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Question About Egg Crate Topper on Memory Foam Bed

Can a poly egg crate topper be placed on a memory foam bed for added comfort?

Our reply

Hi, and thanks for your message. I am allergic to the chemicals in memory foam so I have never had the opportunity to personally try out a memory foam mattress. Readers, what do you think? Does anyone have experience with this?

My understanding is that memory foam retains the shape of your body when you lie on it, and so I am not sure how it would feel to place an egg crate topper on it. I can imagine that you might feel as though you are sinking into the bed a bit, but I don't know for sure.

Generally egg crate mattress toppers seem to work best when you have a firm or medium firm mattress. The mattress creates a flat surface and the egg crate topper provides some cushioning.

Are you hoping to reduce the heat or coolness of the memory foam mattress? If so, you could try some other options.

To make a memory foam mattress cooler - place a mattress pad made of terrycloth or other breathable material on top. This will reduce the heat and also will make the memory foam a bit firmer, as it will not be interacting with your body heat as much.

To make a memory foam mattress warmer - if you get chilly sleeping on memory foam, increase the heat of your room, and remove any mattress pads or toppers so that your body can warm the memory foam.

In general, mattress toppers are affordable ways to modify and upgrade your bed without a lot of extra investment, however memory foam mattresses have their own unique properties. Visitors, please let us know your experience of adding an egg crate foam mattress topper to a memory foam mattress!

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