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The Mattress Firm

The Mattress Firm was established in 1986 and has grown exponentially over the last several years to 580 retail stores across North America. Their stores carry a wide variety of the most popular mattress brands so that customers can make a one-stop shop to try out different ones and see which brand is the right choice for them.

This company is best known for its commitment to helping people get the best night of sleep they possibly can be providing personal assistance to each customer who walks through the door. Each salesperson is trained to make the shopping experience for people who visit the most unique shopping experience they've ever had.

The Mattress Firm continuously conducts research on various mattresses and educates their associates on the latest news regarding healthy and sound sleep so they can make decisions about which products to bring into their stores. This way, anyone searching for a new mattress can sample each type and brand of mattress side by side. It's an effective way to do comparison-shopping.

Products and Brand Names Available

This mattress company carries several brand names of mattresses including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Simmons, Stearns & Foster, and their own line of mattresses called Mattress Firm Direct. Within each brand, they carry several styles of mattress.

  • Sealy - 11 styles

  • Tempur-Pedic - 8 styles

  • Simmons - 2 styles

  • Stearns & Foster - 7 styles

  • Mattress Firm Direct - 8 styles

  • YuMe, the Climate Control Bed - a brand new bed exclusively found at these stores

Their retail stores also carry Protect-a-Bed mattress covers in sizes to fit just about any mattress.

What Do Customers Have to Say About The Mattress Firm?

People who purchase beds at this store are generally very happy with the product itself. They're enjoying the bed and the comfort and support it provides.

The downside is that many customers are very disappointed in the customer service of this company. Some of them say they were manipulated or lied to or that when they wanted to return a bed, the process was very difficult or impossible.

Some people reported that the salesperson withheld important return information that caused them a lot of money because they were stuck with a bed they didn't like and no longer wanted because the company refused to take it back.

The company's return policy states that you can return or exchange a mattress for certain if you pay the shipping costs, but customers who have purchased from this company and tried to return the mattress have had a very difficult time doing so.

Benefits of Shopping With Mattress Firm

  • Comparison shopping is easy - try out several top brand mattresses in one store

  • One-on-one service

  • One-stop shop for 6 different brand names of mattresses with around 37 or so styles from which to choose

  • 580 store locations across the United States

Disadvantages of Shopping with Mattress Firm

  • Customers say that customer service is poor

  • Customers report that salespeople will push you to make a purchase decision in order to get the sale and then deny any promises made to you

  • Return shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility.

  • According to some customers they won't stand behind warranties

  • Often refuse to take a mattress back for superficial reasons

  • Reports of some mattresses sold as new were actually 2nd hand mattresses

Store Locations

Mattress Firm stores are located in 22 states across North America.


It sounds like this company started out with an excellent vision for catering to the customer and their need to find the ideal mattress. Over the years however it sounds like they have forgotten that customers, although they want an excellent product, they also want the customer service that goes with that product to be top-notch.

Shoppers today are very careful about where they spend their money and are quick to let others know if they have enjoyed excellent customer service, found a great product, or both. They're probably quicker to let everyone they know about a poor product or shady company!

The Mattress Firm looks great from the outside looking in and they do offer top brand mattresses, but their questionable customer service practices seem to make some of their customers very angry and dissatisfied.

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