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Latex Mattress Toppers

Why Are They Considered the Best Mattress Topper?

Latex mattress toppers are one of the most popular toppers with consumers because they deliver unmatched comfort and durability compared to other types of mattress toppers.

Natural latex comes highly recommended for these reasons and many more, but let's talk a bit first about why you might want to consider a mattress topper in the first place.

A mattress topper is primarily used for the purpose of turning an uncomfortable, too soft, or too firm mattress into a comfortable sleeping surface. It's the ideal solution for turning a mattress that is still in good condition into a luxurious sleeping surface without spending a lot of money on an entirely new mattress set.

Let's say your mattress is in decent condition and isn't sagging or breaking down, but just isn't as comfortable as you would like it to be for you. A quality mattress topper could be just the ticket!

How Latex Toppers Are Manufactured

Natural latex is gathered from rubber trees located in Malaysia and a few other areas near the equator. In its natural form, it's a serum and must be processed in order to turn it into a solid or the foam, as we know it for mattress toppers or mattresses.

First, the latex serum is gathered and harvested from rubber trees. It's formed into large molds that resemble a waffle iron and then baked at high temperatures. The foam naturally expands and forms what is called a core. The core looks like a huge brick when it's done baking and expanding. The core is then sliced into toppers for mattresses.

Natural latex is processed without the use of harmful chemicals and then the final product is washed with pure water several times.

Two different processes are utilized for turning natural latex serum into a solid latex form that can be used for mattresses or toppers.

The Talalay method is highly recommended for those who prefer a softer, more luxurious feel to a latex mattress or mattress topper. This is the newer processing method of the two, but it's quickly becoming all the rage for both latex mattresses and toppers.

The Dunlop method is the more traditional method by which latex is processed and produces a latex topper or mattress that is firmer and denser than one processed via the Talalay method.

Consumers who desire firm support but a softer sleeping surface should opt for a Dunlop mattress and a Talalay mattress topper for the best of both worlds.

Benefits - Why Purchase Latex Toppers?

  • Relieves pressure points that can cause pain

  • More restful night sleep consistently

  • Amazingly comfortable

  • Excellent for turning a too-firm or too-soft mattress into a superbly comfortable sleeping surface

  • Natural product manufactured without harmful chemicals

  • Natural latex is environmentally friendly - biodegradable

  • Durable - can last up to 30 years

  • Natural latex is odorless

  • Even heavier people experience good support and comfort

  • Hypoallergenic - natural latex toppers only

  • Natural latex is resistant to mold, dust mites, allergens and bacteria

  • Conforms comfortably to body shape

  • You won't feel your spouse's movements

  • Stays cool in the summer and warm during the winter - latex breathes

  • Less expensive than memory foam toppers

Drawbacks of Latex Mattress Toppers

  • Difficult to clean, especially with children and pets in the home

  • Consumers with latex allergies cannot always sleep on these toppers

  • Natural latex toppers are slightly more expensive than other types of toppers other than memory foam

  • Eventually loses elasticity, which affects overall comfort - will eventually need replaced

Types of Latex Mattress Toppers

They're not all created equally, so be sure to check carefully to see if you're purchasing a natural latex topper or synthetic latex topper. The all-natural latex toppers are created without the use of harsh chemicals and are much better suited for those who suffer from allergies or who want to stick with environmentally friendly products.

Synthetic latex toppers are manufactured using harsh chemicals that could off gas into your breathing air for an extended period of time. Some consumers report headaches, nausea, and sore throat after sleeping on a synthetic latex topper or mattress.

What Sizes Are Available? Prices?

Latex mattress toppers are available for use on mattresses of every size from twin to California king. The price tag on a natural latex topper will be a bit higher than a synthetic one, but many consumers decide that the additional cost is well worth the benefits of a natural product. Queen size toppers range from $70 to $700, depending on the type of latex used and the thickness of the topper. Latex toppers can be 2" thick, 3" thick, or 4" thick.

Tips for Buying Latex Mattress Toppers

  1. One of the key things to keep in mind when shopping for a latex topper is to buy a brand that you know or have heard good things about from other consumers. Take the time to conduct research and seek out independent third party consumer reviews on any brand topper you're considering.

  2. Toppers are usually not returnable because they are considered a personal item. Ask specifics about the return policy, if there is one offered.

  3. Look for high quality latex product and excellent workmanship

  4. Shop around for the best price! Shop both online stores and retail outlets in your area to see which one offers the best price for the highest quality topper.

Latex Allergies?

Consumers who suffer from latex allergies should probably consider another type of mattress topper over latex mattress toppers. Otherwise, for those who suffer from allergies other than latex, an all-natural latex topper may be just what you're looking for! Consumers who are sensitive to chemicals of any kind should also opt for a natural latex mattress topper rather than a synthetic mattress topper.

It's a Personal Preference

The comfort of any mattress topper, including latex mattress toppers, is truly a personal preference. While one mattress topper may be comfortable for one person, it may not be for another person. Choose wisely based on consumer reviews, but also remember that you are the ultimate judge when it comes to the final purchase - your comfort is the most important factor in choosing just the right mattress topper.

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