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Why Use a Sofa Bed Air Mattress?

A sofa bed air mattress can be a useful and affordable solution for comfort and flexible furniture arrangements.

They can be used as a bed, a sofa, an incline couch, and can be easily deflated and stored away when not in use.

Although these are unique pieces of furniture that are not for everyone, they can be quite handy in a number of different situations.

Transitional Furniture

You can use a sofa bed air mattress if you are moving and don’t have your furniture set up yet. Once your regular couches arrive, you can deflate and store your sofa air beds until you have overnight guests!

They are also convenient if you just moved into your first apartment and are on a tight budget, or haven’t shopped for many pieces of furniture.

Affordable and Convenient

Air mattresses are an inexpensive option for sleeping arrangements and sofa bed mattresses are reasonably priced.

They have some drawbacks and these tips will help you get the most from your sofa air mattress.

Tips for Using a Sofa Bed Air Mattress

  • Air mattresses can be chilly and so if you're in a cooler climate, you will need to put a blanket, or a slipcover and a blanket, over it in order to be warm and cozy.

  • With the right slipcover and a few throw pillows, your sofa air mattress will look like a regular couch!

  • Air your sofa out for a few days to let the vinyl smell dissipate.

Who Should Not Purchase a Sofa Bed Air Mattress

Although this is a simple and affordable solution for many situations, a sofa bed air mattress is not right for every home or situation.

  • Don't use this type of sofa bed if you have pets that can claw or chew at the couch and poke a hole in it!

  • This type of sofa will not be able to handle children jumping on it, so if you have little ones, consider another kind of sofa!

  • If you have chemical sensitivities, you may have trouble with the vinyl smell. Some people have reactions like difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea, irritated eyes, sore throat, dizziness, and other symptoms as a result of smelling vinyl. If you have this type of reaction, sleeping on this type of air mattress would not be wise.

Some Popular Sofa Air Mattress Brands

There are several brands that make a good quality sofa bed air mattress. How do consumers like them?

Pure Comfort 5-in-1 Sofa Bed

This Pure Comfort product is intriguing. It is hard to imagine how one item can work in five different ways. This happens by how you inflate the bed. It has pockets that you inflate based on how you want to use it.

It can function as a queen size bed or a twin bed if you only inflate part of it. It can also be a love seat, recliner, or a lounger. You can find many uses for this air mattress.

You can use the 5-in-1 sofa bed for guests who will spend several nights or a roommate that doesn’t have any furniture of their own yet. It would also be valuable on camping trips since it has multiple uses.

Pure Comfort Sofa Bed Pros

There are several things to like about this sofa bed. It inflates in four minutes so you can wait to set it up until it is needed. This comes in handy if you will be using it in the living room or main area for sleeping.

The Pure Comfort bed also folds up and fits inside its own bag for easy portability. You can take it anywhere with you and it only weighs nineteen pounds.

The mattress is waterproof, which makes it perfect for camping. It also has a coil top to make it more comfortable than many air mattresses you may have tried.

You can use standard sheets when you make it up for sleeping. Queen sheets will fit when it is fully inflated and twin ones work for the smaller size bed.

Pure Comfort Sofa Bed Cons

There have been complaints about this air mattress staying inflated for very long. Some customers say that it has to be inflated every night while others say it will last for two or three nights.

When it is set up as a sofa, it leans back. There have also been complaints that it starts to leak after a few weeks of use. This may be caused by frequent inflating and deflating. Those who have left it set up have had fewer problems.

Smart Air Beds 5x1 EZ Queen Size Inflatable Sofa Bed

Smart Air makes a 5-in-1 sofa bed similar to Pure Comfort. They come in white as well as black to fit many decors. It also comes with its own electric pump for fast inflation.

The Smart Air sofa bed air mattress works as a queen or king sized bed or a raised twin bed. When inflated only in certain chambers, it also functions as a recliner, a lounger, or a two-person sofa.

Smart Air Beds Sofa Bed Pros

It is easy to switch functions with this air mattress. To create the lounger, you just inflate the back and arm rests from the bed position. If you want a recliner, you can just flip the lounger over.

It comes with the air pump included, and a convenient carrying case to store the sofa in when not inflated.

The air moves when you are lying on it as a bed, which makes it comfortable for sleeping. The feeling of motion is similar to sleeping on a water bed and conforms to your body for comfort. Some models have a flocked comfort top instead of the vinyl which can be chilly!

It comes with a ninety day warranty if there are any problems with the item.

Smart Air Beds Sofa Bed Cons

The fact that the air moves in the bed like the water in a waterbed can make it uncomfortable for some people to sleep on. It will depend on the type of bed you prefer for sleeping.

It requires air to be added on a regular basis if you will be using it everyday. No leaks are noted but it still loses air.

Sometimes this bed has a vinyl odor, some consumers say it dissipates over time and others say that the smell remains and is uncomfortable for them.

We have personal experience with this sofa bed air mattress and we've found it easy to set up but one of them developed a leak after just two months of use.

Easy Riser Deluxe Sofa and Queen Size Air Bed

This is a fancy-looking product. You wonder at first if it is real furniture instead of a sofa bed air mattress. The dip in the middle of the back of the sofa is reminiscent of an old fashioned Victorian sofa; the dark purple color also fits that theme.

Easy Riser Deluxe Air Bed Pros

There is a lot to love about this mattress. It is easy to convert from a sofa to a queen size bed by folding it out from under the sofa. It features a release valve to inflate and deflate quickly.

The sofa bed air mattress also has a remote control to set it to the firmness you want. The covering is made of flocked velvet, which is more comfortable than vinyl to sit or sleep on. It has side storage for magazines and books like a real piece of furniture.

The Easy Riser sofa bed will hold up to 600 pounds and prevents over-inflation with a new technology. The seams are electronically welded to keep them from coming apart with the extra weight.

Easy Riser Deluxe Air Bed Cons

It can be difficult to get it to deflate completely for storage. There are a few negative reviews about how quickly it deflates, but many other people have used it for two weeks or more without needing to add more air.

The Easy Riser sofa sits rather low on the floor when it is made into a bed, which could be a problem for people who need help getting up.

Another thing that can be considered a negative by some people is the fact that it only comes in the one color. While it looks elegant, it may not fit in some decors if you plan to use it for very long.

Buying a sofa bed air mattress is a great option if you need extra sitting and sleeping space for guests. Buying an item that does both jobs will save you space and money, although we do recommend that you check the length of the warranty since these can easily develop leaks.

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