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Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Which Are the Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews?

Which brands are the best memory foam mattresses for comfort, durability, and support? One company has ruled this niche in the market for several years, but there are some competitors who are now manufacturing quality memory foam mattresses that cost a bit less without sacrificing quality.

Top 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

The leader in this niche is definitely Tempur-Pedic (r), but there are others who manufacture a top quality product as well, but at a lower price point.

  1. Tempur-Pedic(r) - the top manufacturer of memory foam mattresses. The top seller is the Tempur-Pedic(r) Celebrity model, but they offer several others from which to choose. The lowest price point is around $699 and the highest price point is as high as $5,750.

  2. electaBed Tri Pedic - they're best known for their three-layer memory foam mattress. It's sensitive to pressure points and provides excellent support for your body. Prices are not available online, but can be obtained by calling the company at (800) 667-1969.

  3. Go Mattress Sleep Fit - certified as 100% U.S. made product. This is the top memory foam mattress this company offers - a good combination of traditional mattress style with memory foam comfort and support. Call the company for prices at (800) SLEEP-81.

  4. Bergad, Inc. - an environmentally friendly company that sells some of the best memory foam mattresses when compared to Tempur-Pedic(r) products. Prices for a queen size mattress: $800 - $1,600.

  5. MerchSource LLC - offering some of the best memory foam mattresses at a lower price point that is as low as $300 up to $700 or so.

Why Should You Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

The mattress you choose is ultimately a personal choice, but who could benefit from sleeping on memory foam? Anyone who suffers from aches and pains as a result of compression on the pressure points of the body.

People with arthritis, tendonitis, and bursitis have enjoyed relief from pain by sleeping on this type of mattress. Memory foam distributes the weight of the body evenly so that the hips, shoulders, neck, and back can rest comfortably while being fully supported, reducing the pain you feel in the morning.

The benefits of memory foam mattresses include:

  • Excellent support for the body

  • Eliminates irritation of pressure points on the body

  • Molds itself to the body - cradles it

  • Reduced stress overall on the body

  • Even support for the entire body

  • Isolates movement/motion - helps the other person sleep more soundly

  • More durable than traditional mattresses

There are a few disadvantages to memory foam mattresses too:

  • Heavier people may sink down too far into the mattress - discomfort

  • Too firm for some consumers

  • Traps heat from the body - foam doesn't breathe like fabric

  • Higher price points than traditional mattresses

  • Memory foam is made with a number of chemicals which have not been tested for safety

  • New foam mattresses emit a strange odor which some people can't handle

  • Some people report an increase in chronic health symptoms such as asthma, skin and lung irritations after using a memory foam mattress

Who Shouldn't Use a Memory Foam Mattress?

You may see some manufacturers market their memory foam mattresses as organic or green - basically as an environmentally friendly product. However, true memory foam must be manufactured from specific substances, none of which are all natural or organic.

Some manufacturers have figured out how to reduce or eliminate the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) associated with headaches and allergic reactions, but if you are extremely allergic to chemicals in general, or if you have an autoimmune disorder, a memory foam mattress may not be your best choice. See our Memory Foam Mattress Concerns page.

Anyone with chronic health challenges, a compromised immune system, or who has chronic allergies or asthma, may want to consider a less chemically laden mattress such as an all natural latex mattress ... unless of course you are allergic to latex.

There is one company who is manufacturing a more natural brand of memory foam mattress: Essentia. They design and produce their own version of petroleum-free memory foam right in their own factory.

They add ingredients like plant extracts, essential oils, water, and rubber tree sap to the foam to make it feel and smell more natural. Essentia Natural Memory Foam mattresses might be a better fit for someone with allergies or other sensitivities.

Tips for Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

What should you look for when you're shopping for a memory foam mattress?

  1. Foam Density - Tempur-Pedic(r) uses a 5-7lb foam density which will not only provide excellent support and comfort, but durability too. Look for a foam mattress that has at least 3 lb foam density, but if you're looking for durability, a 5 lb foam density is ideal.

  2. Foam ILD - ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection, which refers to the firmness of the memory foam mattress. The best memory foam mattresses have an ILD between 10 and 16.

  3. mmHg - this is the rating assigned to mattress based on how well the mattress relieves pressure points. A good mmHg is 32 or lower.

  4. Manufacturer location - it's important to note where the mattress is manufactured to ensure you're receiving the best quality product. To ensure the best quality, you should look for memory foam mattresses manufactured in the U.S. or Canada.

No matter what the label says, all memory foam mattresses are not created equally, nor do they deliver the best quality. Each style and brand of memory foam mattress will vary in durability, density, firmness, and even the way it responds to temperature.

The best way to tell if you might like a specific brand or style of memory foam mattress is to order a sample of the material used in the manufacturing of the mattress.

Tips For Ordering Memory Foam Samples

It may be difficult to tell from a small sample how the memory foam will respond to your body, but it's still a good place to begin your research into which brand name makes the best memory foam mattresses.

  • You will be able to perform experiments on the foam to see how it responds to heat, weight, and elapsed time

  • Customer service will probably be high quality if you receive your free sample quickly

  • You have the opportunity to compare the different samples of memory foam side-by-side before making any decisions

  • Several manufacturers will send you a free sample directly, but if they don't offer the service, check with your local retailer - they may keep samples on hand to send to potential customers.

When trying to choose one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market, it's vital that you conduct extensive research prior to making any decisions.

Always check the warranty that accompanies the mattress. Ask about a free trial period with no strings attached. Once you've done plenty of research, you'll be ready to make the right decision for you.

What are the Best Memory Foam Mattresses?

Have you tried different brands of memory foam mattress? Which one is the best?

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