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Sunbeam Electric Blanket

The Sunbeam Electric Blanket is one of the most well known and popular choices for those who are seeking to stay warm on chilly nights without spending a lot of money on home heating costs.

Are they better or safer than other brands? Should you be using an electric blanket?

In some situations, electric blankets can pose a risk to health, so it is important to do some research before you invest in one.

Electric blankets provide a sense of warmth and comfort, and were developed in the early 1900s. By 1921, they started coming under the spotlight as they were regularly being used in medical facilities like tuberculosis sanitariums.

Patients were being urged to sleep outdoors to have more fresh air, which made the use of electric blankets very helpful in keeping patients warm.

Over the years, electric blankets have become more sophisticated and safer to use.

What is Special About the Sunbeam Electric Blanket?

These are the features that Sunbeam claims to offer their customers that are unique.

Fast heating system –The Sunbeam Electric Blanket is popular for its ability to heat up quickly.

Patented technology Sunbeam Electric Blankets claim to contain patented, built in sensors that adjust the heat more precisely in the blanket and maintain that temperature throughout the night.

Comfortable and smooth feel Sunbeam Electric Blankets contain a thermo fine warming system, which is said to sense the amount of heat that is needed.

Very large choice of different models and styles to choose from.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Reviews

Our research into customer satisfaction revealed mixed reviews for the Sunbeam Electric Blanket. Some customers were thrilled with the purchase and the energy and heat savings, and the warmth of the blanket.

Other customers were disappointed that the blanket did not last very long. There were many unhappy reviews from people whose Sunbeam blankets did not last more than one or two winters.

Most Sunbeam blanket reviews for the models we found online ranged from 3.5 and 4 stars by customer who had purchased them.

Sadly, this is a common problem in today's business environment. Many appliances are no longer built to last.

I had this experience with using infrared space heaters, which were wonderfully warm and inexpensive, but out of 4 heaters I owned, 3 broke within a few months! :(

Sunbeam Electric Blankets have a 5 year warranty but some customers were unhappy with the response of the company to their warranty claims.

I also checked reviews of other brands of electric blankets, which had similarly mixed reviews.

Just like with mattresses, the experience of comfort is a very individual matter. Some people said the Sunbeam brand blankets were warmer, others said another brand was warmer!

Before Making a Purchase

Before buying Sunbeam Electric Blanket, or any other brand, look for these extra features which will make your blanket more comfortable to use.

  • Dual Control Heat Setting - This controls allow you to adjust the heat of the blanket to your own personal level of comfort. This is especially useful for couples sharing the same bed.

  • Automatic Built-in Timer - This is an economical feature, which automatically turns off the blanket and helps you avoid the risk of leaving it on for too many hours. This also helps you save electricity costs!

  • Preheating capabilities - allow you to safely preheat the bed at the right temperature.

  • Overheating prevention - keeps the temperature from moving into an uncomfortable or unsafe range.

  • Power cords of generous length - be sure the blanket is comfortable to use and turn on and off, and that you have a safe place to put the temperature controls.

  • Detached adjustable rheostat controllers that are separate from the blanket - this will ensure you don't roll over onto the controls while sleeping and accidentally overheat the blanket.

  • Test out - your blanket to be sure you don't feel the wires.

  • Ask the manufacturer - whether the electric blanket is safely washable. Many brands claim to be washable, but you need to get detailed safety instructions for cleaning the blanket.

How Electric Blankets Work

Sunbeam electric blankets, as well as other brands, are made of thin insulated grids that are woven within the fabric of the blankets which allow the heat to be dispersed once the blanket is turned on.

When using electric blankets, there is always the risk of an electric shock or fire.

Sunbeam Electric Blankets come with temperature regulators or switches which can remotely be used to control and regulate the temperature at desired comfort levels.

Health Benefits and Health Risks of Electric Blankets

Although electric blankets are wonderfully warm and can help you save on your heating costs, there are also some more significant health risks associated with using them. I recommend that you do your own research on this before making a decision about whether to use one.

There are some health benefits to using an electric blanket. The main one is that they reduce the humidity in your bed, which will reduce dust mites which can aggravate allergies.

There are other health benefits to finding a warm and toasty way to keep warm at night, which will reduce the symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia, but these are not limited to electric blankets.

Taking Care to Avoid Burns

Electric Blankets need to be handled very carefully so you don't damage the blankets. Frayed or broken wirings inside the fabric of the blankets can overheat them and lead to burns or worse, a fire in your home.

Never Buy a Used Electric Blanket

It is very important that you be certain that your blanket is in top working condition and not damaged in any way.

For this reason, we recommend always buying your electric blankets new. Getting a Sunbeam Electric Blanket, or any brand of electric blanket second hand is definitely not a good idea.

It can be fun to shop at the thrift store, at flea markets or yard sales, but do not get your electric blankets here!

Unknown Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

I learned about the effects of electromagnetic fields from personal experience. I am often tired, however the one time in my life I wasn't tired was when I lived in Brazil in an area that had very little electricity. I felt great!

Since that time I noticed that when the power goes out, I feel better! I later learned that the electromagnetic fields in homes and offices do have an effect on our health.

According to some research studies, using electric blankets can lead to the development of leukemia in children. There is also a probable risk of breast cancer occurring in women.

Based on some scientific studies carried out on EMF levels of above 60 Hz in electric blankets, the cancer causing potentials remained inconclusive.

For this reason, we cannot completely say whether or not electric blankets are completely risk-free.

Who Should Not Use an Electric Blanket

Electric blankets shouldn't be used by infants or young children.

Always check with your doctor if you have any health condition that may be affected by using an electric blanket.

For example we recommend you avoid using an electric blanket if you are:

  • Pregnant

  • Immobile or incapacitated

  • Have Alzheimer's or dementia

  • Mentally ill or impaired

  • Incontinent

Alternatives to Using Electric Blankets

If you are concerned about the health effects of electric blankets, or are sensitive to the electromagnetic fields generated by them, there are some other alternatives.

These are some other ways that you can be warm and toasty, and receive the health benefits of sleeping in a cooler room. These may or may not work for you, depending on your health issues.

  • Down comforters or down alternative comforters - these are very warm, especially when layered with a heavy cotton blanket. If you are allergic to down, use a down alternative comforter.

  • Heated waterbeds - these are still heated by electricity, but the heat will be underneath you rathern than on top.

  • Tried and true low-tech methods - a simple hot water bottle, taken to bed and placed on your tummy will keep you very warm and toasty! This is also a very affordable option.

  • Homemade bed warmers - this is a fun and affordable way to stay warm if you are handy with a sewing machine. This is also a fun crafts project for the kids.

Add some rice to a clean pair of socks or a small travel pillowcase, and sew up the opening. Now you have a "rice pillow" that you can heat in the microwave (be sure to use a safe temperature) and then take it to bed!

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