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Pillow Top Mattress Pads

Pillow top mattress pads provide a protective layer for your mattress while also providing a soft plush layer of comfort that helps make any ho-hum mattress feel like new again.

These toppers or pads can be one-fourth inch thick or as much as two and a half inches thick, which gives you the freedom to choose the style and comfort levels you prefer.

Mattresses come in many sizes, comfort levels, materials, and price ranges and mattress toppers are no different in that regard. There are several types from which to choose!

Types of Mattress Pads

Pillow top mattress pads are most often referred to as mattress toppers. They're essentially a top layer that can be added to your mattress as long as it's in decent condition without any significant sagging in any part of the mattress.

Toppers are an inexpensive way to add a plush feeling of support and comfort to any style of mattress.

Wool Toppers

pillow top mattress

These wool toppers aren't anything like the scratchy, itchy wool blankets you may remember as a child! Wool mattress pads are made from wool blends from a variety of sources including alpaca wool and lamb's wool.

You can also find wool toppers that combine the great qualities of wool with synthetic materials. These types of toppers provide more support than 100% wool toppers.

All of them are amazingly soft and feel very cozy and inviting.


  • Naturally resistant to mold, allergens, and dust mites

  • Naturally regulates body temperature - wick's away moisture

  • Wool breathes easily

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Coziness and plushness added

  • Durable

Disadvantages Wool Toppers

  • Wool tends to flatten out with use and as a result, loses some of its supportive value

  • Single wool material toppers tend to flatten quicker than blends

  • Designed mostly for comfort rather than support

  • Wool toppers can shed

  • Steam or dry clean

Price Range: $130 - $700

Egg Crate Pillow Top Mattress Pads

Egg crate toppers are the go-to mattress pads for anyone who has experienced back pain or other chronic medical issues. This uniquely shaped pad can be used with the bumps face down into the mattress or facing up so you'll be lying on them directly.

People who have difficulty sleeping due to painful pressure points will appreciate the comfort and support of an egg crate topper.


  • Least expensive type

  • Wonderful for adding support to your new or existing mattress

  • Couples can add one to their side of the bed only if they desire - trim to size

  • Excellent air flow - allows body to breathe


  • Many made from polyurethane and sprayed with fire retardant chemicals - very hard on those sensitive to chemical smells

  • Off-gassing in the beginning - need to air out for several days before using

  • Egg crates tend to slip and slide around with movement

  • Can sleep hot

Feather or Down Mattress Toppers

The feather or down mattress topper is designed to add cushioning or a more plush feeling to your mattress. They're made from a combination of goose or duck down and can sometimes contain feathers in addition to the down.


  • Less expensive than latex foam or memory foam toppers

  • Durable

  • Helps regulate warm/cold body temperature - breathable materials

  • Surrounds you with plush cushioning

  • Extremely soft to touch

  • Great motion isolation

  • Options for hypoallergenic down toppers available

  • Can find down toppers with quilted sections - helps keep contents in place


  • Can bunch up with use and requires regular shaking out to maintain uniform softness

  • Flatten out rather quickly

  • Not designed for added support - not an ideal choice for those with muscle, neck, joint, or back pain

  • Could cause those with feather allergies to have an attack unless covered with special allergy-free cover

  • Most are dry-clean only

Prices: $40 - $400

Latex Pillow Top Mattress Pads

Latex toppers contour to and cradle the shape of your body, providing support while making you feel like you're sleeping in luxury. Latex comes in all natural or synthetic forms, but all are made from rubber tree sap as the main ingredient.


  • Ideal motion isolation - spouses aren't disturbed by movements

  • Good choice for some allergy sufferers

  • Supports joints, back, shoulders, and neck

  • Breathable material

  • Durable

  • Naturally resistant to mold, dust mites, allergens, and bacteria

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Great for side sleepers and back sleepers

  • Eco-friendly latex choices available

  • Nearly scent-free


  • Not the same support as memory foam

  • Can develop indentations and experience loss of elasticity after years of use

  • Latex allergy sufferers can't use

  • Very difficult to clean and maintain

Price: $70 - $700

Memory Foam Toppers

These are typically the most popular choice when it comes to pillow top mattress pads. They're excellent for support and relieving painful pressure points. Many people opt for a memory foam topper rather than spending the money on a memory foam mattress.


  • Fraction of cost compared to mattress

  • Extremely durable

  • Returns to original shape when pressure removed

  • Conforms to the body quickly

  • Great for back sleepers

  • Hypoallergenic options available

  • Cover available for pad

  • Available for most mattress sizes

  • Variable thicknesses available


  • Highest price point of toppers

  • Smell is very nasty when first opened

  • Can feel stiff and resistant to movements in cold temperatures

  • Heavy to move and adjust on the mattress

  • Causes hot sleeping

  • Can't clean easily

  • Can break down over years of use

Price: $50 - $600

Did you know that memory foam has been linked to adverse physical reactions? Some people who have slept on memory foam develop health problems and have more difficult sleeping. Please visit our page that discusses the potential dangers of memory foam before choosing a mattress or mattress pad that contains memory foam.

Buying Tips

The first thing you need to do before shopping for a topper is to decide whether it will make a significant difference for you on your existing mattress. If your mattress is sagging a lot or has developed trenches or deep indentations, a topper won't help. But if your mattress is in good condition, a topper will work well.

Try out as many as you can in an actual store!

Make note of the density and thickness of the toppers you like the best.

Allergy sufferers need to be careful about the materials used in the topper they choose. Be sure to find out what materials have been used to make the topper you are interested in buying before actually making the purchase. There are some toppers out there that are marketed as healthy and safe, when in fact they have been manufactured using a good amount of "good" fabrics, but also a percentage of chemically derived fabrics. Those are the ones that could cause an adverse physical reaction and should be avoided.

Read customer reviews of the different styles of toppers.

Keep in mind that you can save money on a mattress and then purchase one of many pillow top mattress pads to enhance the comfort and/or support of your new mattress! Plus, you might decide later to switch out the topper and that's easily and inexpensive to do.

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