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Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

Most Popular Memory Foam Toppers

How does reading memory foam mattress topper reviews help you to make a decision about which topper to purchase? Reading reviews can give you a good idea about which toppers people have already purchased and the reason they love the one they chose.

It's a great way to find out if a specific brand is for you!

Memory foam toppers for mattresses come in various sizes, thickness, and price. Toppers can be found for as little as $50, but you could pay up to $600 for a few on the market today. The thickness can be about 2 inches at the low end and 6 inches at the higher end. The average thickness is 3 inches thick.

We are going to focus on the memory foam mattress toppers that are the most popular and well liked so you can see for yourself what top choices are available to you. Reading these reviews might very well save you time and money!

Popular Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

What do consumers who have purchased the top brand toppers have to say about them?

Sleep Better 2-inch Memory Foam Topper - $100 for queen

  • Turned my college dorm bed into a comfortable place to sleep
  • Makes my existing mattress feel plush and new again
  • Saved me money so no need to buy a whole new mattress now
  • So very comfortable
  • Best night of sleep I have had in a long time even after the first night
  • Made a real difference rolled out on my barracks bunk
  • No more back pain
  • I do not feel my spouse turning over anymore – more sleep for me
  • My children are sleeping through the night now
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • I am energized in the morning after sleeping on this topper
  • Joint pain has all but disappeared
  • Provides extra support on top of our air bed mattress
  • Love how it feels when I crawl in at the end of a long day; cradles my entire body

Comfort Dreams Sensus 3-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper - $195

  1. Fantastic quality
  2. Love that I do not have back pain the morning anymore
  3. Better than Tempur-pedic memory foam topper
  4. Fits my mattress nicely
  5. Extremely comfortable
  6. The 5-pound foam is absolutely wonderful for support
  7. Sleeping more soundly than ever
  8. Relieves the pressure points and I am feeling great when I get up in the morning
  9. Very happy with this topper

Sensus 4-inch, 5-pound memory foam topper - $469

  • Amazing comfort
  • Priced better than the Tempur-pedic and a lot more comfortable
  • Quality very similar if not better than Tempur-pedic
  • Most comfortable night of sleep I've ever had
  • Turned our mattress into a wonderful place to sleep
  • Highly recommend this product
  • My husband and I do not bother each other anymore with our tossing and turning; the topper stops the motion from going between us
  • Absolutely the best purchase

And a few more memory foam mattress topper reviews…

Sleep Studio 2-inch Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer - $69

  • Started out as a skeptic, but now I am a full-on believer in this topper
  • Sleeps much cooler than other memory foam toppers I have tried
  • Took my hip and leg pain away
  • Feels bouncy and plush
  • Easy to store
  • Makes our guest room into the favorite room of the house
  • Love sleeping on our pop-up trailer mattress with the addition of this topper
  • Supports me very well and I weigh over 200 pounds
  • Perfect thickness
  • Good value for the money

Homedics Comfort 3-inch Mattress Topper - $225

  • We are so thankful for this topper; turned our too firm mattress into a comfortable bed again
  • Excellent quality for price
  • Does not sleep too warm; just the right temperature
  • Memory foam conforms to my body and makes my less than stellar mattress very comfortable
  • Wonderful addition to our bedroom

Homedics Smart-Foam 1.5-inch Mattress Topper - $84

  • No odor when we opened the package
  • Used it the first night we got it; woke up well rested and without pain
  • We give these as gifts to friends and family
  • Soft, comfortable, not too warm and not too squishy
  • Sleeping better than ever
  • Love that a cover comes with the product
  • We used this topper on a hospital bed and it made all the difference for my loved one sleeping on that hospital mattress
  • Wish I had read memory foam mattress topper reviews before now so I could have had this topper a long time ago
  • Still retaining the memory after a full year

Sleep Joy 1.5-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper - $70

  • Back pains are gone
  • Daughter loves her mattress again
  • Regular size sheets fit right over the topper; no need for me to spend extra money
  • Like a new mattress now with the addition of this topper
  • So, so comfortable
  • Tried everything and nothing worked; until I got this topper
  • Great value for the money; free pillow with the topper
  • Spongy feeling without feeling like I am being sucked into the pad
  • Very affordable
  • No more stiffness in my joints

Aerus NaturalTM 1.5-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper - $50

  • Perfect thickness and comfort level
  • Relaxed into it the very first night and slept very well
  • No highs or lows; weight distributed evenly over the topper
  • Springs right back when I get out of bed
  • Love offering our guest rooms to loved ones now
  • Fits right under my sheets
  • So worth it for the price

Can you see now why memory foam mattress topper reviews are so helpful? Right away you can see what brands get the best reviews and see why people like them so much. It's a great resource!

Think about recommending to others you know looking for toppers to first read as many memory foam mattress topper reviews as they can before making any purchase decisions. They'll be glad they did. You may also want to recommend that they read the cautions about memory faom before they decide on this kind of topper.

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