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California King Mattress Pad

Finding a California king mattress pad of premium quality can be quite challenging. California king sized products happen to be one of the largest sizes available in the bedding industry

A typical California King Pad measures 72 x 84 inches, which makes it a very comfortable choice for even the tallest among us!

Other mattress pad sizes include the twin, full, queen and king sizes. As a customer, you first need to know what a mattress pad really is, and then try to find out more about the various products available on the market. This will help you decide what particular mattress pad would be ideal to purchase.

We recommend that you go for mattress pads made of natural and organic materials if you have any kind of allergies, chemical sensitivity or chronic health problems. These natural options create less chemical stress for the body which in many cases can either reduce your symptoms, or at least help you to feel more comfortable.

What Exactly is a Mattress Pad?

I know it may seem like a silly question, but actually it's a very good question ... what exactly is a mattress pad? Is it the same as a mattress topper or mattress protector?

A mattress pad is a removable bed covering which protects your mattress, and in some cases adds an extra layer of padding for support and a cushioning for the body.

Mattress pads are also known as mattress protectors, although they are not the same thing. A mattress protector completely surrounds a mattress, usually with a zippered enclosure, and is great for people with allergies because it provides extra protection from dust mites.

Mattress pads are also sometimes mistaken for "mattress toppers", which are thicker and which are placed on the top of a bed. A true mattress pad is made much like a fitted sheet to cover and protect the top portion of a mattress.

California King Measurements

California king sized beds have the same widths as king sized beds, except that they are 4 inch longer. They are especially good for taller people who face the problem of fitting into regular sized beds. Having your feet hanging off the bed can be really uncomfortable!

California king sized beds are a great solution to this problem. A mattress pad improves the life of your mattress and bed, giving you an added layer of cushion and comfort when placed over existing mattresses and beneath the fitted sheets.

California king mattress pads come in all types. Some are made of fabric and quilted padding and have elasticized edges at the bottom, which help give the pads a secure fit and luxurious feel. Some are more like mattress toppers which have a layer of foam or latex to add extra cushioning to the bed. There are even heated mattress pads!

Finding a California King Mattress Pad

When looking for a California king pad, we recommed that you look for a brand or style of mattress pad that you like, and then see if it comes in the California King size. If you don't immediately see the size you wish, contact the store directly.

In some cases, the store where you bought your California King sized mattress will have helpful information on where to find this hard to find size of mattress pad.

For people who suffer from allergies, it will be advisable to go for hypoallergenic products made of organic and natural materials such as latex and organic wool. Knowing what a mattress pad is made of is very important, not only for allergy prone people, but also for those that are normal and healthy.

Why Go For a Natural or Organic California
King Mattress Pad?

The reason to go natural for your mattress topper isn't because it is named California! :)

Most mass produced mattress products usually consist of polyvinyl chloride, covered in polyester and/or cotton layers.

Most of these synthetic materials emit chemicals (referred to as “out-gassing”) which can cause irritation or health challenges for people with allergies, chronic illness, or chemical sensitivity. Some materials can even be toxic and may contain carcinogens.

If you have any kind of allergy or health challenge, these chemicals can further irritate and stress your immune system. In this kind of situation, the extra cost of going organic or natural may more than make up for the health benefits you will experience and the money you'll save because you are feeling less sick.

Wool is a great alternative to use in a mattress pad because it is naturally mold, dust mite and fire resistant.

Natural latex is a relatively new material used in the bedding industry. Like organic wool, it is also resistant to mold, dust mite, bacteria and mildew. Latex mattress toppers can provide cushioning without chemical outgassing.

This being said, everyone is different and if you are allergic to latex or wool, than these would not be good options for you. If you are extremely allergic, we recommend you get a sample of a mattress pad to see if you have any kind of a reaction.

Many natural and organic mattress pad companies make a point of offering this service to their customers with chemical sensitivity or allergies.

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