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The Tempur Pedic Foam Mattress

Is Tempurpedic Worth the Money?

What's so special about a Tempur Pedic foam mattress? Are these mattresses truly worth the extra money consumers are spending on them? Do they really deliver a good night's sleep?

People across the country and the world love their Tempur Pedic mattresses! It's no wonder when you look at the technology that goes into the manufacturing of these foam mattresses.

Tempur Pedic has an interesting and exciting history that begins back in the 1960s. NASA wanted to protect their astronauts from the intense G-forces during take off and landing, and so they created and produced what was called visco-elastic foam. This foam was the first technology of its kind in the area of pressure relief. Astronauts were more protected from the effects of G-forces with the use of the visco-elastic foam.

The product was released to the public during the 1980s, but the manufacturing process was so costly that consumers couldn't afford the products. Tempur-Pedic improved upon NASA's formula and now consumers everywhere enjoy the comfort of a patented visco-elastic foam formula called TEMPUR. What makes it so special?

The Science Behind the Mattress

Tempur-Pedic's three-layer foam mattress provides excellent support and comfort.

  • Layer A - the top TEMPUR Comfort Layer is the layer that reacts to your weight and to your body temperature in order to cradle your body while giving it full support.

  • Layer B - the TEMPUR Support Layer provides the support to the top layer so that your body stays in perfect alignment from your neck to the base of your spine while evenly distributing your body weight.

  • Layer C - the Base Layer features the AirFlow System that is the supportive foundation for the entire mattress. This layer provides airflow to the entire mattress, which translates into fantastic support and comfort for you.

What Makes a Tempur Pedic Foam
Mattress Different?

The patented manufacturing process of this special visco-elastic foam provides maximum comfort due to several factors.

Sensitive to Weight and Temperature

The special TEMPUR layers are responsive to your body's individual weight and temperature. As you move, the foam becomes soft and firm in the areas that your body comes into contact with the mattress. Your body is supported completely without any gaps or air pockets like you might experience with a traditional innerspring mattress.

The support of a Tempur Pedic mattress keeps your spine and neck aligned properly so that you'll experience less, if any, back or neck pain upon waking each morning.

Relieves Pressure Point Pain

The reasons so many people complain of pain when they wake up is because their mattress isn't designed to relieve pressure points on the body, but rather seems to cause more pain. Tempur Pedic foam mattresses absorb the weight of your body and respond appropriately to your individual weight by distributing it evenly across the surface of the mattress. As a result, the pressure points that cause pain in the hips, shoulders, neck, and back are relieved and supported rather than exacerbated.

Absorbs Energy

There's nothing worse than trying to sleep when your spouse is tossing and turning next to you, causing you discomfort and keeping you awake. The patented TEMPUR foam absorbs the energy that you or your spouse cause when moving or readjusting your sleeping position. It's almost as if you're each sleeping on your very own mattress because you won't feel your spouse's movements and you'll sleep more soundly as a result.

No Flipping or Rotating Required

A Tempur Pedic foam mattress is literally maintenance free. You will not have to flip it or turn it like you would a traditional mattress. It will keep its shape and firmness for several years without any maintenance from you.

Are There Drawbacks to Tempur
Pedic Mattresses?

The complaint most often heard regarding these mattresses is sleeping on a mattress that is always warm. Many consumers don't enjoy sleeping in an extra warm environment. Tempur-Pedic offers a 90-day free trial to consumers to give them a chance for their body to adjust to the new idea of a warm mattress, but some people reported never being able to adjust.

The higher price point of these mattresses can also be a drawback for some consumers.

Are There Similar Foam Mattresses
That Are Less Expensive?

Tempur-Pedic leads the market in foam mattress technology, but there are other companies producing similar memory foam mattresses that will cost you much less and will still provide the comfort and support for which you're looking.

The following brands of memory foam mattresses were compared to a Tempur Pedic foam mattress to see if there were significant differences or if they were rather similar.

  • Memory Foam Select

  • Memory Foam Select II

  • Ultimate Sleep Mattress

  • Serene Sleep Mattress

  • Perfect Comfort Mattress

  • Majestic Comfort Mattress

  • Angel Beds

  • Healthy Foundations Memory Foam Mattress

The results were positive overall in the areas of comfort and support. The real differences were the price points and the shipping costs. The cost of the mattresses mentioned above is significantly lower than Tempur Pedic mattresses. Some of these companies offer free shipping and a free pillow with purchase.

However, ultimately the only one who can decide which foam mattress is the best is you! Every person's physical needs vary and the comfort level which each person requires is different, so only you can decide which brand of mattress is the best for your sleeping needs.

A Few Other Important Things to Note

The true difference between a Tempur Pedic foam mattress and other memory foam mattresses is that only Tempur Pedic has the patented technology for TEMPUR material. They're the only company manufacturing this type of mattress who is recognized by NASA and has a certification from the Space Foundation.

Tempur Pedic products are backed by years of medical research and development. They offer a 20-year limited warranty that is unmatched by similar products. No one else has this specific technology for manufacturing Tempur Pedic memory foam mattresses.

Tempur Pedic definitely stands out in the market as the leader in comfortable memory foam mattresses.

Could Memory Foam Cause an Allergic Reaction?

Reserach indicates that memory foam is problematic from a health standpoint for some people. Some of the impact is experienced short term with reactions like headaches, difficulty breathing, or nausea. Long term effects could be damage to the nervous system or even the reproductive system. Take a look at this page to get more information.

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