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The Biddeford Electric Blanket

More Than Just Security

The Biddeford electric blanket is a great problem solver. If you have cold feet or cold anything when you climb into bed, it can warm you right up!

If you're worried about saving energy, it can help you with that by allowing you to turn down the furnace. It can even settle marital conflict when the conflict is based on irreconcilable differences concerning bed covering.

Biddeford is one of only three major manufacturers that supply the American market with electric blankets. Some customers complain that the Biddeford brand is hard to find not under the Biddeford name, anyway.

That's because Biddeford has a few alternate identities, which include Sealy, Cannon, and Delightful Nights. Buying any one of these blankets will give you the same quality and features you expect from the Biddeford name.

Different Features to Suit Every Taste

  • Different control styles
    You can choose from an analog or digital type control in either a hand-held or desktop style. All control styles are designed with large, easy-to-read displays, a "toasty factor" from one to ten, and automatic shut-down after ten hours. As a safety precaution, there is also an instant shut-off feature in case of overheating or damage.

  • Different materials
    The Biddeford electric blanket is also available in a variety of materials and colors. There is a soft plush style of 100% polyester fleece, which is always a big favorite among consumers. The 100% acrylic style is available in a traditional weave or an attractive diamond-jacquard pattern; and there are also some woven styles of acrylic polyester blends that feature a baby-soft satin edging.

Every style is energy saving, machine washable, partially machine dryable, and UL listed, which is of primary importance for safety considerations. Every Biddeford electric blanket also includes a five-year warranty, but buyers should be aware that it is essential to register their blanket in order to be able to take advantage of the warranty.

Reviewers Give Features an A+

Although it's hard to find many thorough reviews of electric blankets, there are a few websites that have managed to provide some relevant information on different brands. According to some of these reviews, the Biddeford electric blanket is highest rated in safety features and value. It also compares favorably with most of its competitors on all other factors.

Among reviews from individual customers, the even distribution of heat in their Biddeford electric blanket is universally appreciated. This is due to the design which holds the heater wires more precisely in place so that there are no cold spots from wires that are too far apart, or hot spots from wires that are too close together.

Customers also praised the fast heat-up quality of the blanket, which makes it possible to rapidly warm up their bed before they jump in. Many reported that they warm up the bed, then set the control to "off" and still enjoy a full night of warmth. Others needed to keep the control set to a lower number all night. For those customers, the ten-hour automatic shut-off came in handy, since they didn't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

What's Not to Like

It's a well-known fact that you just can't please everyone, and that holds true for some customers of the Biddeford electric blanket. While the majority of reviewers have been extremely happy with their experience, there are some who have been disappointed enough to return their blanket, sometimes switching to another brand. What are some of the features that make them unhappy?

  • Durability
    Technically, electric blankets are supposed to last for five to ten years, but unfortunately, that is often not the case. Some consumers who purchased the Biddeford electric blanket complained that it never worked at all, or it didn't work after the first season.

  • Fabric
    While the majority of customers reported satisfaction with the look and feel of their blanket, there were some complaints that the material felt scratchy and had a tendency to pill.

  • Wiring
    The heating elements were an issue for some customers who felt that they were a little too heavy and stiff for comfort.

  • Controllers
    There were several reported problems of controllers that failed to work.

  • Washing instructions
    Electric blankets, by their very nature, require a specific process when washing. Many reviewers felt that this process was too complicated.

    Even though there is a fair amount of valid criticism for the Biddeford electric blanket, it's important to note that customer use can contribute to some of the problems. If the controls are mishandled, or the blanket is washed improperly or folded for storage, damage can result. When you crunch the numbers, the positive comments actually far outweigh the negative.

An Electric Blanket Caveat

While the benefits of using an electric blanket to fend off a drafty house in the middle of winter are unquestionable, there are a few cases when using any electric blanket can be a very bad idea. Pregnant women could face the risk of damaging their baby if their core body temperature is overheated. While it's true that there are differing opinions on this issue, why take a chance? Diabetics are also a population who should avoid the use of electric blankets. This disease often causes insensitivity in the arms and legs, which can cause burns if the person is not aware of excessively hot temperatures making contact with his skin. Of course, it's all right to use the electric blanket to warm up the bed, but it should always be turned off once it has done its job.

The Nitty Gritty

Just as with any product, your satisfaction with a Biddeford electric blanket depends on your own tastes and preferences, as well as your willingness to comply with manufacturer recommendations and instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always visit the company website for technical or consumer information. After all is said and done, popular opinion indicates that this blanket is definitely worth a try.

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