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Hospital Bed Air Mattress

Patients with limited or no mobility can benefit greatly from the proper hospital bed air mattress both from a comfort and health standpoint.

People who are constrained to a hospital bed due to injury or other medical issues can potentially develop bedsores or ulcers in a very short time if they don't have the proper support and airflow.

The right choice of mattress can inhibit the growth of bedsores and can help the patient rest as comfortably as possible. Each type of mattress offers different features, sizes, and options, so it's a good idea to conduct plenty of research before making a final purchase.

Purposes of a Hospital Bed Air Mattress

These special types of air mattresses are provided for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and for those who choose to continue treatment in a home setting. The right mattress can ensure better rest, comfort, and hopefully a full recovery.

In some instances, such as a hospice situation, the right air mattress can simply help the patient feel as comfortable as possible

What Are Bedsores and Pressure Ulcers?

These skin conditions can develop in as little as one hour for some people in the hospital, nursing home, or even at home if pressure across the surface of the skin is not relieved periodically. They develop in a very short period of time, but once they are present, it can take months to heal them completely.

Bedsores and pressure ulcers are extremely painful, but both are preventable and treatable. The ideal situation is to keep them from developing in the first place.

One of the best ways to keep these skin conditions from occurring is to have the right hospital bed air mattress. The right mattress will encourage circulation, airflow, control temperature and moisture, reduce skin friction, and will effectively alleviate pressure points.

Types of Hospital Bed Air Mattresses

Alternating Pressure Mattress - $950 - $1,060

This type of hospital bed mattress is designed so that no one part of the body has pressure applied to it for a long period of time. They're made for people who have already developed bedsores, at risk of developing bedsores, or have poor circulation. This type of mattress will fit hospital beds of any standard dimension. The mattress is meant for those who are permanently bedridden.

Alternating Pressure Pads - $75 - $250

Alternating pressure pads are a little bit different than the mattress in that they can be used for anyone with the potential of developing bedsores. They come with a pump that can be set to a fixed pressure setting or you can purchase a pump with variable settings so you have more control over inflating or deflating the mattress for optimal comfort.

Lateral Rotation Mattress - $1,700 - $6,000

This mattress system is designed with a mattress and control unit that enables the caretaker to set the right program in order to rotate the person in the bed every so many minutes. It's a good option for caretakers who may have physical issues of their own and are unable to manually rotate the person they're caring for either at home or in a care facility.

The lateral rotation hospital bed air mattress can help to turn or shift a patient for several purposes including bathing, feeding, or simply relieving pressure on one side of the body. This type of hospital mattress is also effective for promoting healthy circulation, heart health, and preventing infection of the vital organs of the body.

Pressure Reduction Mattress - $200 - $205

Designed to comfortably support up to 400 pounds, these mattresses are manufactured from high density memory foam layers, creating a very durable and supportive mattress. They're helpful for relieving painful pressure points, especially for people who have to be in a hospital bed for several hours a day.

Low Air Loss Mattress - $3,100

Designed to support heavier people up to 1,000 pounds, they're made to reduce the pressure on areas of the body that are more prone to stage I - IV pressure sores.

Special materials used in the mattress prevent moisture build-up, reduce friction when the patient moves, and controls the pressure applied to any part of the body that comes into contact with the mattress.

The mattress is made up of cells filled with air that not only make you feel as though you're floating, but also regulates the temperature so the person doesn't feel too hot or too cold.

The low air loss mattress is controlled by air, which means you can set it to readjust pressure points every five, ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes.

It's the most expensive type of air mattress used in hospitals, nursing homes, and for home care, but it's extremely effective for preventing painful skin ulcers or bedsores.

Bariatric Low Air Loss Mattresses - $3,800 - $3,900

These mattresses operate on much the same principle as the low air loss mattresses except that they are manufactured with durable materials and individual baffles in order to handle much heavier people.

Most bariatric mattresses have a weight capacity of 650 pounds to 1,000 pounds. They're designed to prevent painful bedsores and skin ulcers.

Water Mattress - $73

A hospital bed air mattress filled with water is designed to help relieve pressure points on the body by cradling the body gently, which means bedsores have a more difficult time developing.

Self-Adjusting Alternating Low
Pressure Mattress

Also known as a SAALP(tm), this system is designed for people who are bedridden. This system automatically adjusts pressure on a rotating cycle based on how the person in the bed moves to get more comfortable.

The nice thing about this type of hospital bed air mattress is that it eliminates the need for the caregiver to constantly change the patients' position manually while at the same time providing the pressure relief and comfort the person in the bed requires to avoid developing bedsores or ulcers.

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