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Aerobed Air Mattress Reviews

Which are the Best Aero Bed Air Mattresses?

Aerobed air mattress reviews are an excellent resource for consumers shopping for an air mattress for travel, guests, or camping. Discover which models of Aerobed mattresses get the highest reviews and which are poorly rated.

Aerobed mattresses seem to get some of the highest reviews from consumers when compared to other brand names of air mattresses. Some models are more popular than others, and there are a few models that received poor ratings.

This company has been setting the standard for air mattress companies for years with high quality and durable products that are comfortable and supportive.

There have even been tests done on Aerobeds to see how durable they truly are! People have driven over them with tractors and tanks and one consumer even put their Aerobed in with several horses to see what would happen. The horses stomped on it, walked on it, bit it, and raked their hooves over it and it didn't puncture! These are just a few examples of why Aerobed air mattress reviews can be helpful.

Types of Aerobed Mattresses

Aerobed PerformaLite Air Bed

This model of Aerobed is ideal for young children or teenagers who will be transporting it to a friends' house. It weighs a mere 5 pounds, so it's easily transported from home to your designated location. It's constructed from 100% PVC free materials, which means less chance of an allergic reaction. The best news for parents is that the mattress is durable and can stand up to a bit of abuse. Features include an air pump with built-in flashlight, inflatable within one minute, and deflates quickly as well. Fully inflated, it sits 7 inches off the floor, providing great support and comfort.

Aerobed Premiere Raised Bed

Sleeping on this airbed by Aerobed will make you feel as though you're sleeping at home in your own bed. Fully inflated, it sits 24 inches high from the floor to the top of the mattress. Features include:

  • Remote control - one touch allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress for ultimate comfort

  • Inflates in less than 60 seconds

  • Materials used are resistant to punctures and hypo allergenic

  • Seams of this model of Aerobed are actually welded together using electronics so they are constructed to be very durable

  • Heavier than other models, but still portable

  • Comfortable and supportive

Aerobed Sport All-Terrain Raised Airbeds

Designed for outdoor sleeping, you might think you would sacrifice comfort, but you won't with this Aerobed. It's designed to inflate to 19 inches high, which means you won't be anywhere near the ground while you sleep under the stars. It's ideal for overnight trips to the relatives' house as well. The rechargeable air pump connects to the car lighter plug and inflates within a short 3 minutes. It's durable and resistant to punctures, so it's a great choice for travel or outdoor adventures.

Aerobed's Guarantee

The company guarantees that you will receive your air mattress in perfect working condition. If for some reason you find that the valve, pump, or mattress is damaged in some way, you can contact Customer Service and get a replacement.

Aerobed stands behind their products with a limited warranty of 1 year on the mattress and 2 or 3 years limited warranty on the pump and valve system. The specific warranty is based on the model of mattress you purchased.

Consumers should know that the warranty for an Aerobed is not transferable to another individual. The warranty only applies to the mattress originally purchased and is only good through an authorized dealer of their air mattress products.

Benefits of Aerobeds

  • Inflate and deflate quickly - convenient and easy

  • Built-in electric pumps in some models, so no more searching for a separate pump

  • Bag included for easy and compact storage

  • Remote control included with most models - easy to adjust the firmness of the mattress at your convenience

  • Less expensive than a sofa sleeper, futon and frame, or a permanent bed

  • Twin size can accommodate 1 person up to 450 pounds

  • Full size mattress accommodates 2 people up to 650 pounds total

  • Queen size mattress can accommodate 2 people up to 750 pounds total

Drawbacks of Aerobeds

  • Price - this brand of airbed is one of the most expensive on the market, so it could be cost prohibitive for some consumers

  • Heavy and difficult for a single person to move when deflated

Aerobed Air Mattress Reviews - Most Popular Models

Aerobed Premier Classic/Comfort

This brand of Aerobed is highly rated by consumers. The main points mentioned by consumers included excellent comfort, easy to deflate and inflate, no air leaks, easy to transport, and supportive like a real bed. They also mentioned that it is lightweight, making it easy to change sheets on the bed and that moving it to vacuum underneath was easy as well. A mattress pad and dust ruffle are included with the queen size airbed.

Aerobed Queen Raised Pillowtop

Consumers like this Aerobed for the comfort and firmness of the mattress. They like that they can adjust the firmness with a touch of a button. Inflating it takes a bit longer than the marketed 60 seconds, but not much more. The pump tends to sound like a vacuum cleaner, but does do the job of deflating very quickly as well. Consumers like this model of Aerobed as a guest bed, but not necessarily as a permanent option.

Aerobed Air Mattress and Raised Signature Comfort - Twin Size

The twin size Aerobed in both styles is an excellent choice according to consumers, especially if you are expecting out-of-town guests or have students returning home from college with friends in tow. It's easy and quick to inflate, doesn't take up much space, and is very comfortable for a few nights' sleep. The raised version sits higher up off of the floor, but both mattresses seem to provide excellent comfort for visitors.

Aerobed Raised Explorer Bed with Pump and Flashlight - Queen Size

The Aerobed air mattress reviews on this model mentioned the following pros. The pump can work on batteries if you don't have a car plug available. The bed sits high off of the floor, making you feel more at home. The flashlight comes in handy for reading at night. It's comfortable, durable, and easy to pack up and store.

Models Rated Poorly - Aerobed Air Mattress Reviews

The following Aerobed models were not rated highly by consumers in their Aerobed air mattress reviews:

  • AeroBed 60 Second Inflatable Bed - many customers complained that the bed was defective or did not hold air, it was uncomfortable to sleep on, and that the air pump was extremely loud.

  • Full size Raised Aerobed - the main complaint on this model is that it would not stay inflated

  • Aerobed Adventure Inflatable Bed - poor reviews of this model were related to the pump which many people found did not work well, and it did not contain a C power adapter as advertised.

As you can see, Aerobed air mattress reviews can be helpful when you're shopping for just the right airbed? Research does pay off when you invest the time into reading reviews.

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