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Inflatable Mattress Air Bed

Best Air Mattress for Affordable Traveling and Overnights

Inflatable mattress air beds have changed dramatically over the last several years and, luckily for the consumer, most of the changes have been very positive. An air bed mattress or inflatable mattress is a viable option for a lot more purposes than just camping!

What is an Air Bed Mattress?

An inflatable air bed mattress is manufactured from PVC plastic vinyl, rubber, or urethane plastic. They're designed to be inflated and deflated quickly with an air pump, foot-operated air pump, or orally by breathing into a special valve. The mattresses can be folded or rolled up and transported or stored at your convenience.

Uses for Inflatable Mattresses

Inflatable air mattresses are most often used as temporary bedding for those times when guests come to stay overnight. They're fantastic for this purpose because they're easy to set up when you need them and store them away when you don't need them.

Camping trips are obviously still an excellent time to use an air mattress. These portable beds are just the thing to raise you off the ground and keep you comfortable while you enjoy the great outdoors.

College students have also discovered the benefits of using an inflatable mattress air bed for those times friends want to crash overnight or family comes to visit.

Inflate an air mattress for long trips in the van or truck too! Travel will be a lot easier if you have a bed in the back ready and waiting for when you need to take a nap or for those times when a hotel or campsite just can't be located. A truck bed air mattress is designed specially to fit well in your vehicle.

Air bed mattresses are even used in place of traditional mattresses. Consumers have discovered that they're portable, easy to move, and comfortable enough to sleep on every night. They're a lot more affordable than a traditional mattress or even a futon, which means they're within reach of those who have a limited budget.

Air Mattresses vs. Air Beds

What is the difference between an inflatable air mattress and an air bed?

Air Mattresses and Air Beds are often thought of as the same thing, but there are actually two different types of air beds.

Inflatable air mattresses are designed for more temporary use, although they are sometimes used as a permanent bed. They're a one-piece mattress that have features like a flocked top, memory foam toppers, inflatable pillows. Some are raised off the ground.

The height of inflatable beds can range from 6 inches to 24 inches high. The pump is used to inflate the mattress and then it's disconnected. Some beds have a pump that is built right into the mattress that you can plug in when you need to inflate or deflate the bed.

There isn't a foundation provided for inflatable air beds - they can sit directly on the floor or ground. They can be placed on a futon or latex mattress platform if desired, as long as the platform has no splinters or sharp edges that would puncture your inflatable mattress air bed.

Air beds are a fancier version of the basic inflatable mattress and have many features that an inflatable doesn't offer. Air beds have single or dual chamber construction and can also have I-beams in the middle of the chambers so that the mattress has more support.

Remotes are one feature of air bed that will allow spouses to adjust their side of the bed to the right firmness or softness they prefer independently of the other. The pump is on consistently to keep the air chambers properly inflated.

Air beds are a more popular choice for a permanent bed. Foundations are optional, but typically come with permanent air beds. Standard size sheets will fit an air bed easily unless it's a larger size such as a Western king or California king.

Both air mattresses and air beds come in a variety of sizes including twin, full, queen, and king.

Can People with Allergies Benefit From an Inflatable Mattress Air Bed?

There are manufacturers who make air mattresses without any toxic chemicals or compounds, which makes the product much more attractive to anyone who suffers from allergies to VOCs or other harsh toxins. The smell of the vinyl can be harsh for some people, but others don't seem to notice it after a few days of airing out the mattress.

I am very sensitive to chemicals and cannot sleep on conventional mattresses because of the fire retardant chemicals which outgas and cause breathing problems and headaches. I have been able to manage with an inexpensive inflatable mattress air bed. The vinyl smell is somewhat bothersome for a while but does not cause symptoms for me.

Some allergy sufferers have had poor experiences with adjustable air beds because of the mold that seems to readily form on the chambers. Part of the reason this happens is because there isn't yet an allergy relief mattress cover that will fit the air beds on the market. Anyone allergic to mold should steer clear of the fancier air beds and opt for an inflatable mattress air bed instead if they have to stay somewhere other than home for the night.

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