You should be prepared to pump up your air mattress if you or your guests plan to sleep on it for more than a few nights or otherwise the mattress could lose some of its firmness and support.

Finding a full size air mattress that has the pump attached can be a real advantage - otherwise there is a good chance that the pump could get separated from the mattress and you'll be very frustrated the next time you want to pump up the mattress.

Price Ranges for a Full Size Air Mattress

The prices are truly variable when it comes to this size of air mattress. You can find them for as little as $36, but depending on features, name brand, height, durability, quality of air pump, and chamber construction, air mattresses in a full size can cost as much as $179 or even $189.

Full Size Air Mattress - Brands Consumers Like

  1. Smart Air Beds Deluxe Flock Top Inflatable Mattress - inflates in 4 minutes, 22 inches high, supports up to 600 pounds, and deca I-beam construction. Excellent support - feels like you're sleeping on a bed. $59 - $159 depending on height from floor

  2. Aerobeds - basic or elevated full size mattresses feature One Touch firmness/comfort control that gives you the ability to make mattress firmer or softer. $79 - $99

  3. Coleman Full Size Quickbed with 4D Pump and Wrap 'N' Roll Storage - excellent for guests or overnight camping trips. Features 40-coil construction, a pump that fills the mattress in about 90 seconds, and easy to store and transport. $36 - $53

  4. Intex Full Size Air Mattress with Memory Foam Topper - dual chamber construction with I-beams, sits 22" off the grounds, inflates in 3 minutes or less, holds up to 700 pounds, and has remote that you can use to adjust firmness. $85

  5. Simmons Beautyrest Skyrise Pillow Top Air Raised Bed - cross balanced design for excellent support, sits 20" off the ground, adjustable firmness levels. $139

  6. Easy Riser High Rise Pillowtop Air Bed with Remote - adjustable comfort levels with touch of remote, 100-coil construction holds up to 650 pounds, air pump included inflates and deflates mattress in roughly one minute. $179

Are Air Mattresses Durable?

Surprisingly, air mattresses are very durable. Some brands are designed to withstand and support up to 700 pounds of weight at one time. Obviously, some materials are more durable than others, but in general, air mattresses are constructed specifically for delivering support and comfort. Check to see if the edges and borders of the air mattress are sealed twice or three times to ensure that they won't come apart or burst when pressure is applied.

Think of a full size air mattress like this - it's portable, big enough for two people, and easy to put up and to store away. Your guests will enjoy a great night of sleep and you'll feel good about giving them a comfortable bed during their stay. It's a win-win purchase!

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