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Heated Mattress Pads

Which are the Best Electric Mattress Pads?

Heated mattress pads, also called electric mattress pads, are a wonderful way to warm up the bed for sleeping and to save money on your heating bills during the cold winter months.

People use these pads to alleviate back and joint pain, stay warmer during the cold times of the year, and to help them get a more restful night of sleep.

An electric mattress pad fits onto the top of your mattress, just under the fitted sheet, to provide warmth from below the body. Heat rises, so it's a great concept!

Types of Heated Mattress Pads

The technology for these types of heated pads has come a long way since the first one came onto the market years ago. The styles, features, and fabrics available today are much safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.

Electric mattress pads come with a variety of features including automatic shutoff features, cordless pads, low-voltage options, and adjustable heat options.

There are a few brands that offer zoned pads - in other words, if you want to heat up your back area only, you can do that. Or, if your feet are the only part of you that gets truly cold, you can heat up that area of the pad and leave the rest of the pad off.

Electric pads come in all sizes, so you can outfit a twin, full, queen, or king size bed with no problem. The fabrics vary from polyester to cotton, so try a few out if possible to see which surface feels best.

There are even quilted electric heated pads that add additional comfort to your bed.

Electric Mattress Pads vs. Electric Blankets

What are the big differences between these two products? Both work while you're sleeping to provide a warm and cozy environment so you can fall asleep a bit quicker and enjoy a better night of rest.

Both the pad and the blanket offer features that make using them convenient. Both are affordable products, so budget is not necessarily an issue for most consumers.

The biggest difference between the pad and the blanket are that the pad emits heat from below the body, providing a more comfortable and warm sleeping surface. The body enjoys heat at every point, not just a few.

The blanket heats from above the body, so you still have to crawl into a cool bed before enjoying the warmth from the blanket. The blanket doesn't cover every part of the body directly, so you may still feel tense for a time after crawling into bed and your body eventually warms up.

Benefits of Heated Mattress Pads

  • Saves money - can turn down the house heat and still stay warm throughout the night

  • Pain from arthritis can be somewhat relieved

  • Dual controls - each spouse can customize their side of the pad to the setting that's most comfortable for them

  • Newer versions of electric mattress pads are more streamlined - can't feel the wires like the older versions

  • Can warm up the bed prior to climbing in - especially nice during the colder months of the year

  • Fit nicely underneath a standard size fitted sheet

  • Protects your mattress during the warm months too - acts as a mattress pad without the heat

  • Heat rises - more effective than an electric blanket

  • Use fewer blankets to keep warm - no need for a lot of weight on top of you while you sleep

  • Many brands offer up to 10 settings

  • Some brands are machine washable

  • Allows body to relax during the night - get better night of sleep and wake refreshed

  • Automatic shut-off system

  • Affordable

Drawbacks of Heated Mattress Pads

  • Found only in bedding and larger department stores - inconvenient for some people depending on their geographic location

  • Some brands of electric mattress pads don't fit well and can slide around with movement

  • Consumers have reported breakage of wires after a time - renders the pad useless and they have to purchase another one

  • Make sure the brand you purchase can be washed in the washing machine - some are not machine washable

  • It's important to follow all of the manufacturer's precautions and guidelines in order for the product to be used safely

  • Not safe for use on waterbeds

  • Some consumers report they can feel the wires through the pad, making the bed uncomfortable

  • Cannot leave on the entire night - could pose fire hazard

Popular Brands of Heated Mattress Pads

From our research of heated mattress pad reviews, consumers rate the following brands the highest for affordability, comfort, and warmth:

  • Sunbeam

  • Biddeford

  • ElectroWarmth

  • Soft Heat

  • Westpoint Stevens Rest

  • Beautyrest

It's always wise to conduct as much research as possible to see what other consumers say about their experience with a product, and electric mattress pads are no exception. Check out the consumer reviews and read up on each company's product to ensure you get just the right one for you.

Price for Heated Mattress Pads

The prices for electric mattress pads range from $29.99 for a twin size to $125 for a queen size. Prices for a king size pad vary considerably depending on the brand you choose.

Some king size heated pads are as inexpensive as $100, whereas other brands can cost up to $699. Keep in mind that just because it is more expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's the best product or the best choice for you.

Who Should Not Use an Electric Mattress Pad?

Electric heated mattress pads are not recommended for children, infants, or elderly people with limited mobility or awareness. People with urinary incontinence should not use these pads. Pregnant and nursing women should consult their physician prior to using an electric mattress pad.

There are some natural alternatives if you cannot use electric pads, please visit our Electric Mattress Pads section.

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