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Memory Foam Double Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

This buyer's guide for purchasing a memory foam double mattress will cover the benefits and drawbacks of memory foam, helpful hints on what to look for in a quality memory foam and price ranges for different brands.

You'll also learn some vital information regarding the method by which firmness of memory foam is determined. All of this information together will help you make a wise decision about which memory foam mattress is your best choice.

What is a double memory foam mattress? It's basically a mattress featuring two top layers - one for support and one for comfort.

Both are created from foam, but the supportive layer is firmer than the top layer, which is more plush and softer. The two layers are meant to work together to provide firm support while also cradling the body gently and comfortably.

How are Memory Foam Firmness and Density Determined?

Memory foam, otherwise referred to as visco-elastic polyurethane foam, is a component created using polyurethane as the foundation. Chemicals are added to the polyurethane to make it more dense or softer.

There are several different densities of memory foam to choose from, but they all fit within two categories: high-density memory foam or low-density memory foam.

The higher density or more dense a memory foam product is, the more firm it will feel. The lower the density or less dense memory foam products are softer, moldable, and react quickly to pressure. The low-density foams also return to their original shape once pressure is removed.

Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide- What is an IFD Rating?

IFD stands for indentation force deflection. Simply put, this rating indicates the firmness of the memory foam and indicates whether it's high-density or low-density.

IFD is measured in pounds-force to see how much it takes to create a 1-inch dent into a piece of foam. The size of the foam is specific, measuring 15"x15"x4" with a diameter of 8 inches.

Once the IFD is determined, what does that number mean to you as the consumer? Basically, an IFD rating of 10 means the foam is very soft.

A rating of 12 means the foam is soft to semi-rigid. People who like firmer mattresses for sleeping want to look for an IFD rating of somewhere between 12 and 16, as these are the most firm foams.

What is Foam Density?

Another way to determine how firm or soft memory foam will be to the touch is to assign a foam density number to it. For example, a standard foam density is between 1 and 5 pounds per cubic foot.

Any memory foam mattress with a density of 5 or 6 is rated as higher quality. Even memory foam mattress pads are given a density rating in the 3 to 4.5 pounds per cubic foot range.

Should you look for foam density or the IFD rating when shopping for a memory foam double mattress? The answer isn't always black and white.

Some experts say that foam density is a more accurate method for determining the support, comfort, and quality of a memory foam double mattress, whereas other experts say that the IFD number is a better gauge for choosing the mattress with just the right amount of firmness.

The best way to determine which mattress is best for you is to do the research and also try out a few in person if possible.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Conforms to the body beautifully, providing a plush sleeping surface

  • Reduces pressure points, which helps you wake more refreshed in the morning

  • Sensitive to temperature - helps keep you cool during summer and warm during winter

  • Allows for a more restful night sleep

Drawbacks of a Memory Foam Mattress

  • More companies are producing memory foam - not all foams are of equal quality, so consumers need to be aware of poor quality foams

  • Off gassing and strong odors with new foam mattresses

  • Not recommended for infants or elderly people or anyone who has difficulty with freedom of mobility

  • Memory foam can catch on fire - never smoke or place a foam mattress near cigarettes, cigars, or candles

  • Contains PBDEs - a commonly used fire retardant chemical in memory foam

  • Some people have developed health problems after using it - see our Memory Foam Mattress Concerns page.

Tips for Finding the Best Memory Foam Double Mattress

Many consumers wonder if they should purchase a brand new bed or simply get a mattress topper for their existing bed. A good way to know is if your current mattress is more than 10 years old and is sagging in places, then you should probably invest in a new mattress.

Putting a memory foam topper on a sagging or old mattress will simply conform to the shape of that mattress and you won't feel a real difference in comfort.

A memory foam mattress topper can provide additional support and comfort if your mattress is already in good condition and you simply want a softer top layer on your mattress. A topper is a lot less expensive than a new foam mattress as well.

A memory foam double mattress should feature high-density foam of a minimum of 3 inches high for the second layer from the top for firmness. The top layer of memory foam, typically the low-density foam layer, should be at least 2 inches, but some people prefer 3 to 4 inches thick.

Open your new memory foam mattress or topper as soon as you get it and be prepared to air it out for several days so the chemical smell dissipates before you sleep on it directly. Some people have had reactions to the chemical smell, such as respiratory difficulties in the first few days.

Request a sample from the company. This way you can compare samples side by side to see how they fare in the way of odor, color, and texture. A great test is to place the sample into the refrigerator for a few minutes and then remove it to see if it turned very firm to the touch, which is what it should do.

Always check the warranties and return policies of the company before making a final purchase decision. Know what they expect and what your rights are!

You can find inexpensive memory foam double mattresses, but be wary of mattresses priced too good to be true. Prices range between $189 to $4,000, depending on name brand, quality, density, and features. Shop around for the best prices with both online retailers and stores.

Want to avoid the chemical off-gassing odors? Look for memory foam mattresses that are manufactured without the use of petroleum and are made from natural memory foam. The fibers and materials used to cover the mattress should also be organic. The one brand that stands out with these credentials is Essentia.

It could also benefit you to read abou the potential dangers of memory foam before making any final purchase decisions.

Affordable Brands Customers Like

  • Sleep Innovations - $499 for Queen

  • Sarah Peyton 10-inch - $375 for Full

  • Dynasty 10-inch - $399 for Queen

  • Dynasty 10-inch - $570 for King

  • Foamex 8-inch - $259 for Twin

  • Night Therapy 12-inch $525 for Queen

  • Pure Bliss 9-inch - $394 for Queen

  • These are our topic pics among the best rated memory foam mattresses.

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