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What a Therapedic Mattress Can Do for You

A Therapedic mattress is designed to provide therapy while you sleep. Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling well rested! This is what Therapedic promises from their unique design.

They hand craft their mattresses, which is unlike any other company. They combine innovative designs with high quality products made by hand to create a unique mattress unlike any other.

Therapedic History

Therapedic mattresses were first made when Gerald Gershaw founded an independent mattress company in 1957. He had been a fighter pilot in WWII, and he started his own business after the war.

Gershaw named his product Therapedic because it would provide therapeutic sleep and a medicinal effect on the person’s body.

As his business grew, demand for his brand of mattress required him to recruit other small mattress companies who would keep the same level of quality in his product. He drove around the country in an old station wagon, meeting with other small business owners.

From its humble beginnings, the Therapedic mattress became known not only in this country but around the world. Today, it is still made by hand to achieve the best craftsmanship.


The Therapedic mattress today is made up of several brands. Each one has its own unique features geared to a specific type of customer.

Therapedic Memory Touch

The Memory Touch is designed to conform to the way you sleep. Because your weight is distributed evenly on the mattress, there is less pressure to cause soreness to certain areas.

The Memory Touch is supposed to increase circulation to all your muscles. It also helps to keep your spine in alignment while you sleep.

Therapedic BackSense

The BackSense brand of Therapedic mattress is designed for customers who need extra support for their back. It offers increased firmness around the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

The coil in BackSense is patented technology to provide support in the areas of heaviest weight distribution. They conform to the individual for a better night’s sleep. It is also one of the most affordable choices in Therapedic.

Therapedic Innergy

The Innergy mattress helps you to have more energy in the morning due to less sleep disturbance at night from motion. This is helpful if you share the bed with another person.

The springs do not roll together as you turn or allow the border to break down. This mattress is designed to reduce the problems of tossing and turning at night.

Therapedic Pure Touch

This brand of Therapedic mattress is an all-natural product made with latex foam. The latex comes from the rubber tree and is harvested naturally.

The latex foam is antibacterial and antimicrobial so that it resists mold and mildew. It is also resistant to dust mites, making it a healthier alternative for people with allergies. Additionally, it helps keep you cool while you sleep to provide a more restful night.

Depending on the style you get, Pure Touch is the most expensive choice with some of the mattresses costing over four thousand dollars for the king size. The Natural Plush choice is only a little over two thousand dollars for a king.

Therapedic Therawrap

This collection has individually wrapped coils so that they move independently as your body moves. It allows the coils to move with you to provide support and proper alignment.

It improves circulation to your muscles, allowing them to recover quicker from the day’s work and be ready for tomorrow.

Consumer Reviews of Therapedic

You will find a variety of opinions on the Therapedic mattress. Overall, it is rated about 3 out of 5 stars. You have to carefully weigh any review you read and balance the good ones with the bad ones.


Owners of this brand rave about how well they sleep on the Therapedic mattresses. It is comfortable and does not have a lot of motion when one person gets up or turns over. People who sleep on them say they do not toss and turn with this mattress.

There is no odor with this brand like with other air mattresses. It is lightweight and easy to lift and move. It is also easy to clean.

Customers with back problems say they sleep better on this mattress than other brands. The Pure Touch does not sag even after several years of use. They also like the fact that it is a natural product.

This mattress does not get overheated, but naturally adjusts to your body temperature. That is important if you are a person who likes to sleep cool.

One of the biggest benefits to buying Therapedic is the affordable price. It is less expensive than many other air mattress brands, which is attractive to those on a budget.


One of the negatives about the Therapedic brand of mattress is the fact that it requires deep corner fitted sheets because of its thickness. Not all standard sheets will work with it and it can be expensive to find the right kind.

There are compaints that the Memory Touch brand begins sagging in the middle and creates a “hole” after just a couple of years. People who owned any Therpedic mattress other than the Memory Touch didn't report a problem with sagging at all.

While some people have had good luck with replacement, many customers complain about the level of customer service they received. One of the main problems is not getting a call back or any type of response.

Following the guidelines with your mattress can improve its durability. Therapedic recommends that you turn the mattress end-to-end and even upside down at least six times during the first six months that you own it. Afterwards, turn it once every three months.

It is also not recommended that you use any other foundation with the mattress. Do not bend or fold the mattress or jump on it to help it last longer.

Hospitality Use

Therapedic is for more than individual consumer use. They service many businesses and organizations, including the Army and Navy. They also sell to colleges and universities, along with hotel chains, independent hotels, and bed and breakfast establishments.

If you are looking to buy a Therapedic mattress, you will find a variety of styles and price tags. You can find one for almost any budget and any sleep need you may have. It is essential that you check out the reviews and decide if Therapedic is the right choice for you.

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