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Serta Latex Mattress

The Serta latex mattress product line has been reduced in recent years from two name brand latex mattresses to a single one.

The company claims they use latex from Latex International exclusively to ensure high quality products. The manufacturing process used is the Talalay instead of Dunlop.

Vera Wang by Serta(r) - The Serta Latex Mattress

Teaming up with renowned designer Vera Wang seems to work for Serta when it comes to producing a quality latex mattress. The latex used in this mattress is processed via the Talalay method and has some wonderful features that make this mattress look especially inviting.

Features of the Vera Wang Latex Mattress

  • Talalay latex that breathes and is very durable compared to others on the market - Serta says their Talalay latex breathes 4 times more than any other latex product

  • Styles: Beyond Magnifique Plush, Beyond Beauty Plush, Beyond Nature Euro Pillow Top, Beyond Calm Plush, Beyond Radiance Plush, Beyond Awakening Pillow Top, and Beyond Harmony Euro Pillow Top

  • Supportive - provides proper spine alignment

  • Naturally responds to body weight by conforming to your body and providing support where needed

  • Reduces tossing and turning

  • Relieves pressure points 33% more effectively than other latex mattresses

  • Naturally resistant to dust mites

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Comfort Core - created from Talalay latex foam

  • Organic cotton used on top of the mattress to create a soft and luxurious top layer

  • Beyond Comfort(tm) layer right under the very top layer - designed to help keep the temperature of your mattress consistent

  • Edge-to-edge mattress support - no more slipping off the mattress

  • 30-year limited warranty

  • Price: $949 - $2,799 for Twin XL and $1,399 - $32,99 for California King

What Do Vera Wang Serta Latex Mattress Owners Say?

The reviews of this latex mattress by Serta were not terribly favorable. Most of the reviews mentioned that the price paid for the mattress was too high considering the quality they received.

The main complaints were poor durability, indentations in the middle, poor support, no pain relief, uncomfortable, and actually caused pain for some people. Overall, this latex mattress has not been a favorite of the people who own them.

A few people mentioned that the care taken to make the mattress pretty was very nice, but the actual quality of the overall mattress design was disappointing.

Discontinued Models of Serta Latex Mattresses

Serta manufactured another latex mattress at one time that was referred to by two different names: Serta Pure Response or Serta Pure Comfort. The name was dependent on the store selling the item.

Either way, this latex mattress by Serta is no longer manufactured, but you can find a few online stores that still carry these models.

Features of the Pure Response Latex Mattress

  • 6 to 8-inch latex core

  • 2-inches of polyester foam below the latex core and 2-inches above the core

  • Talalay latex foam

  • Styles: Lavish, Transcend, Brighten, Intrigue, Splendour

  • Advanced Comfort Quilt - additional comfort feature resembling an egg-crate type foam in conjunction with other materials to create a plush feeling top layer

  • 12 to 15-inch thick mattress - final product

  • Cool Nature padding - regulates temperature so you don't get too hot or too cold

  • No need to flip the mattress

  • Features FireBlocker(r) System

  • Naturally resists allergens and bacteria

  • 30-year warranty

  • Price: $1,579 for Twin XL and $2,300 for California King

What Do the Owners of the Pure Response Serta Latex Mattress Say?

Owners of this Serta mattress are very happy overall with this product. Praises include: excellent support, very durable, comfortable, holds shape very well over time, great motion isolation, and wonderful temperature control. The reviews on the Pure Response or Pure Comfort mattress were very positive.

A few reviews mentioned that some people might find the mattress a bit firmer than expected and may want to add a plush memory pad to make it softer. The high price tag was also mentioned a few times, but not enough to say it was a deterrent to making a purchase.

Is The Serta Latex Mattress 100% Natural Latex?

It's an interesting question and one that deserves an answer. The information about the latex foam used in the both the Vera Wang latex mattress and the Pure Response by Serta is marketed as the healthiest and most breathable latex of any on the market.

The company says that their latex is ideal for anyone suffering from allergies or for those who simply want to improve their home environment by eliminating more chemicals from the air and synthetic products from their home.

There is a statement on the Latex International site that says they don't add chemicals to their latex. But, there isn't any place that they say their latex is 100% natural either. Any mattress company can say their latex is 100% Talalay latex because all they're pointing out is that the process they use is the Talalay method rather than the Dunlop method.

It is possible to blend together synthetic and natural latex in a latex mattress and still put the label of 100% Talalay on it. It can be misleading! Check the tag of the mattress and see if any polyurethane foam is mentioned in the ingredient list before making any purchase decisions.

Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies

Should you choose these latex mattresses if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to chemical smells? The mattresses are treated with a fire retardant, which is a mixture of chemicals to help protect the mattress from catching fire.

Fire retardants have been known to cause reactions such as headache, respiratory difficulties, coughing, and runny eyes and nose.

You will be breathing those chemicals into your body if you sleep on one of these Serta latex mattresses. Allergy sufferers may not respond well either due to this chemical coating on the mattress.

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